Forgive me, Please – Episode 13 (part-1)


FMP 13.1

“Sakshi, we are going out. Pack ur 2 set of dresses”

“Your clothes?”

“Do wat I say”

I packed my dresses and got into car.

“Where are we going?”

“Won’t u come if I didn’t say?”

“No no. I will come”

“Even if u say you won’t come I know how to take u. So don’t worry”

He took me to orphanage. I followed him to inside.

” From today for 15 days u will b working here. On that day u asked me whether u are a maid to them. Yes from today u are a maid to them. Work carefully. You will stay n eat with them for these 15 days”

He took me to administrator.

“Madam, from today for 15 days she will work here as a caretaker for the children. Don’t treat her as my wife. Just treat her as a maid. One more thing is make her to do all the works by herself alone. If she refuse to do anything call me”

His words really made me to cry. Randhir sighed me to go out. I immediately went from there. But I can hear their conversation.

“Randhir, I think she is pregnant. How can she do all works alone? if anything happens to baby?”

“Nothing happens madam. She must work. Let her do.”

He came to me.

” Work carefully. If u commit any mistake, I will b coming. Should I say what will I do if u make me to come?”

“I…I..will b careful”

First 3 days really I felt difficult to stay there. I didn’t understand how those children can eat that food. Its not bad but not as good as I have everyday. As he ordered I have to eat same food n sleep on the floor like them. In my whole life its first time to sleep on floor. From my childhood I used to have different kinds of food. I nvr ate food cooked in morning at nite. I always used to order my favourite food to maids to prepare for me. I used to sleep on beautiful cot with a soft mattress and pillow. Bed sheets must b changed everyday. This is my way of living. My room is very large n comfortable. I can’t sleep without AC. But here even fan is working slow. I am unable to sleep. But I have to bcoz I have to do many works in the orphanage cleaning, cooking,washing clothes everything. But I did it only for 3 days.

After that kids became my frnds. They helped me in every work. I used to tell them stories at nite n their questions made me smile. Slowly I started loving them. I liked spending time with them. I played with them. However I can see pain in the eyes of every child there. Once I asked them. Then a 12yrs girl answered me.

“Didi, As I am a girl my parents left me in a busstop. I cried whole nite. Aft that one uncle brought me here. ”

“are you angry on ur parents? If u develop n reach good position will u take revenge on them”

“No didi. I love them. Watever they did is just bcoz of this society. I will prove this society wrong. I will prove wat a girl can do. I will prove that a girl is equal to 10 sons. I will make my parents proud of me. I will give them the love n with my love I will change their opinion on girl child”

I am surprised to listen her words.

“Didi, my parents expired. My father is a soldier. He expired in war. My mom loved him so much. She is unable to bare it n died along with dad.”

“I don’t understand y parents will think more about their profession than children” I said

“No didi. I am proud of my dad. He expired saving crores of Indians. I love my parents. My goal is also to become a soldier who fights for our nation.”

Everyone told how they came to this orphanage. Some of them didn’t even see their parents atleast once coz they left them wen they are infants. But none of them hates their parents. They all said atleast once they want to meet their parents.

“Didi, Randhir bhaiya told us many times. We shouldn’t beg for love. We should share our love to all. dats it. In return atleast few ppl will love us truly. Thats y I want to be in a position where I can give my love to all.”

Then I remembered wat Randhir said once to me. He too came from here. It means he is an orphan. He faced all these. But today he became the one who runs this orphanage. If we give love, at least few ppl will love us truly. If I give love atleast one day Randhir will love me back.

15 days completed n Randhir came to take me. But I didn’t know y I didn’t want to go from here. In these 15 days I developed a good rapport with children. He is right they are pure from their heart. They are so sweet n loving. Now I realised why he left me here. He is rude to me but he wants to change me. I don’t understand y he can’t do that with love. I want old Randhir to be back.I really miss him. I am abt to go but children hugged me.I really didn’t want to leave them but I need to go. I convinced them saying that every week I will come there. I gave chocolates to everyone. Randhir gave clothes to distribute to them. He bought clothes for every child. I distributed them. I turned back to see him n he is playing with children with water pipe. I went there to call him. He took pipe from the hands of a child n turned. Water fallen on me.

“Didi, take that pipe n pour water on him. Help us di. Please”

Saying this they pushed me. I fallen on him. Randhir hold me as I lost balance to stand. I looked at him. He is already starring at me. we had eye lock for sometime. He made me to stand slowly. I saw the pipe fallen down. I took it n poured water on him.

“Hey wat r u doing?” he still sounds angry.

“Didi is supporting us” they shouted.

“Acha. So now u love ur didi than me”

“She is so sweet. We love this new di so much”

“We shouldn’t trust anyone n love that easily. There will b few ppl who are capable of brking out hearts.”

My eyes filled with tears. He snatched the pipe from my hands. He gave it to them.

“Change ur dress n come. We are leaving now.”

I just nodded n changed my dress n sat in car. He started the car.

“So how did u promise them u will come every week there? Do u think I will permit u?”

I saw him n hugged him from side n kissed on his cheek. He is surprised.

“Hey wat r u doing? I am driving. If anything happens to my baby; I will kill you”

“I love you”

“Ok. We will go every week to orphanage.Now stop ur drama”

I don’t know y but now his words are not affecting me. I just smiled n leaned my head on his shoulders. We reached home. Still he is not talking to me properly.

“I am sorry for behaving like dat with my parents.”

He looked me but didn’t say anything.

“Please talk to me”

“Ok. But on one condition”


“U should apologise ur parents”

“I will”

He came to me n gave necklace to me which he brought for my bday.

“I think u deserve it now”

“Help me to wear”

He took the necklace and made me to wear. He slowly touched my back making me blushed. He kissed me on back n then turned me front. He is looking my lips. I closed my eyes. He slowly kissed me.

“U r looking beautiful today”

I just hope he should b like this loving me forever. But I know he won’t b until he trusts me. But I don’t know how to make him trust me. He kissed my back again. I clutched my sari.

“I missed u so much” He whispered in my ears

“I too missed u”

“Y don’t u call me at least once”

“You didn’t gave my mobile to me”

” You can call me from landline”

“I called twice from there but u didn’t pick the call. Then y don’t u call me at least once?”

He kissed my neck. I bited my lip. His touch makes me senseless. I will forget his anger n rudeness.

“I came everyday to see you but u didn’t see me. I love you Sakshi”

He kissed my cheeks and lips. I blushed n he took me to bed in his arms.

He touched my face with his hand. He slowly rubbed his finger on my lips.

“Do u love me?”

“Yes, I love you so much”

He slowly moved his hands on my belly. He removed my sari aside. I hugged him clenching his shirt.

“Will u love me even if I lose all this wealth n status?”

“Yes I love you n will love u though if u lose everything. Thats y I cancelled my marriage with Ajay 2 yrs back n came to u. But unable to face u. So went back.”

He slowly removed his hands on me n broke the hug.I looked him.

“Now tell me y u left Ajay?”

I understood till now he made me senseless to make me tell him the truth. I got off from bed n tried to go. He pulled me towards him. I fallen on him. He smiled looking me. His smile is so cute. He is really handsome.I starred at him for sometime. He kissed my lips slowly.

“I will make u to tell me the whole truth very soon sweety”

He kissed me again n made me to lie on bed. I lowered my eyes with blushing. He started kissing me again.

“Switch off the light please” I said with shy

He smiled n switched it off. I felt his love today. I didn’t know but felt a change in him. Did he know the truth? Did Ajay told wat happened n why I refused to marry him? Did Randhir came to know that I was the one who cancelled marriage with Ajay? I felt his love n a unintended smile flashed on my lips. He left me aft sometime.

“I love you Sakshi. Good night.”

“Love u too. Gud night”

I turned another side to sleep but he turned me towards him n hugged me. I blushed n hugged him back.

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