Forgive me, Please (Last episode)

Episode 16 (Last episode)

Sakshi PoV:

On that day Randhir came to me. As I spoke rudely to him, he slapped me. Randhir n Ajay fought with each other n he was thrown out from the function hall by security. I tried to behave normal but I can’t. I am deeply hurted for insulting Randhir. Ajay noticed me disturbed. He took a peg n gave to me too. I was abt to drink it but I remembered promising Randhir. I am unable to have it. I didn’t take it.

Ajay tried to comfort me n hugged me by holding me by waist. Before Randhir’s entry into my life, I used to take it easily but on my bday when I danced with Ajay, I found anger in Randhir’s eyes. He thought I didn’t care for him. But wen he went off I got off from stage stopping dance. Even now though I am engaged to Ajay, I feel uncomfortable with him. I immediately got away from him bcoz my heart accepts only Randhir.

“Are you ok Sakshi” He asked me

I am not. Because I thought to marry Ajay for money but from the day I came to Ajay leaving Randhir, I am not happy. My mind says to marry Ajay for money. Randhir can’t provide me any comforts. But my heart says to go to Randhir n ask for forgiveness. Because Only Randhir can give me that true n selfless love. I know he loves me a lot. I broke his heart.

“I am ok” I replied struggling for a balance between mind n heart.

Ajay smiled at me.

“No u r not. I can sense anger in ur words wen I insulted Randhir. Do u love him Sakshi”

Ajay took me out from function to garden. I cried my heart out. Till now I thought abt money but the moment I saw him, my thoughts stopped n started revolving around him. He changed me. He changed the way I think. This is not old Sakshi who is selfish n does anything for her happiness. I brought up in money. But now wat I want is love-love from Randhir.

“I didn’t know when I fell in his love this deeply. I love him. I love Randhir. He is my life. I didn’t mind whether he is rich or poor, but I am sure I will b happy with him. I can’t live without him”.

” Sakshi so u love Randhir. Its not too late. Go n apologise him. He will understand u for sure”

“But Ajay we are engaged”

” We are just engaged by a ring but you both are engaged through hearts. Now Randhir needs u too. Go to him. Follow ur heart.”

“Wat abt u?”

“I am OK. I love u but not as much as Randhir loves u. He lost his property for u. He is ready to sacrifice anything for u. But if u leave him, I am sure he can’t live. If I am in Randhir’s place, I would either threaten them not to file case on u or would hire a famous lawyer to make u get out of the case. But surely won’t sacrifice my whole property for u. But Randhir sacrificed his whole property as he thought ur name should nvr come out in this case n at the same time to do justice to that family who lost their son bcoz of u. He is the best lover n good human too”.

He said everything to me. I got shocked knowing Randhir’s love on me. I am really dead at that moment itself. He lost everything for me n I left him for that money. I didn’t deserve his love nor his forgiveness. I returned engagement ring to Ajay n went from there. I didn’t hav guts to face Randhir. Bcoz I know his love n anger too. If I meet him he will kill me. I went to US but Ajay is informing me abt Randhir from time to time. I tried to help him anonymously but its Randhir. He nvr takes help from anyone. He refused the help n grown by himself. Aft that he asked my parents saying he want to marry me. I accepted.

On engagement day while keeping ring to my hand,Randhir showed his first gesture of anger by keeping the ring harshly which injured my finger n blood came out. I hide it from everyone n wen I looked him his eyes are looking me with anger. Aft sometime he called me out telling he want to talk with me.

I went to him scaring. He hold my wrist squeezing it harshly n pulled me towards him. I thought to push him away. But his hold became more tight n kissed me hardly on lips.

“Within two days u r going to become my wife. But for me u r my slave. I am not marrying u with love. U will die in my hands every day. For every small mistake u will b punished severely. U can’t cancel this marriage bcoz if u do I will make ur entire family to come onto streets begging.”

He threatened me. Even if he didn’t I won’t cancel my marriage with him. I got married n his torture started.

My eyes filled with tears remembering the past. Randhir hugged me n wiped my tears.

“Y didn’t u say that to me Sakshi? Do u think I can’t understand u?? I am angry on u because I thought u r behind money. But if u had said the truth I would have forgiven u earlier itself. Y u bared my anger, insults n hurting?? I am really so sorry Sakshi.”

“Its ok Randhir. U r not wrong. If u r not there, I would nvr change. I changed into a human coz of u. That old arrogant, proudish, selfish Sakshi became kind, loving n sweet just because of u. U r harsh but u changed me. U taught me the value of parents n how to get true hpyness. Pls don’t blame urselves. I can’t bare if u cry pls Randhir”

Randhir PoV:

I really hurted her so much. I thought she betrayed me. She left me for money. But no. She changed. She truly loved me. Indirectly she tried to help me. However I refused the help. But she didn’t leave me in my struggle. She tried to help me n b with me. I didn’t understand her.

I apologised her with tears. But she wiped my tears n comforted me with her words. Now she is so mature n she know how to convince ppl. She bared my torture silently. She nvr said single word against me to her parents or anyone. She always praised me in front of everyone though I insulted her. Now if I think abt my behaviour I hate my stupidity. If she opens her mouth against me atleast once my reputation would go off n everyone hates me. But she saved my reputation. She is really best wife. I decided that from now watever happens I nvr hurt her. Even if she commits any mistake, I will crct her with my love but I nvr scold her. I will nvr hurt her for anything anytime.

I smiled n she too smiled. Suddenly she kissed me on my cheek. I am surprised. I thought to kiss her but she escaped from me asking me to catch her. She is running in the room. This girl forgot she is pregnant. I tried to catch but I can’t. Suddenly she slipped making my heart to slip a bit. But luckily I am near her. So I caught her. I looked her seriously

“I am sorry pls”

I didn’t respond n took her to bed n left her on bed slowly. She is looking me but I didn’t look her.

“I am sorry pls pls pls”

“Don’t talk to me. I am angry on u”

“Ok. So u r angry on me. I know to make u cool.”

She came near to me n kissed me. I hugged her from side.

“Pls b careful for me at least. Don’t forget abt our baby.”

“Oh So u r concerned only abt baby n not me”

She kept cute kid’s face. I kissed her on forehead.

“I am concerned abt u n baby too.I want u both to b safe. Bcoz u both are light of my life”

She smiled beautifully.

Sakshi PoV:

I am so happy. Finally he forgave me. I didn’t want anything else in life. Bcoz his love is everything to me. He made me realise that if I had his love even 2 set room with no facilities too became heaven for me as he loved n cared for me. Even this villa became hell when he showed his hatred n anger on me. Only love had the power to make life heaven or hell. I learnt this with his love, anger n hatred.

He is giving me so much love. I feel so lucky to have him in my life. He faced a lot from childhood. On his birthday he forced his parents to take him out n they went out. His parents were killed by his father’s step brother. Randhir killed him immediately for shooting his parents. He spent his childhood in jail for few yrs n then in orphanage. He didn’t want me to know this. But the administrator of orphanage told me abt his past. Till now he didn’t celebrate his bday thinking he is the reason for their death.

I want to keep him happy every second. It is often said we should choose those who loves us as u r n nvr asks us to change. But I choosed Randhir who changes me because that change is most required in me.

Days are passing by n as said before Randhir kept all his works aside n became my caretaker. He is not leaving me even for one minute. His child is also like him, started troubling me from womb itself. May b he/she too want to take revenge on me for hurting their dad. But with Randhir’s care n help, it became easy for me to handle.

Randhir PoV:

These days we became so close to one another. But Sakshi is suffering a lot with vomitings, irritation, tiredness etc coz of pregnancy. Though I care n help her still its she who bares it. I am unable to see her like that.

Woman r really grt. They bare a lot n give birth to child. We both are eagerly waiting to see the symbol of our love. I didn’t allow her to go to office. She is a bit annoyed on me as I am not even allowing her to come out of the room. But I want her n child to b safe.

Now Sakshi changed a lot. She understood value of ppl. She got out of her so called hi fi circle n life style. She became so sweet these days. Frankly her company workers n staff like her so much whereas my workers n staff still treat me as boss n there is no such bonding for me with them. Truly Sakshi is a magic. No one can stay without loving her. I am proud to say she is my wife.

Doctor gave delivery date to her. Its just 10 more days. We r very excited. Atlast the day came. Sakshi gave birth to a cute baby girl. Baby looks so cute as my Sakshi. 6 months she stayed at home for baby. Aft that she resumed her works. I established my company in London n stayed there for 3 months n today I am returning to India. Today there is Best Entrepreneur award function. Last year I won it n this yr Sakshi won it. She didn’t know that I am coming today. I told her it takes 2 more weeks. But I know Sakshi wants me to attend the function. She want me to b with her while she receives that award. I won’t make her upset. Surely I will b with her in that happy moment. She will b surprised to see me.

Sakshi PoV:

Today I will b awarded Best Entrepreneur award. But Randhir is in London. I really want him to b with me on this occasion. But he said he can’t come as he is busy with launching of his company there. From 3 months I am missing him a lot. 2 more weeks to go. Then he will come to India. I hope these 2 weeks has to go soon. Within few minutes award ceremony going to start.

Randhir PoV:

I am in award ceremony. I saw Sakshi. She sat in first row. When she receives award n comes down from stage, I will go to her. She will b surprised. She will b very happy.

Function started:

Anchor: Now this year Best Entrepreneur Award goes to Mrs. Sakshi, head of Arora Group of Companies. I invite Mrs Sakshi onto the dias. I request our honourable minister Mr. Viveknanda to present award to Mrs. Sakshi.

Sakshi went onto dias. They facilitated her n presented award to her.

Minister: Its a great achievement by Mrs. Sakshi. She became inspiration to young generations especially women. Her projects are not profit oriented but labour frndly. She created a feeling in her workers that they are all one family. This increased the turn over of the company at the same time got international reputation. I appreciate you Mrs. Sakshi. Congratulations.

Anchor: I request Mrs. Sakshi to say a few words.

” Good evening everyone, this is really great achievement for me. I am grateful to my parents, workers,husband n friends. I dedicate this award to my staff. Minister ji said that I have done so much to labour. But once upon a time I am not like this. You Can’t believe if I say I am very arrogant, proudish n careless in the past. I am changed into a human because of my husband Mr. Randhir. Thanks will b a small word. But what all I can do now is to say thanks. Thank you Randhir. Thank u so much for everything. You are the one who is behind my success. I love you. If every woman had a husband like Randhir, surely every woman will achieve success. Thank u

Randhir PoV:

I thought to go to her but this media rounded her. Their interview is completed. I saw her drinking wine. I can’t believe this. I think I should go now to her. Before I reach her someone asked her for dance n she agreed. She is dancing with that unknown person. I can’t see her so close to someone else.

I can’t believe Sakshi changed again. She is in drunken state. I can understand that by her dance movements. She is totally falling on that person n his hand is on her waist. He is abt to kiss her n she is not in a position to stop him. She ruined my trust. I can’t see it anymore. I went onto stage.

I turned her towards me.

“Randhirrrr” She is talking in drunken style.

I want to slap her. But I didn’t want to ruin her reputation before all. Before media notice her state, I should take her to home. She is not able to walk properly. I slowly somehow took her to back gate of the function hall n called driver to bring car there. I took her to home. I made her to sleep on bed. I didn’t understand y she became like this again. Everything is going well between us n now she is a mother too. But hw can she.

I didn’t sleep whole nite. Morning she woke up catching her head. I controlled my anger remembering my promise that I won’t hurt her anytime.

Sakshi PoV:

I didn’t understand wat happened last nite. I am getting severe headache. I didn’t know when Randhir came n hw I reached home. I can see anger in his eyes scaring me.

“Drink it Sakshi”



“Lemonade?? But I didn’t drink”

“Shut up u…. I didn’t want to say anything now. Drink it n get fresh up”

Seeing his anger, immediately I drank it n got up from bed to get fresh up. I am abt to fall coz of dizziness but Randhir hold me. He took me to washroom. I got fresh up n sat on bed. I can’t remember wat happened last day. I didn’t drink but Randhir is serious on me. Randhir sat in sofa in the room but not talking to me.

“Ran….Randhir. When did… u come? Wat happened….last nite?”

He looked me seriously n came to me.

“You nvr change Sakshi. You are the same. I thought my love can change u but no. You ruined my trust on u.”

“Randhir” my eyes filled with tears with his words.

“Look, from today u r not allowed to step out of our home. I will decide wat to do with u aft sometime. Don’t think I will excuse u for drinking n dancing with someone unknown in that way”

“Drinking??? Dance??? Do u mean I danced with someone?”

He threw newspaper on me. They printed few photos of my award receiving n dance. I got shocked seeing my dance pics. Its disgusting even for me.How can I b so close to someone. Obviously Randhir won’t leave me easily. Aft all no husband can tolerate seeing his wife so close with someone else. But how can I do so? How I lost my sanity?

“You no need to look aft ur company. watever u done till now, is more than enough. From today u just tc of our baby. Thats it. Where is baby?”

He is not even listening to me. I didn’t drink. I didn’t know hw it happened. I am crying seeing Randhir so serious again.

” Can’t u hear? Where is baby?”

“With mom. In my maternal home”

“I will bring her to home. Its proved that u can nvr b a good wife. Atleast b a good mother”

He brought baby but he didn’t give her to me. He kept her in cradle n went out. She is crying. I thought to go to her. I went to her to take her into my hands.

“Stop Sakshi. Don’t touch her”

I got shocked listening him.

“Randhir, pls don’t say that,pls”

“No. U shouldn’t touch her. If she grows up in ur hands, she will bcom like u. I do not want my daughter to get spoilt. Just stay away from her n me”

“If u r angry on me, kill me but pls don’t say to stay away from u n baby. pls”

” U should have think this before drinking”

“I didn’t drink. Pls trust me Randhir. I didn’t drink”

He took baby with him n went off from room. Its been a week, he is not talking to me. He is not having food prepared by me. He is avoiding me completely. Even he is not giving baby to me.

Today I decided to talk to him. I can’t bare this avoidance from him. He came late at nite. He is not coming to our room n sleeping in another spare room. I went to him.

Randhir PoV:

I know it will hurt her. But I can’t bare her hi fi way of living. I didn’t like her drinking n dancing in public like that with unknown person that close. I can’t stay away from her but I must do it for baby sake. I didn’t want baby to become like her. Thats y I told her seriously not to touch baby.

Its been a week n she is totally confined to her room as I am not talking to her. I am in my room playing with baby n Sakshi knocked the door. I made baby to sleep on bed n opened the door. She hugged me as soon as I opened door.

“Randhir, I didn’t do anything wrong. Really I didn’t drink. I didn’t know how it happened. From the day I promised u I quit drinking. Pls trust me once. I didn’t remember dancing with anyone. I know u didn’t like such things but even I too didn’t like such things now. I am really changed Randhir. U changed me. Pls don’t avoid me. I can’t live without u n baby. Pls don’t leave me”

She is in tears. She is crying as a kid. I can’t bare it. I hugged her. If really she is not wrong then I should know wat happened actually. I didn’t want to hurt her once again without knowing the truth.

“Relax, don’t cry. I won’t leave u. I will be with you forever. I am angry on u as u done wrong but it doesn’t mean I will leave u. Stop crying. Tell me wat happened on that day.”

“Actually I am giving interview to media. Then I got cough n asked for water. Someone gave soft drink. I drank it n aft that I didn’t know wat happened.”

” Does it taste like soft drink or alcohol?”

” It tasted like soft drink”

“May b they spiked ur drink. OK, I will enquiry abt it.”

“I will b careful from next time. I nvr do anything that makes u feel ashamed. I will try to keep up ur respect. Pls forgive me once”

“Its ok. I will find out who done that. Don’t worry”.

I hugged her from side.



“Shall I take baby into my hands? please”

“I am sorry for making u to stay from ur baby. She is ur’s too. You hav equal rights on her as I have.”

She smiled n took baby into her lap. She is playing with her n kissing her. I won’t leave whoever it is who tried to ruin her reputation n hurted her.

I took her close to me n kissed on her cheek. She smiled.

Sakshi PoV:

Thank God finally he trusted me. But who spiked my drink n why. I didn’t understand. Anyways Randhir understood that I am not wrong n his love is back to me. My baby too. I miss my cute doll. She is really cute n her smile makes me forget everything. I really didn’t like Randhir asking me to stay away from my baby. I will surely fight with him for this later on. Bcoz no one had right to separate me from my baby. I love her so much.

“Ok then u tc of baby. I will go out. Let me try to find any clue abt the one who spiked ur drink.”

I wiped my tears. I didn’t want to take his help when he didn’t trust in first instance. Now its my struggle to prove I am not wrong. He tried to put blame on my character. I changed. He knew that but still he blamed me without understanding the truth. I am not that weak to depend on him for everything. I can prove myselves.

“Randhir wait. Its my prblm. I can deal with it. I will prove the truth.”

“Ur prblm??? Wat does it mean? Are we separate? We are one. So don’t say that”

“Randhir, we r one for me but not for u. If I see u with any girl close, first I will ask what happened but will not conclude wrongly. Still u r not trusting me. U still didn’t believe that I am changed. I am not blaming u coz its my fate. But let me solve it by myself”

“U r talking with ego Sakshi. Nothing more than that. Every couple will face few arguments n misunderstandings but they won’t make it an issue like u”

“Its not ego. Its self respect. You can’t understand that bcoz u r not considering my feelings. I know its so weird to see me close to someone like that but don’t u know I am not that cheap. How can u think that I will do that? As u r not with me, u thought I drank. Trust is a matter of hearts. If u really trust me, u would ask me how it happened. Instead of that u blamed me saying I will spoil our child too. I am not a good wife, thats wat ur feeling abt me. But surely I am a good mother Randhir. I will prove it. Let me solve my prblm too by myself”

I know he is angry on me coz of my words. But its not my ego, its my self respect. I took baby n went to my room. I went from room n he shut the door with heavy sound. I understood he is very angry. But y don’t he understand me.

Randhir PoV:

I think I hurted her a lot. She is so upset with me. But I trust her. I nvr doubt her character. I just thought may b she was drunk. So unknowingly she danced with him like that. I love her. But how to convince her now. If someone spiked her drink it means someone is trying to trap her. She must b careful. Even though she didn’t like, I won’t leave her alone. I will surely protect her. She is angry on me. I will make her cool. I went to her. She opened the door n went off. She is making baby to sleep. I too lied besides her on bed. Baby slept n she kept her in cradle near to bed.

She turned another side. I want to hug her n apologise but I am scared because I know I hurted her a lot this time. She changed for me n loving me n baby a lot. Unfortunately in anger I slipped my tongue saying she is not good wife. Actually I said it in anger but how can I make her believe that I didn’t mean it. I hesitantly turned her towards me n took her close. Thank God she is not as aggressive as me. I made her to sleep on my chest n hugged her. She is trying to remove my hands n get free. I tightened my grip on her.

“Don’t struggle. U can’t escape from me. If u struggle too much then baby will wake up.”

She became calm as she didn’t want baby to wake up. But how baby will get disturbed when she is on cradle n not on bed. She is not using her mind now coz of anger on me. I smiled n kissed her. She didn’t react. She is pretending as if she is asleep.

“Sakshi, pls I am sorry. I really trust u. I promise I nvr doubt u again. U r my life. Pls forgive me. I accept that I am mad, stupid n crazy. Pls forgive me. I know u r the best wife in the world. I said those words in anger. I didn’t mean it. I love u. Pls”

She is looking me.

“Don’t cry. I can’t see if u cry. I love u too. But u will hav a punishment bcoz this its ur mistake this time. Only then I will forgive u.”

“Ok done. Tell me”

“Take me n baby to outing. Then I will think abt forgiving u”

I smiled n hugged her.

“Done. But aft solving this prblm.”

“Ok. Shall I go to office from tomorrow”

“Ya u can go n once again I am sorry”

“Its ok. I love you”

“Love u too”

She is really best wife. May b she is right still I didn’t forget her past behaviour. So I reacted like that. But now its my turn to prove I am a good husband too.

Sakshi PoV:

Next day we both went to that function hall. I told him not to come but he didn’t listen. We took CD of award function. In that we clearly saw someone giving a drink to me. I came to know the catering service who took order for the function. We both went n found that person. Randhir fought with him. He beated him n then he accepted that he spiked the drink. My business rival bribed him to do so. Because aft drinking that,I will loss my stability n my behaviour will b noticed by media. Thus I will lose my reputation.

But Randhir came there, he took me to home before anyone notice my behaviour. Though I danced with someone, media didn’t take it seriously as Randhir came on time. So they didn’t get a chance to blame me.

As he promised he took me n baby for outing. We are njoyed a lot but I think Randhir is not moving freely with me. May b he is feeling guilty for hurting me. We returned home. I feeded baby n then made her to sleep. Randhir is in balcony. I hugged him from behind.

“What are you thinking sir?”

“Nothing. Tell me”

“I love u” I said with a smile.

“Love u too”

“Y r u so dull. Where is that arrogant Randhir, my dear husband?”

“No where”

I turned him towards me.

“Tell me wat happened?”

“I didn’t know y but I feel guilty to see into ur eyes n talk”

“Randhir, its ok. Sometimes it happens. I am ready to forget it. U too pls leave it. I like ur rudeness than this calmness. It doesn’t suit u. Be as u r. But u know wat. U r the one who saved me from getting blamed before everyone. U brought me home before anyone notices my state. U r the best husband. U always saves me from every danger. So now stop worrying my dear husband.”

“Ok then if u really feel I am the best husband then I will stop worrying n will start loving my dear wife.”

Randhir PoV:

I felt so guilty for hurting her without giving her a chance to explain. But still she considers me as a good husband. She nvr blames me. Thats her grtness. I promised myself nvr to scold her n doubt her again. Now I completely trust that she is changed. I nvr mistake her again.

I kissed her n n hugged her from behind. Baby started crying. Oh we both became busy in talking n forgot abt cute doll. We went inside n took baby. Sakshi took her into her lap n made her to sleep. Then we too slept.

Next day we both went to office. Aft coming we both decided few things n made few promises like how busy we both are we must give time to baby, nvr blame each other, help one another n support one another, trust ever etc.

5 yrs later:

Sakshi PoV:

These 5 yrs slipped like grains of sand from my hands. I still feel Nimagna born just yesterday. By the way I forgot to tell u all that baby name is Nimagna. We r so happy now. Everything is perfect. Randhir trusted me completely. He removed all the stains that happened to my heart with his harshness through his love. I forgot everything. How busy he is he nvr forgets taking care on me n baby. This is my story abt my life how love changed my life n removed my loneliness. Now I nvr feel lonely coz I hav good parents, best husband, cute baby n best frnd Ajay. Randhir accepted our frndshp. He is not angry on me now for talking with him. Even now Ajay is the one who wishes me first on my bday n nvr forgets to celebrate my bday.

Today is Nimagna’s bday. We arranged a party in orphanage as Randhir suggested. He want Nimagna to grow up as a girl with values n love not with proud n wealth. Ajay came to party with his wife. Yes he is married. He married his childhood frnd who proposed him 4 yrs back. She know everything that he loved me but she too understood our frndship. They had a baby boy who is 3 yrs old. Now Nimagna n their son are good frnds. Nimagna takes care of him always. We wish they will b good frnds forever.

Wow..Party started. Nimagna cut the cake n kept to us n then gave it to children. Children blasted paper bomb on her.

Scene freezes on smiling faces of Randhir, Sakshi n Nimagna on whom colour papers are showered.

Thank u everyone for supporting me through ur comments. Silent readers pls do comment as its last episode. Thank u..Pls read my other story Rainbow- Colours of Love which is already started n give ur valuable feedback..It shows 7 shades of love..Story is abt a rape victim n how true love made her life u there on that ff..Bye n tc..

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      Thank u dear…yes I am on wattpad…will update my life my choice within few days..presently resuming Rainbow ff..will try to update my stories on wattpad…

  13. Vyshnavi (Vyshu)

    Its awesome I loved the way you expressed sakshi’s change after insulting Randhir in her n Ajay’s engagement and her feelings for him. I’m going to missing this ff. You are really a good writer. I already read ur rainbow ff and I’m waiting u to resume it as soon as possible and another ff also my life.

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u dear…will resume rainbow soon…

  14. Suraj

    a perfect happy ending….nice ff…waiting fr rainbow, my life my choice, sb…

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      Thank u suraj…

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  16. superb ending..will miss them

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