Forgive me, Please – Episode 15

Episode 15

Sakshi went to office to take over her company. Press meet is organised to introduce her as heir of Arora Group of Companies. Reporters started interviewing her:

R: Madam, We want to ask something abt u. Do u like to b called as Sakshi Arora or Sakshi Randhir? You are the daughter of Arora who led the business world till now n wife of youth sensation Randhir. So wat would u prefer to b called as?

Sakshi: I am Sakshi Arora forever because without my parents I would not b here. I am proud to b Sakshi Randhir bcoz he is my inspiration who taught me the real essence of life. But I prefer to b called as Sakshi. Because today woman is independent. When we are fighting for empowerment I don’t think we should use father’s or husband’s name for popularity. We can lead our lives by our own. So call me Sakshi.

R: Madam, wat will b ur future strategy of ur company?

Sakshi: Establish norms which are labour frndly. Because without them no one can achieve success in their business.

R: Is ur husband going to help u in running ur company? Because u r new to this administration and he had experience.

Sakshi: Most probably he may advise me when required but as I know he won’t interfere with my work. He respects my individuality.

R:Thank u for giving ur time to us madam. Wish u all the best

Sakshi: Thank u

Its been 2 months n Sakshi became busy with works. Hardly Randhir is finding her at home.

Randhir PoV:

Sakshi became busy with her works. I didn’t mean she is not taking care of me. She is checking whether I am having food on time or not n hw I am. But I miss her. Because she is going to office before I wake up keeping everything ready for me. Evng I don’t know when she came but everything will b ready for me again but she will b back to her company by the time I return. She returns home when I sleep. I am missing her love. Now I am realising that I still love her. I decided to apologise her. She reached home at 1 am. I acted as I am asleep.

I heard her asking maid abt my dinner. Then she came to me. She caressed my hairs kissed me on forehead.

“I love u Randhir. But I want u to b happy. If u see me u will lose ur coolness n will b angry. I don’t want that. Thats y I am avoiding myself from u. Till u forgive me I will wait. Good nite Randhir.”

She went to washroom n came aft fresh up.

” Madam, ur dinner?”

“I am not hungry. Its ok. U go”.

She slept besides me. She turned another side but I can understand she is weeping. She slept aft sometime. She woke up early in the morning. She rubbed both her eyes n opened eyes slowly. She is so beautiful like a kid. Yes she is a kid. Its me who didn’t understand that. She is not bad. Circumstances made her bad. I should have understood her. I want to talk to her but didn’t know how to start.

“Coffee. Good morning Sakshi.”

Sakshi got up at once looking me.

“Goo…Good mor..morn….morning”

“Are u busy today. I need to talk to u”.

“No I mean I am free. Tell me”

“Go n get ready. We will go out”


She is selecting dress to wear. Till now she is wearing only dresses which I told her to wear covering from neck to toe. But I can understand she like to wear sarees.

“Wear this sari. U will look awesome.”


“Yes. Don’t u like wearing sari?”

“I love to wear sari. I will get ready within 5 mins”

She got ready. She is looking like an angel. She is my Sakshi. Now I am not angry on her. I want to see her happy. Today I will confess my love to her. Her phone rang.

“Hello. Oh actually I will b late today. U pls manage it.”

“Oh no. ok I am coming”

She disconnected the call n looked me.

“I..I need to go. Something important”

Am I not important to her? I didn’t ask her. But I am unhappy.

“Ok. Go”

“I am sorry. Actually it is for….”

“No need to say. U can go”

She went to her office n evng she came earlier than me. As I returned home,she smiled n came to me.

Sakshi PoV:

He wants to take me on a date but my bad luck I have some important meeting. I am planning to provide housing to workers n schooling to their children at free of cost. My company is going to adopt meritorious orphan students n bare all the expenditure food, clothing n education. Board of Directors meeting is held regarding this today. So I am helpless. I attended the meeting n they accepted my suggestions. I am so happy.

Now its time to convince Randhir. He may b angry on me for cancelling date. I returned home soon after meeting. I prepared his favourite dishes for dinner. I called him but he ignored my calls. Whenever he wants to talk lovingly to me, something will happen from my side n his anger increases further. I hope he will understand the reason if I explain. I didn’t want to see his anger again.

He returned home.

Randhir PoV:

I returned home n she is waiting for me. Through smell I can guess she prepared my favourite dishes to convince me as she cancelled the date today. But today I am not angry on her because I understood something is really important for her to go. Especially I saw regret in her eyes for cancelling the program. But I decided to act to b angry on her.

As I went she took files from my hands. I went to room without talking to her. She came with water n gave it to me. I took it but didn’t look her.

“I..I am sorry Randhir. I know I disappointed u.”

I didn’t talk to her n went to get fresh up. She is trying to talk to me but I avoided. She finally gave up n went to hall. She came to call me for dinner.

“Pls come for dinner. I myself prepared all ur favourite dishes”

“I am not hungry”

“Please I am sorry”

“I said I didn’t want dinner”

“Ok tell me wat should I do to make u hav ur dinner?”

“U will b punished for disappointing me by cancelling the program”

“Punishment again? Ok tell me wat should I do?”

“U must work at home again as before for one month”

“Ok. I will do it. U pls hav dinner. ”

I went near to her seriously. She is moving back n hitted wall n I locked her with my hands. I slowly kissed her on cheeks. She is blushing n looking down. I raised her face by chin.

“You no need to do anything except loving me. Can u love me forever forgiving me for hurting n insulting u many times?”

She looked me with tears in her eyes.

Sakshi PoV:

When he said I have to do all the works for one month, I am really scared. He came near to me seriously. I thought he will hurt me as he is angry. But he kissed me. Then he said

“You no need to do anything except loving me. Can u love me forever forgiving me for hurting n insulting u many times?”

I got shocked. I saw tears in his eyes. I hugged him tightly crying to let go off all the pain I am baring in my heart till now. He wiped my tears.

“Tell me Sakshi,Can u forgive me?”

“Randhir, pls don’t say that. I know u got hurted a lot coz of me. U showed ur pain in the form of anger. If u forgive me, thats enough for me”

“I forgave u. I won’t hurt u anymore. I love you”

“I love you too”

We both had dinner n lied on bed. I am working on laptop. Randhir looked for sometime n closed my laptop.

“What are u doing”

“No office work at home from today.”

“Then wat should I do at home”

“Just love ur husband n pls spend sometime with him. He is missing u so much”

I smiled n hugged him. Slowly we both slept. At morning I woke him up n both got ready. He dropped me at office n went to his office. Its one month and Randhir didn’t hurt me n infact he is showing only love on me. One day I am discussing abt the new projects which we want to launch with Ajay as he is a 2nd major shareholder of my company. Attender came n said someone came for me.

” Tell him to wait for sometime” I said n resumed talk with Ajay.

Aft 30 mins we finalised few contracts n told attender to send the person who came for me. He knocked the door n came in. Its Randhir.

“Randhir, is it u? Y didn’t u say it’s u? I am sorry for making u to wait.”

I am a bit afraid coz Ajay is in my chamber n I made Randhir to wait for 30 mins talking to him.

“Shall I sit?”

“Ya sure”

He sat n Ajay thought to go.

“I didn’t come as ur husband, I came on professional work. Ajay u too need to stay”

Ajay sat n we r looking him. He proposed some project asking that if we like we can join n he left.Evng I returned home n found him came before me.

“I want to talk to u Sakshi”

I expected n already I prepared mentally to bare his anger n harsh words. May b he may torture ne again, I didn’t understand y it happens always to me. I slowly accompanied him to room. We both sat on bed n he hold my hands.

“I want u to take rest for few months. Now its 7 th month for u. Please take rest till ur delivery. U r so stressed all these months.I want u to b stress free n happy. I will keep my office work aside for u for few months.”

“Ok but who will tc of company till then?”

“I already talked with uncle. He will tc. If anything important u can go”


“Randhir, Really sorry for making u to wait at morning. Ajay came to discuss a project.”

“Its ok. No prblm. Actually I told to attender not to say my name. I know if I say u will call me immediately. I don’t want ur work to get disturbed. I am not jealous on Ajay now. So don’t worry. But our relationship gets fine only wen u says the whole truth to me. Y did u refuse to marry Ajay? I didn’t want any secrets between us”

“Ok I will answer. But first tell me How did u lose ur property?”

“Everyone knows that. I launched a product n its a failure. So I lost everything.”

I smiled.

“If u didn’t want secrets between us then first u tell me the truth”

“So as u came to know the truth u refused to marry him,right?”

Few things better to b left for others understanding than explaining the truth.

“May b u r right”

“Its ok. Though it saddens me a bit, I want to forget the past. Actually I really want u refusing Ajay for me n my love without knowing that I left my property to save u from the case”

I looked him with no emotions. He came to me n kissed my forehead.

“Ok leave everything. Lets b happy. Lets start new life with love, only love. Ur old Randhir is back to u just to love u forever unconditionally. I promise from now there will b no tears in ur eyes. Even if tears come it will b only coz of extreme hpyness. Pls smile once.”

I smiled n he kissed me on lips making me blush. Next day my parents came to take me to home for delivery as per tradition. But really I didn’t want to go because only from few days Randhir is loving me. I don’t want to miss it.

“Randhir, we will take Sakshi to home for delivery. She will stay 3 months with us. Is it ok for u?”

Dad asked him n he is looking me. I didn’t say anything.

” Uncle, I respect traditions but sorry. I am not sending Sakshi to ur home. I will tc of her. Pls don’t mind uncle.”

Dad n mom didn’t say anything as he said his decision strictly. Later I am talking with mom in garden n I heard dad talking to Randhir.

” Randhir, r u not sending her with love or to suffer her? I know Sakshi did a mistake but she changed a lot. Now she is carrying ur baby in her womb. Pls don’t hurt her.”

Randhir smiled.

” Uncle, I am sending her bcoz she didn’t want to come. I too didn’t want to miss her. I know I am so rude to her till now. So now by taking care on her I want to rectify my mistake. Don’t worry. I won’t hurt her n from now she will b my angel.”

Dad smiled. Aft sometime they left. I am njoying cool breeze in balcony. Randhir came n hugged me from behind.

” Whats up angel?”

“Njoying cool breeze”

“Y don’t u want to go to ur maternal home? R u still uncomfortable with them?”

“No. Nothing like dat. I just want to stay with u.”

“Thats ok. U no need to go anywhere. I am there with u. I will remove ur loneliness too.”

“Randhir shall we go orphanage once? I am missing children.”

“Sure. Tomorrow we shall go. Even they r missing u. ”

“Randhir,shall I ask u something?”

“Yes tell me my dear swt wife”

“Are u really loving me or just loving me for our baby?”

He turned me towards him.

“I love you. I am not caring only for our baby. I am caring bcoz I love u so much”

I immediately hugged him. He too hugged me.

Next day I woke up n saw him sleeping. I kissed him n he woke up. He is getting ready.

“Please wear these clothes” I gave him new suit to wear. He looked me surprisingly

“Is anything special today?”

“Ya but for me”

He looked me n I just smiled. He wore the dress which I gave. I gave him new watch n new shoes too. He got ready.

“Happy Birthday Randhir”

“Birthday??? Mine? How do u know?”

I didn’t say anything.

“Did u know my past?”

He is angry again. I thought to make him happy but I think I ruined the day. He hold my wrist tightly.

“Randhir pls its paining”

“Who told u to enquiry abt me?? Tell me dammit.”

He shouted on me tightening his grip. My eyes filled with tears. He loosened his grip n left me. He sat on bed. I want to go n hug him to comfort him but scared

“I am sorry Sakshi. Pls come here”

I went to him n hugged him.

“Its ok. Pls don’t cry. U r not responsible for ur parents death. Pls control urself”

He slept in my lap. Aft sometime he became normal.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt u but I didn’t want to celebrate my bday”

“Randhir, I am not forcing u but ur bday is spl to me. I will b happy if u agree to celebrate. ”

“Will u b really happy if I say yes?”

I nodded.

“Ok do as u wish”

I smiled n arranged party for him. I called everyone in his circle. I called orphanage children to attend party coz I am sure Randhir will b hpy seeing them n I too miss them. Party started n ppl are dancing. I took a drink, its actually soft drink but I pretended it as wine to see Randhir’s reaction. I am abt to take a sip but I felt someone’s hands on my waist from back. I am sure its obviously my Randhir. I turned n yes I am right. He took me close n whispered in my ears.

“What r u doing?”


“I already told u I didn’t like u having alcohol. Now keep that glass away.”

“But I love drinking. I am habituated to it from many yrs”

“I will take u for outing tomorrow. Leave it now. I will spend my whole day with u. Ok?”

“I am going to drink”

I took a sip n he really became angry. He left me n went from there. If I didn’t show him that its just cool drink now then I have to face consequences later. I went to him n smiled. He noticed me but ignored.

“I am sorry. Its just cool drink. How do u think I will drink again aft promising u?? I quit it 2 yrs back itself. He smiled. I made him to drink it proving its just a cool drink.

“So u r testing me. I will show u the result of this my dear tonight.”

I smiled bcoz I know he is not serious. Party finished n Randhir is in balcony. I went n hugged him from back. He broke the hug n looked me

“I need to go to London for 2 months for launching my company there”

“Oh. When u need to start?”


I didn’t like him going now because I want to spend my whole time with him for 2 months till my delivery.But I can’t say anything. I shouldn’t hinder his development.

“Ok. I will pack ur luggage”

I went from there to avoid my tears.

Randhir PoV:

I told her that I need to go to London to launch my company. She immediately went from there to pack my luggage to hide her tears from me which I already noticed. I went to her n she is taking clothes from wardrobe. I turned her towards me.

” I said I need to go but not I am going”

She looked me confused.

I wiped her tears.

“I am not going Sakshi. I know u need me these 2 months. I can’t leave u in this stage.”

I hugged her.

“But its ur dream na”

She said innocently. How can I tell her that no drm or success equals her. She is the only one who is so important for me. I can give up everything including my life for her.

“Yes but nothing is as important as you are. I can’t leave u at this moment wen u need me the most.”

“But u need to struggle a lot for this opportunity again. Its ok u go. Mon n dad will tc of me.”

“I can’t go. Even if I go my thoughts will revolve around u. So I will start the work aft ur delivery.”

She is abt to say something but I kissed her to stop.

“Today I am so happy. I am happy that u understood true priority of life”.

“I didn’t get u”

“I saw u feeding children like mom with love. U r viewing everyone as equal irrespective of their status. I am really surprised that are u the same Sakshi whom I know in the past”

She hugged me.

“No. I am not that past Sakshi. I am ur Sakshi who learnt to share love to ppl around me from u”

“But I am really so rude n insulted u so much infront of others. I am sorry Sakshi. I wouldn’t have done that to u. I am wrong.”

“Its ok. I already forgot everything.”

“I came to know y u cancelled ur marriage with Ajay. I heard ur conversation with Ajay today in the party n later on I asked him to tell the truth. He said everything”.

She got shocked n is going away from me. But I pulled her more closer to me n kissed her. Now I am really happy bcoz she loves me truly. But guilty too coz I suffered her a lot without knowing the truth. I didn’t understand y she didn’t said truth to me.Watever now I love her more than before. I won’t let her go anytime n will keep her happy forever.

Precap:Final episode: Reason for Sakshi cancelling the marriage. Sakshi achieving award for her labour dedicated projects.

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