Forgive me, Please – Episode 2

FMP ep 2
Recap: Horrible nite for Sakshi

Randhir woke up n went to balcony to wake her up. He beated her on shoulder harshly. Sakshi who slept sitting n leaning on to wall woke up n her eyes still showed fear.

“Get ready fast. You have to prepare break fast for me”

Sakshi tried to stand but unable to stand with pain. Her whole body is aching very badly. But she had no one to hear her pain or to help her. It is the one who loved a lot is giving her the pain which she can’t bare. She wiped her tears n tried to stand again.

“How much time will u take to stand? I didn’t hav all the day for u”


He took her into arms n dropped in washroom.

“Take shower fast n come out”

She took a heavy embroidered sari as she is new bride.

“Do you want to attract anyone there. I know u love to attract people, but I won’t allow you bcoz now u r my wife” said Randhir

Tears flowed from her eyes listening his harsh words. He gave a dress with full sleves which is simple.

“Wear it. I know u grown up in riches and thats the reason u became blind abt relationships. So from now u r going to lead a life which hav no comforts. That makes u to know ur real identity which u deserve”.

She took the dress from his hands n went to change it.

Sakshi’s PoV:

Won’t he forgive me ever? I didn’t know how long should I bare all this. His every word, his every act killing me. I have to change him. I must bring back old Randhir in him who loves me a lot. But is it possible? Can I ever get that love back?

She wiped her tears and got ready. Randhir came to room and saw her.

“Now go and prepare break fast. You hav no one to help here”

She is going n he caught her wrist tightly at the place where he injured earlier n pulled her towards him. She screamed with pain

“Look, When I say something u must answer me. I hate silence. Understand”

“Ok. Pls leave me, its hurting”.

“It meant to hurt my dear. Now go n do the work which I said”.

She walked calmly and stood in hall. He came there.

“What are you doing here”

“Where is Kitchen?”

He showed the way to kitchen. She got shocked seeing the kitchen. Its totally a mess. She looked at him.

” Clean it my beloved. Remember I want my whole house to b very clean and neat. Now clean it n prepare break fast. By evng before I return, clean entire house.If u didn’t complete the work I said, u will die in my hands,understand”

“I will do everything as u said”.

She went to kitchen and sighed. She cleaned everything and made food for him. He tasted it n threw it on the floor.

“Don’t u know even to do one thing properly. I nvr saw a girl like u who doesn’t know anything except to attract boys”

Tears flowed in her eyes hearing his last words. Now saying such words became common for him. She didn’t understand how can he say such words that easily to a girl esp to his wife. But she know his attitude of respecting women, the quality which she liked in him the most when they are in love. He respects everyone except her. Because he thinks she didn’t deserve to be respected. He went off to office throwing the plate. She felt hungry as she didn’t have anything from yesterday. She went n tasted the food she prepared.

Sakshi PoV:

This food tastes good. It means intentionally he fired on me. After all he didn’t need any reason to hurt me. He hurts me whenever he wants without any reason.

She remembered his words to clean entire house. She had her breakfast fastly and started working. Till evening she worked continuously n cleaned everything. She is so tired and lied on bed to rest n she doesn’t know when she slept. She woke hearing a rude voice calling her name. She opened her eyes n saw Randhir.

He caught her hair n made her to stand. She shouted with pain but of no use.

“How dare u to sleep without my permission? Look, U should do everything only with my permission either its sleeping or eating. Now get ready for the wedding party. We are leaving to party now. Wear something which resembles a newly wed bride. Remember, u must behave there as my wife keeping up my respect. If u didn’t, u know well what I will do”.

She nodded and got ready. He took her to the party by placing his hand on her waist. His nails are going into her soft skin making her unable to bare. But she can’t even shout or scream as they are in party. He pulled her more closer n whispered in her ears.

“I gave u this pain to keep u remembered how to behave in the party. Don’t show ur old behaviour here.”

Sakshi nodded controlling her tears.

Precap: Randhir met with an accident. Sakshi tends towards him n helps him recover fast.

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