Forgive me, Please – Episode 14

FMP 14:

Sakshi PoV:

I am sleeping peacefully but interrupted with his shouting.

“Wake up Sakshi”

I slowly opened my eyes.

“Do u know wats the time now?”

I looked at clock. Its 8 am.

“Do u think u can sleep as long as u want? Who will do the work if u sleep like that?”

I wondered because last nite he is so loving but now he is rude again.

“I am sorry. I will get ready soon”

“Look I made u to work at orphanage just for disrespecting ur parents. But ur punishment is not yet completed. You hav to work more for refusing my words to obey ur parents. Ur same schedule will restart again. U must work at home n at office too from today again. Already u r late”

I woke up n got ready as soon as possible.

“We are going to ur maternal home.U r going to apologise them for ur behaviour”

“Ok. I will”

I finished all the work at home. He asked me to sit near him.

“Sakshi, U r right ur parents didn’t spend time with u. But they always cared for u. In ur age they faced many prblms. When u r born they didn’t hav money even to feed u. They worked hard for u. They want u to b happy forever. They earned all this property only for u. Sometimes parents may b rude to us or may b strict or busy. But parents are always parents. They gave u birth. U must b grateful to them for that. Never ask what they did for u. Never try to question their love. Just as a daughter give ur love. Thats ur responsibility. Do it”

I didn’t say anything to him. He took me to my parents. I remembered the words of children in orphanage. My dad is in hall n surprised to see me. Because aft marriage first time I came to my maternal home. I hugged my dad n cried.

“Beti wat happen??? R u ok?? Y r u crying? Did Randhir and u hav any fight?”

Mom came running to me n hugged me

“What happen Sakshi? Why r u crying? Is anything wrong? We will talk with Randhir. Don’t cry. ”

Randhir is seeing but he didn’t say anything. Aft few minutes he came to me n cupped my face n wiped my tears.

“Don’t cry. If u realise ur mistake thats enough. Its ok. Don’t cry”

Dad n mom are in hell shock. They nvr saw me crying like this. I controlled myself.

“Dad n mom, I am really sorry for hurting u both so much till now. I didn’t understand ur love. I am sorry”

They hugged me.

“No Sakshi. U r not wrong. We are not with u when u need us the most. Thats y gap created between us. We thought we should give all comforts to u but forgot love is the one which u need the most. Sorry baby. Pls forgive us for making u lonely at the times u needed us.”

“Its ok dad. I understood u did everything just for me. U both sacrificed ur life for me. U worked hard without rest for my hpyness. I am so lucky to have parents like u”.

I spent sometime there n then accompanied him to office. He made me to work like hell again. I am really tired by the time I returned home. I want to go straight to my room n sleep. But I can’t.

“Give me a coffee n clean my room. Then prepare dinner. Then clean the dishes n then u can sleep”

I gave coffee to him. I am cleaning his room. He is watching me as if he is inspecting me.

“I want it to b crystal clean baby”

I think it has been so long that his room is not cleaned. Every dust. I cleaned the roof n then changed bed sheet n swept the floor. I then washed the room. I am relaxed as it finished. But he came n poured coffee on the floor. I looked him

“Clean it n then bring coffee again”

I wiped my tears n cleaned the floor again. I gave coffee to him n prepared dinner. We had it n then I cleaned dishes n lied on my bed. My body is aching badly. He is making me work so hard.He is not even concerned abt baby. He came to me.

“How was the day?”

“Restless” I replied honestly.

“Do u know the speciality of this day n y I made u to work this hard today?”

I didn’t understand his words n looked him.

“Today is the worst day of my life. This is ur engagement day with Ajay 2 yrs back”.

I am really frightened now bcoz his eyes became red while saying that. He came near to me.

“Day is not yet finished. You are going to face more today”

“Randhir pls. Atleast for our baby, forgive me.”

He caught my hair.

Randhir PoV:

This is the worst day of my life. 2 yrs ago on this date she was engaged with Ajay. I still remember her words n calling security to throw me out.

I caught her hair.

“Stand up”

She stood up.

“Stand outside till sun rises tomorrow. Don’t try to sit or come inside. Otherwise punishment will b more worst”

She stood in balcony n I lied on bed. I can clearly see tiredness in her face. She really needs rest. She is tired. I can see that she is baring the pain by biting her lip. She is moving her feet consistently. I went to her n threw her on bed.

“Sleep. I didn’t want to harm my baby”

I can’t stay there anymore bcoz I would kill her if I am there. I thought to go out but she hold my hand.

Sakshi PoV:

He threw me on bed n said to sleep. I saw him going out. Last time he went with anger out at late nite n met with accident. I am not going to let it happen again. I hold his hand.

“Don’t go please its late at nite”

“Leave me Sakshi. If I stay one more minute here I will b killing u. I am unable to control myself”

“If u have that much anger to kill me I hav that much love to bare it”

Randhir looked me n came near to me. I didn’t move. I am scared but didn’t move coz I am sure he is not rude to kill me. He hugged me. I too thought to hug him. But he broken the hug n again looked me seriously.

“Sleep now. U r so tired. For 2 days u are going to take full rest. You shouldn’t step out from bed. Aft that We will go out for a small trip.”

I lied on bed n he too. Its a relief which lasts after a heavy storm. I mean everything will b calm but still pain remains. I didn’t understand how to make him understand that I am changed. However as I am tired I slept soon. Next 2 days he treated me as a princess. But aft 2 days another shock is waiting for me which I didn’t expect.

“Sakshi pack our dresses. Just simple dresses of mine n ur’s”

I nodded n packed the luggage. He took me to an area where low class ppl live. if he hears this word he will b serious again. He took me to a house in that area.

“We are leaving here for one month n going to live as these ppl live”

I already expected it. I entered into the home. I tried to clean it but he too helped me. I set everything.

“This is the house where I lived for one year. You felt disgusting to travel with a person from this area. Now u hav to live for one month here. Can u?”

“Yes I can bcoz u r with me” I smiled but he didn’t even react.

He worked as a labour without revealing his identity. I didn’t understand whether he is troubling me or himself. He told we r going to live only within the money he earn as a labourer. Slowly I accustomed to that environment. I understood their prblms n hw they live.

But I felt amazing too. Bcoz of Randhir. He mingled with them completely. He became close to everyone there. When he is in his villa, he used to diff types of food n now he is eating very normal food. But I nvr saw any difference in him. He will adopt to any situations easily. Bcoz of him those ppl treated me too with love. Calling me as didi,behen, bhabhi it gave different feeling to me. He is not angry on me at least once from the day we came here. I didn’t know whether he forgave me or not but he cared for me n loved me. Slowly I too started becoming one of them. Their colony functions n watever happens its good or bad, they all get united. In my hi-fi life I saw ppl who cries when one is happy n who celebrates when something happens bad to someone. Every one are selfish there.

One day I lied on bed when Randhir came from outside. I tried to get up to give him tea but he stopped me.

“Wat happened to ur legs? Y they got swelling?”

I looked my legs which are really horrible for me to walk.

“Don’t get down. Sit there itself”

He went n boiled water. He poured water into hot water bag n kept it on my legs slowly. Pain is reducing gradually.

“Tomorrow I will take u to doctor”

“Its ok Randhir. Its common at the time of pregnancy.”

“Are u sure”


He prepared dinner by himself n made me to eat. He is better cook than me. His love n sweetness made me to forget everything. Even wen I am in villa with him wiithout his love, I always felt restless. Now I am in 2 room house with no comforts but I am very happy bcoz I am overwhelmed with his love. He is not serious on me though I do anything wrong. He is explaining me everything with love n not rudeness.

One month finished and We need to go. He told them that he got a job in some city n thats y we are moving from there. We went to our home. But my thoughts stopped there.I called my parents and asked them that they need to offer jobs to few ppl.I noticed some of them struggling for job.I got them employed in my company. But I still want to do something for them. Dad asked me to take over the company.

I really want to take over the company not to show my power but to help ppl. But I didn’t know wat Randhir will say. He may not agree. But I decided to talk once with him. He came from office n got fresh. We had dinner.He came to room n watching tv.

“I want to talk to u”

“Ya u can” he answered watching tv

“Its important”

He switched off the tv n looked me.

“Ok tell me Sakshi”

“Dad wants me to take over the company”

“Wat do u think?”

“If u permit me then I will”

“Ya u can. But just take care of urself n our baby. One more thing I am allowing u to take over ur company as I trust that u won’t become Ms. Sakshi Arora again n will b forever Mrs. Sakshi Randhir. The moment u become Sakshi Arora, u will hav no place in my life.Just remember this.”

“Do u mean u forgive me now?”

“I will decide it by ur behaviour. I can’t forgive u that easily bcoz I didn’t want to brk my heart again. Let me see whether u deserve forgiveness or punishment.”

“Punishment again?”

“Don’t worry. If I feel u changed I won’t trouble u anymore. But now a days U r making me to fall for u again. ”

I didn’t understand how to react to his words. But its true I want his love which is pure n unconditional. I am baring everything just to regain his love. Hope that day comes soon.

I came into this world as he shaked my shoulders.


“Thats what I want to ask. What are u thinking seriously?”

“Just abt u”

“Ok. From tomorrow u will b too busy with ur works.Right?”

“May b”

“All the best”

“Thank u”

Precap: Sakshi- the labour frndly entrepreneur impresses the world. But her busy life makes Randhir to miss her

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