Forgive me! A TS on OmRi. DBO and IB ff. Shot-1

Hi friends how are you? I am new here hope you guys make me your friend. I am a great fan of IB and DBO. I am writing a TS on DBO. Hope you’ll like it. And plz comment about your views that should i continue or not with some more TS. Hope you’ll like it.Ok enough of bol bacchan let start the story.

All are same as the real serial. Just Svetlana is now out and chulbul’s truth is out to all.

In hall,
All is standing there and all are in shock.
Om…I hate you from the core of my heart. I thought you’ll be my one of best friend but no you betrayed me. You’re a betrayer.
Gauri…Omkaraji plz listen to me once. I haven’t done this purposely. When sultana madam hire me i didn’t know that it was your house.
Om…Then why didn’t you quit the job?
Gauri…I had already took five thousand from her so i couldn’t say no to her.
Om…You cheap ppl are always like this. In bareliye also you agree to marry that kaali thakur for money and bcoz of you thkurain jhanvi suicide. You’re a cheap girl. You can do anything for money.
Gauri…Plz Omkaraji at least listen to me for once i have done all this in compulsion. The reason for all that was my
Om stops her.
Om…Plz don’t give the name of compulsion to your greediness. And i hate lies don’t lie to me.
Om…Why did you come to Delhi huh? To find me so that you can trapped me and took my money right.
Gauri…No i never want to find you or to force you take my responsibility.
Om…Then why are you staying here in chulbul’s avatar?
Gauri…I have said the reason to you earlier also. And i never want you to accept me as your wife bcoz i know that you don’t accept our relationship but i do and you’re my husband and I never betrayed you.
Om…Stop and get out from here I don’t want to see you’re faace. There is no differences between you and Svetlana and as i hate her i hate you also infact more than her.
Gauri…I will leave but plz listen to me once. What are you thinking is not ri8. You’re mistaken.
Om…i saw the incident by my own eyes you were so happy when Kaali thakur agrees to marry you. I wonder how could you marry a person of your father’s age?
Gauri…Plz omkaraji how many times i have to tell you that it was my compulsion. I never wanted to marry him. He forced me.
Om…Another lie wow i don’t want to listen to you anymore plz go from here.
Gauri…But plz listen to me once.
Om…I said leave.
Saying this he went from there. Gauri comes out of OM. She walks far away
Gauri’s pov…
Why Omkaraji? Why? Why are you misunderstanding me? At least you should listen to me once. I know that you hate me but i respect you and may be,may be i love you but I will never force you to love or respect me back but i don’t want any confusing to grow in your mind about my character. Sankarji why have you done this to me? Why don’t you show the truth to him? I never want to betray him but why i have become Chulbul you know na. Plz plz plz Sankarji i don’t want him to accept me but i want his misunderstanding to be cleared. Shankarji now only you’re my last hope. Plz help me.
She cries.😒 Suddenly she invented herself in a temple. She goes inside it and sits before god with closed eyes and a heart full of pain.πŸ˜”

In OM,
Om is thinking about her and her works that how they together exposed Svetlana, how she used to care for him. For a short time he has some feelings for her but that gone when he remembered what she did in bareliye. Kali thakur’s words hits on his ear. Shivika comes there.
Anika…Om what have you done today was not right. You should atleast listen to her once.
Shivaay…Yes Om i agree with Anika you should listen to her. Everyone has a motive behind works.
Om…And her motives is to have money.
Shivaay was about to say something but they heard a voice.
Voice: No it’s not her fault
All look to toward that .It was Gauri’s mom. She was crying. She come inside.…No it’s not the reason she did all that. She never wanted money from kali or from you. I was the reason for which she did all that. She did all that to save me from Kali.
Om is shocked to hear it. She narrates the whole story to him that how Kaali thakur forced Gauri to marry him,how he tortured them and all. Om is now totally numb. Shivaay place his hand on his back.
Shivaay…Om i said na that all things have a reason see she didn’t betrayed you.
Om…But what will i do now Shivaay? I treat her so bad i will be not able to face her now.…No dear i know her. She is not angry with you. You just go and get her back she’ll surely come.

In temple,
Gauri is doing puja suddenly someone grabs her hair. She shouts in pain. She looks at the back and saw Kaali thakur. She got afraid.
Kali…How dare you to insult me and run away from the wedding. Now i will not spare you. I am gonna kill you.
Gauri…I don’t want to marry a cheap and bl***y idiot like u who can kill his own wife.
Kali…Shut up.
He grabs her by her hair and take her outside of the temple. She somehow free herself from his clutch and run. Kali’s ppl run behind her.

In OM,
Om was saying something and suddenly he gets a call. He is shocked after listening to the call.
Shi…What happened Om?
Om…Shivaay i send khanna behind Gauri and he now informed me that some ppl is chasing her and trying to harm her.…Oh god! It must be that thakur. Plz someone save her.
Om…Ma don’t worry. Till i am alive no one can even give a scratch to her. I will always save her. I am going.
He goes from there. Shivaay wants to go with him but Anika stops him.
Anika…No Shivaay it’s Om’ fight let him do it and win. He doesn’t need any other’s help when Gauri’s love is with him.
Shivaay agreed but he informed the police to handle it so that it got not too worse.

In Gauri’s place,
She is running as fast as she could but suddenly she bumped to a rock and falls. Her feet start bleeding. Kali comes and laughs seeing her helpless. He asked his men for something. The man give a jar of fuming oil. Kali started to pour the oil on her. She cries and beg him not to do it. But he did and after finishing the oil of the jar her rakes out a match box. He lights a match and throws.

Precape:The end.

So this is for today.
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Omri aka Anika


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