Forgive me, Please – Episode 7


Episode 7

Sakshi and Randhir reached their home. He closed the door n Sakshi stood in the middle of the room scaring n trying to forecast wat is going to come.

“Are you scared darling”


“Haan..This is the first time u said the truth. If u scare y will u repeat ur mistakes. But soon u will get scared of me. Just wait n see”.

He came near her n slowly touched her lips n then he caressed her hairs n cheeks. He pulled her towards her n kissed on forehead. She didn’t understand wat is going on. He moved away n gave a cover to her which is on table.

“What is this?”

“Can’t u open and see”?

Sakshi opened it n surprised.

“You…You burnt the dress na. From where did this one came?”

” I bought 2 dresses of same design. One to hurt u and one to gift u. This is ur gift. But u must wear it only before me. Bcoz only I have the right to admire ur beauty. I didn’t like others starring at u. U really look like an angel in the dress. You are so beautiful”.

He kissed her again.

Sakshi surprised with his words n blinked her eyes and opened her mouth. She is listening such sweet praises from him aft a very long time. Randhir smiled n closed her mouth. Sakshi widened her eyes seeing him smiling.

” You are smiling.”

‘Y?? Is there any rule framed by u that I shouldn’t smile??”

“No no. I didn’t mean it. But now a days I didn’t see u smiling purely.I really……..”

“Enough. Now go n hav dinner. I will b waiting for u in room. ”

“Ur dinner?”

“I had in party. Come soon. I think u forgot ur mistake. I need to discuss abt it baby.”

He left her in fear. She had her dinner n went to him. He saw her n came to her.

“Today I am not going to scold u. Not going to torture u. But u will b punished. U will know ur punishment by tomorrow morning.”

“Shall I sleep now”

“No. I need to talk a lot with u today. And to do a lot too.”

He winked.Sakshi didn’t understand how to react

“Ok. Come n sit with me”

Both sat on bed.

“Sakshi, Today I am so happy.”

Sakshi smiled.

“Today I got everything I lost before 2 yrs. I am really very happy. I got my wealth, status, prestige, beloved everything I got again. When I am on streets I always used to say myself that everything will come back to me n I just need to focus on my work. Do u know Sakshi? I slept many nites without having food. I worked few nites without sleeping. Whenever I used to feel tired, I used to see ur photo n imagined I am in ur lap. That made me to relax. Shall I sleep in ur lap for sometime”.

Sakshi got teary eyed knowing the hardships he faced.


Randhir slept in her lap n closed his eyes. Sakshi felt to caress his hairs but dropped due to fear. He opened his eyes n got up. He rubbed her cheek with his thumb

“Go n change ur dress n come. I want to love you”

Sakshi remembered 2 horrible nights with him. She gulped saliva with fear n saw him pleading

“I..want to…sleep..pls..only for today”

“I won’t say anything twice. Now go n come fast baby. Don’t irritate me bcoz u will b the one who have to bare it. Come soon”

He placed a kiss on her cheek.

She wiped her tears n went to change her dress. She came to him. He sighed her to sit. She sat. He slowly made her to lie on bed. He started kissing her. Sakshi is in fear remembering his torture twice.

He slowly kissed her on forehead, eyes, cheeks n lips. He kissed her neck n looked her. She moved her gaze from him.

” Look at me”

Sakshi looked him.

” I am sorry. I think still u didn’t forget those horrible nites. I didn’t do it intentionally. My anger made me to lose my control. But trust me I won’t molest u again. I know u didn’t like me, I will stay away from u.”

He is getting up from bed but stopped as Sakshi hold his shirt.

“I didn’t say I don’t like u”.

Randhir shocked and saw her. She blushed n lowered her eyes smiling. He again kissed her on lips. Now Sakshi left herself in his love n responding to him. She hugged him. Both lost in love as if they forgot their past for sometime. Morning Sakshi woke up n saw him near her n he slept hugging her. She smiled n got up slowly without disturbing him. She saw herself once. She checked her neck n hands but she didn’t find any marks. Till then her heart is struggling to accept that he is not rude to her last nite. She smiled a little. She is in work n Randhir came there.

” Call for u my dear” He gave his mobile to her.

Sakshi looked him confusingly n received the call.

” What?? But how it happened? Ok ok don’t worry. I will talk with him. Ok.

She disconnected the call and saw him.

“My mobile”

He snatched it from her n is leaving

“Randhir, Y did u do this? pls leave them. I will do watever u say. pls don’t do this to my dad”

“What did I do my beloved?”

“Dad said shareholders are suddenly asking to return their shares. They want to withdraw the shares. If it happens my family will b on road. Pls Randhir, pls stop it”

She is in tears n joined her hands before him pleading. Randhir closed his eyes tightly to control his tears seeing her.

“If u can guess easily that it was done by me, don’t u know y I did it?”

“For talking with Ajay?”

“For disobeying me”

“I promise I will do watever u say. I won’t disobey u. Please stop this”

“Don’t worry darling. If u really stand on ur words I will buy the entire shares. So that u can nvr run away from me. I scolded u n tortured u. But u didn’t listen to me. So finally I touched ur family. U r shaken. I will go to any extent to just make u tied up to this relationship. Whether u like it or not u must accept me as ur husband.”

” I will do watever u say”

“Ok then from today u must cut all your relationships either with ur parents or friends. Even in thoughts, u must think only abt me.If u behave as a perfect wife forgetting everything except me, ur family will b safe. Otherwise I am not responsible for anything that may happen to ur family.”

“Ok.Please don’t suffer my family. I will do as u said”.

“Good. I will b waiting at dining hall. Bring brk fst to there my dear sweet wife”.

He kissed her on cheek n went from there.

Sakshi PoV:

Randhir changed totally. He is becoming more rude day by day. Wat should I do now. I know I done a mistake. But lifelong I can’t bare his torture. At the sametime I didn’t want to hurt him. I can’t even leave him now coz of his conditions. The only way I have is to regain his love. But even if I show love he may think I am pretending. What should I do now? How can I earn a place in his heart again?

“Sakshi, I am getting late. R u coming?”


She is serving him the brk fst but her mind is not there n thinking abt their life. By mistake she split food on his blazer.

“I…I…am sorry.Really..sorry..”

Randhir remembered their first meeting.

fb shows:

Randhir went to a restaurant n placed order n is taking his seat. A girl who is catching 2 plates food hit him. His shirt spoilt coz of her. Randhir looked seriously at her. She is Sakshi. She is wearing jeans pant n sleeveless white t-shirt with loose hairs.

“Can’t u see?” Randhir fumed at her

“Can’t u see? A beautiful girl is coming catching plates in both hands. Don’t u know to give her side?”

Randhir looked his side n front

“What are u doing?”

“You said beautiful girl is coming. So I am just searching for her”


“Look baby, it will b good only when anyone stays in their limits. Otherwise their life will b worst. Just learn how to behave in public”

She looked him seriously n he smiled n went off.

fb ends.

Randhir got up from the chair scaring Sakshi. She stepped back as he is coming towards her.

“I am really sorry. I didn’t do wantedly”

He didn’t respond to her n went to washbasin n washed his hands.

” Bring my white blazer from cupboard. Already its late. I have meeting with international delegates today”

She relaxed as he didn’t say anything. She gave blazer to him.

“Sakshi, I didn’t know when I will return tonight coz of meetings today. Maids and Watchman are joining today. U no need to do any work from today. Have ur dinner n sleep. Lock the door n keep mobile on the table near by while sleeping. Call me if anything is wrong.”

Sakshi nodded. He came near to her n kissed on her forehead n left to office.

Precap: Randhir and Sakshi remembering their past.

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