Forgive me, Please – Episode 3

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Episode 3

Sakshi sat on a chair as Randhir left her there. She doesn’t know where he is. She is really tired and wat all she want is just a good sleep. But she can’t go without informing him because she know well if she does so, it will b her last day. Randhir came there with 2 glasses of wine.

“Have it”

She got shocked at his words.

“I didn’t like to have wine”

“Is it so Mrs. Randhir. Did u quit drinking before marriage or after marriage. I know well that u drink. Have it. I am not going to say anything to u.”

“I quit it before marriage” replied Sakshi

“Ok restart it now”

She is abt to say something but a girl came to him asking for a dance. He went with her and started dancing with her. Sakshi felt embarrassed seeing their dance. Her eyes are abt to rain but suddenly stopped hearing someone’s voice

“May I take the seat, Mrs. Randhir. By the way I am Randhir’s ex business partner. I am Nandagopal. You can call me Nandu.”


She said but her eyes are on Randhir dancing with someone else but still observing her with anger. She is frightened but didn’t know wat to do. Randhir stopped dancing and came to her.

“We are leaving”

“Hey y r u leaving so early. Aft all its ur wedding party Mr. Randhir”.

He gave death glare to him n caught her hand dragging her to car. They reached home n he dragged her to room n threw her on floor.

“You never change. If I am not with u for few minutes, you started your trials of attracting someone. How dare you to do that even aft warning u to behave in ur limits.”

“I am sorry but I didn’t talk anything with him. Trust me.”

“Shut up u blo*dy b*t*h. I am not going to trust you. I will give u punishment so that u would nvr do it again. Come with me”

She followed him silently praying to God to save her. He took her to kitchen and turned on the burner of the stove. She didn’t understand wat he is doing. He took a long steel spoon and burnt it.

“Open ur mouth”

Sakshi shivered listening his order. she tried to walk back but he grabbed her hand n squeezed it hard and she screamed. As soon as she opened her mouth he burnt her tongue with the hot spoon. She shouted out loud and fallen down on the floor.

“Remember this is a very small punishment for now. Next time if I find u talking with any man other than me, you will face even more. Now get up n arrange bed. Your second punishment will start there.”

Sakshi got up slowly n did as he said. He lied on her n started torturing her. Her body became a instrument for him to let go off his anger. He bited her n grazed her making her to shout more n more. He left her aft 2 hrs. Her entire body had marks of either his teeth or nails. She tried to get up but she can’t. He left from the room leaving her in that stage.

He went to hall n toom his champagne bottle and started drinking it. After drinking he started his car n went off.

Sakshi cried whole nite feeling the pain on every part of her body. She tried and got up slowly and by catching the wall she went slowly yo washroom n took hot shower. She is unable to walk but slowly searched for him in the house. She didn’t understand where he is.

She tried calling him but its swiched off. 2 passed but he didn’t reach home. Sakshi tried calling to his office they too said they didn’t hav any information. She gave police complaint finally praying he must b safe.

She got a call from police and she went to hospital which they told. She saw him there. His legs are with bandages. His head too had a bandage.

” Someone admitted him here when he met with an accident. We recognised him a great entrepreneur Mr. Randhir. We asked him whom should we inform abt his accident. But he said he had no one to worry or care for him. So we appointed a nurse to tc of him.” doctor explained whole thing to Sakshi and police.

“Doctor, pls discharge him. I am his wife. I will tc of him. U pls provide treatment at home”

Ok Mrs. Randhir. Incase if u need a nurse, inform us.

“No doctor. Its the time for me to pay back what he gave to me in the past. His love, his care and his affection, now its time to show him. I will tc of him”

Sakshi went to him and saw Randhir sleeping. Her eyes filled with tears n she went to him. She caressed his hairs n placed a kiss on him. He opened his eyes and saw her. Immediately he became angry.

“Why did u come here. Who told u that I am here. Get lost from here”

Why didn’t u inform me? I am ur wife n I need to tc of you.

“You?? caring for me?? I still remember u leaving me when I need u the most. Don’t act thinking that I will trust u again n will change my way of treating u. It nvr happens. I will surely kill u everyday for ur betrayal.”

Sakshi didn’t answer him anything. She went out n asked doctor to discharge him. She took him to home. She tried to feed him but he jerked her hand n plate fallen from her hand.

“Randhir, pls understand. U r not well. U need someone’s help. Pls take my help”

“Call hospital n inform I need a nurse”

“Nurse can’t do everything which a wife can. Y don’t u understand that? Let me help u to recover fast. I am not asking u to trust me or forgive me. But pls let me help u “.

Randhir became calm listening her. She brought food again n slowly feeded him. She gave tablets to him. At mid nite he woke up n started coughing continously. Sakshi woke up immediately.

Randhir, wat happen to u? pls take water.

She made him to drink water n made him to sleep again. For one month she treated him like a baby with utmost care and love. He recovered completely n started walking. Doctor came to test him.

“You recovered completely Mr. Randhir. U r very lucky to have a wife like Mrs. Sakshi. She is the only reason for ur fast recovery.” doctor left saying this.

“Sakshi, Come here n sit near me. I want to talk to u”

Sakshi went to him n sat near him.

“Thank u for helping me to recover fast. Do u really love me or u done everything to pay me back.”

Sakshi wiped her tears n said

“I did everything to pay u back n as a wife its my responsibility to take care of you. Dats it.I don’t love you”

He laughed which shows his pain n hopelessness. Sakshi eyes too shed tears but controlled herself not to show to him.

“I know. You didn’t love me. I know you nvr change”

Saying this he caught her hair n pulled it

“I won’t leave u easily till the truth comes out. How many times will u hurt me saying u didn’t love me? However whether u love me or not, u must stay with me forever. Don’t forget that”.

He left her n she immediately went out of the room to another room. She sat on the floor crying.

Randhir PoV:

I love u Sakshi. I love u so much. Y don’t u understand that? Y do u hurt me always saying that u didn’t love me. Your eyes show love on me but y didn’t u accept it? I just want to know the truth y u left me? If u love Ajay, then y did u marry me? Where is Ajay? Y didn’t u marry him? Is he alive or dead? or cheated u?

Precap: Randhir seeing Sakshi with Ajay

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  1. Oh..whatever the reason is randhir don’t had to punish sakshi this much.but think that past was really worse for randhir..waiting for next part.

  2. Awesome yaar but the hot spoon torcher was cruel and short update yaar plzzzzzz can u make a cute romantic scene of rakshi and can u update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon will be waiting

  3. omg yaar how could a husband do like that ….if he really loves her than….
    but the way you portrayed the plot its awsome….i read it in one go….

  4. Too good. Update the next one soon and longer.

  5. plz yaar don’t make randhir this much cruel..
    may be saksi deserves worst punishment..
    but this is really too much..
    his behavior can’t be considered as human.. hope u understand..
    btw u r awesome writer..thnx 4 regular upd

  6. gud epi..but y he behaved lyk dat…he shud hav punished her in other way..feeling sad for sakhi..plzzz update nxt epi asap

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