Forgive me, Please – Episode 9



Randhir PoV:

We both went to restaurant for dinner.

“Wat u prefer to eat?”


“I nvr heard a dish with that name”

She didn’t even smile. I understood that she didn’t had mood to come for dinner. I ordered by myself. I noticed she had very little.

“Are you ok”

“Yes I am” she replied but I found something hidden.

We started to home. On the way she slept leaning on my shoulder. We reached home. I tried waking her up but found her in deep sleep. I lifted her in my arms n took her to room. I removed her jewellery n covered her with blanket.

I nvr saw Sakshi being tired that soon.She is always so active n energetic. But now she is so dull. I think I must take her to hospital tomorrow.

Sakshi woke up n saw herself sleeping in her room.

Sakshi PoV:

I didn’t remember me coming to home yesterday. Actually I got into car n then I slept. It means Randhir brought me to room. Though he is trying hard to hate me still he is loving me. I know his rudeness is just an action. But I didn’t deserve his love. I must go away from him.

“Get ready. We are going to hospital” I came out of my thoughts with Randhir’s words

“Hospital?? but why??”

“Nothing. Get ready fast”.

I got ready as soon as possible. He took me to hospital. Doctor called us. Doctor tested me.

“Congratulations Mr. Randhir. Ur wife is conceived. But as u said she is really so weak. I will prescribe few medicines. Use it regularly. But natural diet helps more than medicines. Don’t give her stress.”

“Thank you doctor. Thank u so much. I will take care of her.”

Randhir PoV:

This is really a great news because now this relationship became more strong. I am happy because now she won’t leave me at least for baby.

We reached home n Sakshi went to her room followed by me. I can’t stop myself anymore. I hugged her n kissed her on forehead.

“Thank u Sakshi. You can’t even imagine how happy I am. I love you”

She didn’t say anything. I left her n went to office. Afternoon I returned with fruits n other nutritional foods for her. But shocking me, I saw her with her luggage trying to go. I grabbed her hand n took her to room.

“Where are you going?”

” I am leaving. I didn’t want this child. I want to go for abortion” came the reply from Sakshi shocking me.

I slapped her hard. She fall on bed. I saw bleeding from her mouth. When I heard the news that she is conceived, I thought I shouldn’t hurt her anymore but still she is testing my patience. I went near her n caught her hair.

” Look, u are not allowed to do wat u want. U must follow wat I say. I want our child to be safe. Not opting for abortion, even if anything happens to child by mistake, that will b ur last day. Take care. I don’t care whether u will leave me or die aft giving birth to my child. But till then u must tc of urselves for my child. Got it”

” Who knows whether its ur child or not”

Sakshi Pov:

I know this time I really crossed the limit. Now he will kill me for my words.

He came to me. I closed my eyes scaring.

“Open ur eyes”

I opened my eyes.

” You asked who knows whether its my child or not. I know its my child. Its our child. I intentionally tortured u to take revenge but I nvr had doubt on ur character. I didn’t know y u left Ajay. I didn’t know whether u love me or not. But I am sure u respect our marriage. You can nvr do anything wrong aft marriage. I trust u to that extent.”

I didn’t hear anything except the 3 words I trust you. His trust that too aft my betrayal means a lot to me. My eyes filled with tears. I hugged him n rested my head on his chest crying. He didn’t say anything. He caressed my hairs. I cried my heart out. I felt relaxed. I looked into his eyes.

“Can u please give me one last chance to b a loving wife to you. I promise I nvr leave you. Please Randhir”.

Randhir looked me. He left me n went from my room.

“Randhir please…”

He left without listening.

Randhir Pov:

I can nvr forgive u Sakshi. U broken my heart. I can’t leave u. But I can’t love u too. Even if I forgive, I can nvr love u as before. I can’t hate u too. You made my life a hell. I trust ur character. But not ur love.

He took wine bottle n broken it

No I shouldn’t drink. If I lose control on my anger, I may harm her. She is already weak. I shouldn’t hurt her. Watever she had done in the past, now she is carrying my child. I should take care of her.

He sat in the chair n slept. Sakshi came to him n sat on the floor near him keeping her head in his lap.

“I am sorry Randhir. I have done big mistake. But really at that time I didn’t know the value of love. I realised wat is love n ur importance in my life aft leaving u. I thought to come back to u. But I felt I can’t show my face to u. So I didn’t come into ur life aft that. But u searched for me n married me. I know still u love me.But ur anger is dominating it. This child is a new hope in our relationship. Atleast for this child u will tc of me. Before our child comes to this world, I will win ur love. I love you.”

She slept in his lap.

Randhir PoV:

I woke up n surprised to see Sakshi sleeping in my lap. Just then I found she sat on floor. In sleeping posture, she is really so cute. One of the things which I like the most is to admire her beauty. Aft all I can do it because she is my wife. I really wonder still she is a child n now she is going to become a mother for my child.

How hard I try sometimes I can’t control my love for her. I want to b harsh. I want to hate her. But Its the toughest thing in my life to do than anything else. Even now I failed to hate her. Seeing her sleeping in my lap made me to admire her beauty. I bent slowly n kissed her on forehead. She woke up.

“ sorry. I mean I didn’t want to b alone. So I came to u and….”

I understood she is finding excuse for sleeping in my lap. But I don’t think its necesasary. Because she is my wife. She can come to my room anytime. I saw her eyes which are so red. I think she cried a lot. May b because I didn’t answer her when she asked for forgiveness. Should I trust her? Should I love her one more time? But wat if she brks my heart again?

I kept all my thoughts aside for sometime n lifted her in arms. I took her to room n made her to lie on it.

” Take rest. Now thats wat u need the most” I said

But I know that’s not wat she want. She want love n care from me. I thought to leave the room but she hold my hand.

“Pls don’t go. Sit here”

I unintentionally nodded and sat near her caressing her hairs. She hold my hands tightly.
Aft sometime she slept peacefully. I lied besides her n went into sleep.

Precap: Revelation of Randhir-Sakshi love story n how they got separated. Lets see is his anger justified or she should b forgiven..

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  1. amazing epi sis…waiting for nxt epi update soon

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear ryths..

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    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear sis..

  3. Plz unite them soon….make them love each other….amazing epi!

    1. Sindhu K S V

      It takes time dear bcoz his heart is totally broken coz of her…She needs to heal him by love…Thank u..

  4. pls update soon can’t wait the revelation

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Will update soon dear…

  5. de story is getting very interesting day by day …waiting for the next

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u pawani…

  6. Nic chapter.. Will be eagerly waiting to know their past.. Update soon..

    1. Thank u anu…ya sure will update soon…

  7. Vyshnavi (Vyshu)

    Nice story. Today only I read all your updates,they are simply super. But the hatred of Randhir has crossed to much of limits,the one which I hated is when he made sakshi to stand under shower more than one and half hour and his torture. Whatever may be the reason, but he shouldn’t torture her like that.
    But now I’m really excited to know the reason behind his hatred.
    Please post it as soon as possible.

    1. Dear his heart totally broken coz of her…So now his love turned into hate…Thank u..will update soon..

  8. Too good…now eagerly waiting to know the reason behind Randhir’s torture to Sakshi…

    I really love ur other work my life my choice…please if u have time update that story too and can u update that in wattpad too…l ll be able to read it there too…

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    1. Hope atleast their child brings their hearts closer…will update soon..

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  16. Thank u dear..Yes she is in guilt for her mistake bcoz she loves him..As she is thinking she didn’t deserve him, she is baring his torture. Its easy to brk a relation but tough to rebuild it…Sakshi understood it now..Randhir won’t forgive her easily..

  17. Hai Sindhu….u done a great one…in epi 8 u give the meaning for love and like was super…nice and I didn’t expect sakshi this much arrogant and she not seems nowadays…this much of difference between old and now sakshi….in this epi she is conceived wow superb hereafter we will seen Randhir caring waiting for the next one….pls try to updates regularly yaar….

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      Already submitted…but they didn’t publish yet…I submitted at 9 am itself..

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