Forgive me, Please – Episode 6


Episode 6

Are u not going to office”?

“Why? Do u want to call anyone here if I go?

Sakshi PoV:

Again started. I don’t know y he always talks like this. I think he won’t say anything if either he is sick or I fell sick. I need to go from him soon. I shouldn’t react to his words. I must pretend as if I love Ajay. I shouldn’t tell him the truth.

Suddenly her phone rang. Randhir took the mobile as its on table. He saw the name of the caller n fumed with anger.

“Who is that”?

Ur lover


The ring stopped and a msg came to the mobile. He threw the mobile seeing the msg. She didn’t understand wat happened to him. She went n kept her hand on his shoulder

Is everything ok?

You nvr allow me to b at peace. U r the major prblm in my life. Even aft marriage, you are continuing ur affair with Ajay

Stop it Randhir. Don’t say one more word. Otherwise

He caught her hair

Otherwise wat will u do?? I didn’t say anything wrong. U r such a witch who seduces men.

Sakshi slapped him. Randhir shocked at her reaction. He pulled her hair hardly.

“Leave me pls. ”

“How dare you to slap me. I will make u realise the result of ur slap.”

Enough Randhir. I am not going to tolerate it anymore. Now let me go off. I didn’t do anything wrong n didn’t understand y u r angry on me.

“Oh so u want the reason. Your lover is the one who called u. He msged u enquiring abt ur health. How did he know that u r sick if u didn’t tell him. Answer me”

Oh so this is the reason for ur anger. All these days u r with me day n nite. Did I talk or msg anyone till now. Did I touch my phone till now? I didn’t know how Ajay knew abt my health. But surely its not me who informed him.

Randhir left the hold on her hairs. He went off from the room. Randhir came to her aft sometime. Sakshi sat on bed thinking deeply. Randhir threw a box into her lap. She came out of her thoughts n looked him.

“It is for you”

Sakshi opened the box and beautiful platinum necklace set in the box.

“Is it the way to give a gift?”

“Who said it is gift? I just gave it to u to wear tonight in the party.”

“Party?? But u didn’t say anything to me abt party”

“You are not worth sharing my happiness”

“I think I am not worth to accompany u to party too. Aft all u will feel ashamed in the party as ur wife seduces men there”

Sakshi eyes filled with tears saying those words which really affected Randhir to the core.


He shouted out her name where his voice n eyes are in full rage. He came near her. Sakshi closed her eyes expecting worst to come from him now.

“Open ur eyes”

Sakshi opened her eyes but her face shows she is so scared. Randhir caught her hairs n dragged her making her to stand on the floor.

“I know u repeated the words which I said to u earlier. But remember I won’t regret for saying those words to u. I just mean it Sakshi. You know well why I am talking like that to u. Never raise ut voice again before me. Now wear this dress n that necklace. I know how to treat u. For me u r just an object which I owned with my wealth not even human being. Now get ready to accompany me to the party.”

He threw dress on her face n went off from there. Sakshi wiped her tears n got ready. He opened the door n lost himself seeing her. She wore the white full length netted dress with full sleeves given by him. She is looking as an angel came down to Earth. She saw him n bent her head blushing at his looks. He came near to her.

“I am ready, Shall we go”?

He didn’t respond to her words n hold her by waist n pulled her towards him. He caged her in his tight hug. He slowly captured her lips which are shivering by this time with his touch. He kissed her hard n bited her lips. He left her hearing her moaning. She tried to move away. But he spinned her n now he started kissing her back without moving his hands from her waist. He again turned her n kissed her on neck giving few hickeys over there. She moaned making her to shed tears too.

“Be silent beloved. They are the marks given by me with love. Don’t upset me by trying to get away from me because its more dangerous for u.”

He unzipped her dress n slowly he removed it. Sakshi shocked with his act. He left her.

“Wear another dress. U shouldn’t look this beautiful to anyone except me.”

She nodded and changed her dress. She bent down to take the dress from the floor but he snatched it from her n burnt it.

“Anything u like will not be your’s unless I approve it. I saw u liking this dress before our marriage. I bought it for u not to gift u. Anything we like comes to us, we will b so happy. But the moment we think its all our’s but it goes off from us, it will b very painful. This is the same feeling I felt when u left me when I thought u are all mine.”

He saw her but she is not looking him. Her tears fallen on the floor.

“Wipe ur tears n apply make up to cover the marks. No one should see those. Make it fast”.

She wiped her tears n got ready as soon as she can. He took her to the party.Party began. Sakshi sat away from everyone as he ordered her to isolate herself from them. Finally the award was announced and Randhir went onto the stage n looked at Sakshi. Sakshi who is really surprised n got happy knowing that he won best entrepreneur award is smiling n finding him looking her,she lowered her gaze.

Everyone asked him to speak n share the reason behind his success. He took the mike n looked her.

“Good evening all. I dedicate this award to my staff who had a large part in my success. Thanks to all who helped me to reach this stage. I like here to mention the name of one person who is the foremost reason for this greatest achievement. Its none other than my beloved wife, Mrs. Sakshi Randhir.”

Sakshi shocked with his words. He continued.

“It is well said that we will know who truly loves us n who pretends only in our hardtimes. Sakshi proved to wat category she belongs. She is with me in my tough times advising and motivating me. She nvr left my hand even when I had nothing. She is with me whenever I need someone to help me to cope with situations. Thank u Sakshi n I love you”.

Sakshi didn’t understand wat he said n y he said that. Because she know that she left him in his tough times. She went off leaving him to marry Ajay. She didn’t even care for him once at that time. But he is praising her by attributing the things which she nvr done.

She came out of her thoughts with the clapping of ppl around. When she raised her head, she found Randhir in front of her.

“Lets dance” he smiled

She understood his command hidden behind his smile n statement. Even if she says no, he won’t listen. So she gave her hand to him. He took her to the stage n started dancing. He is dancing but slowly he tightening his hold on her back. She screamed but it mixed with the loud music to which they are dancing.

“Randhir, its hurting. I can’t dance”

“You must dance my beloved wife. Did u get doubt y I said exact opposite to wat u hav done? Just to make u know wat love means n how a wife should behave.”

He slowly moved his hand under her dress at back touching her skin. His nails are grazing her skin n she can even feel blood coming out. She bited her lip n caught his blazer tightly to control the pain. Throughout the song, he tortured her in one or the way. While dancing he stepped on her feet intentionally n made her to scream. He kept his shoe on her toe throughout the dance which crushed her toe. Song was finished n she really felt relaxed. He pulled her close to him n whispered.

” Get lost from the party n sit in car. No one should see ur face in the party here after. At the sametime u shouldn’t leave to home. Wait in car till I return”.

He placed a kiss on forehead in front of everyone n left her with a smile n sighed her to smile. She tried hard to smile controlling her tears but it became impossible for her n she bent her head n went out from the party. Her back where he grazed is paining n her toe became red n are burning with pain. She sat in car n locked the door. She heard the sound of someone knocking on the car door. She downed the window n saw Ajay standing there. She composed herself n smiled.

“Ajay. Hi”

“Hi Sakshi. So hw is everything going on?”


He saw into her eyes n she turned her face.

“How long r u going to blame urself like this?? Y don’t u tell me the truth? He will forgive u for sure.”

“Wats the truth Ajay? Do u think he will forgive me if I say I left him as he lost everything and realised later my mistake n hiden myself from him?”

“Yes I am sure he will forgive u if u say the truth n apologise him saying that u realised ur mistake. I know he still loves u. If not he won’t marry you”.

“Let it b Ajay. May b I didn’t deserve his forgiveness”

“Sakshi please understand u r suffering urself n him too.”

“Ajay, u pls go. If Randhir finds us talking he will b more angry.”

Ajay left and aft few minutes Randhir came and started car. He is so silent but his eyes says his mind is not that silent.

“Randhir, what happened”

“Did u enjoy the company of Ajay? Actually I thought to come before few minutes but seeing u n Ajay together, I went back to give love birds some privacy.”


“Lets talk at our home baby. Till then b relaxed”

Precap: Randhir making Sakshi’s dad to lose in business to threaten her. Randhir remembering his first meet with Sakshi.

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