Forgive me, Please – Episode 8


Episode 8

Randhir went to office. Someone knocked the door.

“Yes,Come in”

An old man of age 50 came inside.

“Uncle,pls come. Take ur seat. How are you?”

“I am fine beta. How r u n my daughter Sakshi?”

“We are fine”

“I didn’t understand y u asked me to lie to Sakshi saying that shareholders withdrawing their shares from the company”

“Uncle, now I can’t say anything. But I hav a reason to request u to lie to her like that. I am sorry for troubling u”

” Its ok beta. I trust u. You won’t do anything without a reason and that reason will b good. But u know abt Sakshi. She is innocent. She doesn’t know anything. So she committed many mistakes due to her innocense. I hope u understand this”

“Don’t worry uncle. I will tc of her”

” In her childhood, she nvr got love from us. We provided her all comforts but forgot to provide her our love. Me n her mom are busy in expanding business. We thought Sakshi shouldn’t struggle as we struggled financially. But we realised every child need love n care of their parents than anything else in that tender age. By the time we realised, she started hating us. But she changed coz of u. Today this Sakshi is different from the one who is 2 yrs ago. I am saying all this to u bcoz I want u to give one more chance to my daughter. Though u both r hiding, I can understand wats going on between u both.”


“Just forgive her once beta”

“Only few mistakes deserve forgiveness, not all. Uncle, I have meeting. Bye”

Randhir started his car n went to home. Sakshi opened the door.

“U said u will come late?”

“Should I need ur permission to come to my home”?

“Do u want coffee or anything?”

“Give me ur mobile”

Sakshi gave her mobile.

” Did u call ur dad when I went to office?”

“No. I didn’t call anyone”.

He stood up n caught her hand twisting back.

“Tell me the truth Sakshi. Ur dad came to office n requested to forgive u. If u didn’t say how can he know abt our relationship?”

Sakshi eyes filled with tears as he tightened his hold on her hands.

“I..really don’t…know..anything. pls trust me”

“Trust u? Again? In my life I nvr do that mistake again”

” Randhir, if u hav doubt on me then take my mobile. I do not want mobile. But its true I didn’t call anyone. Because I hav no one who is close to me to share my prblms. Its true that I hav no one in my life who loves or cares for me. So y will I share anything with anyone.”

” Yes, You have no who loves or cares for u bcoz of ur mentality. However u need n u love only money. From wen r u bothering abt love n care?”

” From the moment I left u”

Randhir left her n turned her towards him

” Wat do u mean?”


“Its always better to have open talk between couple than hiding secrets”

“Sometimes its better to b silent when no one is interested to listen to us and trust us. Anyways I don’t have any hopes on our relationship. You married me for revenge. I married you for repentance.”

Sakshi is leaving to her room.

“But I have hope that one day love will replace our motives”

Sakshi stopped listening Randhir

“Love? Do u still believe on love”

” I have work. Get me a cup of coffee. Be ready at 7. We are going out for dinner, but only if u like.”

“Ok. I will get coffee n will b ready by 7”

Randhir PoV:

I am still busy with my work. Suddenly I heard someone opening the door of my room. I am irritated as I prefer pin drop of silence when I work. I looked irritatedly towards the door n found Sakshi smiling. But as she realised my irritated looks, her smile vanished n fear occupied. I couldn’t help as now a days thats the only thing I find in her face whenever I am with her.

“What?” I questioned her.

She started murmuring something which is not audible to me.

“Say it louder or get out of the room immediately”

“Its 7. You…told….we will b going for dinner” she reminded me.

Just then I realised I forgot about the programme which I planned. Now I am really tired n had no mood to go out. I know surely it disappoints her but I know I don’t care. Actually I do care but I don’t want to care.

“I am tired. I hav no mood to go out now. Tell maid to prepare dinner for us. Now u can go”

As I said these words I can clearly sense her disappointment but she managed to hide it.

” I sent maids as you planned dinner out” she said slowly.

“So what should I do? If maids went, u go n prepare dinner. Now just leave” I tried to b harsh but I failed.

She didn’t say anything n left from there. Aft 5 mins she returned with coffee n kept it on table n went off. Its aroma itself made me relaxed. It’s not because I love coffee but I agree I love coffee prepared by her. Aft all I know she learnt preparing coffee just for me. This sakshi is very different from the one whom I know before 2 years. Now she is so calm but in the past she is very arrogant n rude. I didn’t like her calmness but at the sametime I didn’t like past Sakshi too.

Sometimes I surprise thinking how I loved her. I loved Sakshi but not liked. Love is something where we love a person how they are n watever they are. Liking a person is different because we like only good qualities in them. Presently I am not liking nor loving her. She ruined everything by herself. Love and trust once lost, can’t b regained. Even now if I close my eyes, I will remember the past which started with sweetness n ended with unexplainable pain. My second meeting with Sakshi.

fb shows:

Sakshi is driving fast her car inspite of her frnds requesting her to b slow. She switched on the music system with loud sound. Unfortunately she hitted a man.

Frnds: Oh God Sakshi, see wat u hav done. Turn car back fast. Otherwise u will caught.

Sakshi tried to start the car but heard someone knocking the door. Its Randhir. She downed the mirror of car door.

“What man”?

” Do u think u can escape that easily aft doing an accident. Get down”.

” Do u know who I am? I am Sakshi Arora. One and only heir of Arora Group of companies. Take this money and let me go”.

She threw the money on his face and tried to start the car. Randhir took the keys of the car as she downed the mirror.

” Hey give me the keys. Otherwise I will call the police. ”

“You call police n I will call media. To say the one and heir of Arora Group of companies tried to murder a person”.

“I didn’t do it wantedly. Ok Alright. Tell me huw much u want to leave this”

” Take him to hospital and bare the charges of his treatment”

“Ok. Get him into car.”

I took him to car. She kept her disgustingly seeing the man’s face clothes. I found aversion in her eyes.she joined him in hospital. She paid the bill n warned me.

” Look, from today ur bad days will start. How dare u to blackmail me. I will see ur end”

She is saying to her frnds.

“I need to sell this car first. Disgusting ppl sat in my car. I can’t ride in it anymore. I don’t know from where all this ppl come. ”

She called someone n aft few minutes another car came for her n she went in it.

fb ends.

Sakshi PoV:

He told me to prepare dinner. I am cutting vegetables. He came to kitchen. I don’t know y but even his presence makes me senseless n a bit shy. He came to me n stood so close to me. He touched my hands with which I am cutting veggies.

” Leave it. We shall go for dinner out. I will come within 5 minutes.” He went to get ready.

I saw myself once. I am sweating as I done all the cleaning of dishes till now. I am so tired n I am in nightwear too. I really didn’t have energy to get ready now. But I can’t say no as he said. Because If I say no, I can’t imagine his reaction. I slowly went to room n wore a sari. I am wearing a chain but I am unable to keep its hook. I felt Randhir’s fingers on my back helping me to wear the chain.

He turned me and saw once.

” No. Change the dress. Remember don’t wear sarees. I want ur every body part to b covered. Wear something else which covers from neck to toe.” he ordered and went.

I wore a dress with full sleeves n which covers back too. I wore sandals with socks as he told me to cover till toe. He came n checked my dress again making me embarrassed.

” Good. This dress is nice. Now lets go”

Precap: Sakshi trying to leave the house and caught by Randhir.

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