Forgive me, Please – Episode 12


Episode 12

Sakshi PoV: Ajay called me to wish on my bday at 12am. I am waiting for Randhir to wish but he didn’t turn up. I waited till 2 am n then slept. Morning I woke up n saw Randhir getting ready. I too got ready.

” Randhir, I want to tell you something,”?

He is having coffee reading newspaper. He didn’t even look at me.

” Today is my birthday”

” Oh. So wats spl? Did u achieve anything grt aft ur birth to celebrate it grandly. Aft all I realised money is more important in life. So I didn’t want to waste money on a person like u.”

” I didn’t ask u to celebrate it. I just want ur wishes”

” My wishes? Does it matters to u? Already the ppl who matters to u wished u at midnight. So stop acting n b hpy”

“Randhir? So did u come to me to wish me at midnight? Then y didn’t u wish me? I waited for ur wishes till 2”

He took the gift from the floor n gave it to me.

“Open it. This is the gift I brought to surprise u. But only then I realised u didn’t deserve it. I am not going to wish u on ur bday from this year. There will b no celebrations in our home for ur bday. Because u r good at ruining everything.”

He left. I opened the gift. Its a beautiful necklace. I remembered that I saw this necklace in wedding function where a lady wore it. I really loved it. It means Randhir observed me looking that necklace on that day. He understood that I liked it. Whenever he comes to give his love, I wil do something which he didn’t like it making him angry. I shouldn’t hav received Ajay’s call. However Randhir is right I am good at ruining everything. I am sorry Randhir. But Ajay is really a good frnd n he is the one who nvr forgets my bday anytime. Even my parents won’t do so.

“Madam, someone came for you” I came out of thoughts hearing maid’s call at evng.


” He said he is ur frnd”

“Ok I am coming”

I went n as I expected its Ajay. He came with cake. From my childhood he is the one who nvr forgets to celebrate my bday. Even now he came to celebrate my bday.

But if Randhir comes surely he will kill me. Already he is angry on me. I am about to say him to go but its my bad luck. Already Randhir came. He came with cake n few other ppl. I am shivering from inside. He came inside.

“Hi Ajay nice to see you here. Oh u brought cake. Aft all u nvr forget to celebrate her bday anytime.”

“Hi Randhir”

” Can u do me a favour? They came for decoration. Pls tell them the details. Aft all u know well abt her taste than me. Pls stay till the function completes”

I understood his sarcasm

“Ya sure” Ajay replied.

Randhir ordered maid to give coffee to Ajay n he came to me. I am on stairs. He sighed me to come to room. I went n he closed the door shivering me.

“I am sorry Randhir. I really didn’t know he will come” I started crying

” Go n get fresh baby. To Night there is ur bday party. You should look fresh n beautiful. So stop crying”

” Randhir” I understood that today I am dead in his hands. Because now he is controlling his anger. If it comes out at once I can’t bare. I immediately went to him who sat on table looking me seriously. I hold his hands in apologising manner.

“Please trust me I really didn’t know he will b coming. Please Randhir”

” I said go n get ready baby”

He kissed me on cheeks.

I got fresh up n saw Randhir waiting for me.

” Take this cover. Ur party dress n jewellery is in it. Wear them.”

” Can I wear the necklace which u gifted me for me today?”

” i didn’t gift u. You already lost it. Keep it in my cupboard until I give it to u by myself. And remember don’t touch anything in my room without my permission. Anyways U must wear only this dress n jewellery. ”

” You urself gave it to me to see”

” Just to see not to wear”

“Ok. I will wear these”

I got ready n he took me to downstairs. I am really surprised to see my parents n all my frnds there in the party. Aft a long time I met my frnds. They were having drinks. Randhir came to me n hold my hand.

” Excuse us for 5 mins. Something important” Saying this Randhir took me away from the party.

He looked me seriously.

” I will kill u if u drink. Remember my child is in ur womb. Stay away from ur old habits. Otherwise I know how to control u in my own way”

“She already quit drinking long back. The day she promised u Mr. Randhir”.

We both turned to see who’s that. Its Ajay.

” Mr. Randhir, u need to know a lot about wat Sakshi is n hw she is in these 2 yrs. She is not same as u think. Now simply we can say she is a replica of old Randhir.And obviously credit goes to u n ur love. Now She is really good n ….

“I don’t want ur conduit certificate to my wife. I know wat she is n she know well wat I am.”

He took me close by placing his hand on my waist.

” U can njoy party. Pls go. It’s not decency to interfere between wife n husband”

I requested Ajay to go with my eyes n he left. Randhir moved his hands under my dress near waist n digged his nails into my skin. I screamed.

“Shut up. Don’t shout baby. Aft party u will see hell for all this. Till then njoy it within ur limits. Now attach a smile to ur lips n get inside”

I wiped my tears n smiled hardly n went inside. Party was over n everyone went including maids. He celebrated bday very grandly giving return gifts to visitors. But he didn’t wish me at least once. He just remembered me my words in the past with his actions. He showed his status in celebrating bday n his hatred by not wishing at least once.

“Clean the entire hall baby. Only after that come to room. It should b crystal clean or else u are dead”

I saw hall once. Its a mess after party. Colour papers, paper glasses etc. Its already 11 pm. I am really very sleepy.

“Randhir can I clean it early in the morning? I am really tired”

I didn’t even complete my words. He grabbed my arm n sent me out of the house.

“I didn’t allow ppl to stay in my home who disrespect my words. Get lost from here.”

“Randhir,please don’t say that. Where can I go at this nite?”

“Call ur love Ajay. He will take u from here n u both can stay happily.”

“Randhir pls. I am sorry”

He closed the door and went off. I didn’t understand where to go. I knocked the door.

“Randhir pls open the door. Pls.”

“I nvr disobey ur words. I will do watever u say”

He opened the door.

“Shut up. Don’t create nuisance here. Take it”

He gave my mobile to me. I didn’t understand wat he mean.

“Call ur Ajay n tell him to take u from here. I won’t interfere in ur life anymore.”

I hugged him.

“I won’t go anywhere. I am sorry Randhir. I won’t refuse ur words again. I will do watever u say. Pls allow me to come in. Please”

He looked me once. My face became red with tears.

“You can’t make me cool by ur hug baby. First stay away from me n get out. Don’t step inside till I allow.”

I broke the hug n stepped out. I didn’t understand where to go. I didn’t want to go to my parents. I can’t take help from my frnds bcoz I hav no true frnds except Ajay. If I take Ajay’s help then Randhir nvr forgives me n he won’t allow me into his life.

“I am really sorry Randhir pls. I hav no one to go. I can’t go to my parents. Bcoz I don’t like them. I can’t take my frnds help bcoz I have no true frnds except Ajay. But I won’t take his help now. If u didn’t allow me inside, I will stay here itself till u permit me to come inside.”

“Ok. Stand for one hour in the same place without moving. Then I will decide whether to allow u inside or not”

I stood there without moving. My legs started aching. But I stood there itself. Aft one hour he opened the door.

“Ok.This is last time. If u didn’t follow wat I say, next time I won’t allow u to stay with me anymore. Now u can come in”.

“Thank u”

I sighed and went inside.

“Change ur dress n start the work. Aft cleaning hall, clean all the rooms n dishes. I forgot to tell u, maids won’t come for a week. So morning u must make brk fst on time.”

I understood this is the punishment for receiving Ajay’s call n for his coming to home. Doing all these works make me to be awake whole nite. I nodded to his words n started cleaning.

“Wake me up at 6 baby”

I nodded and he went to his room n slept. I cleaned whole house n dishes. I completed whole work by 5 am. I thought to sleep but remembered he ordered me to wake him up at 6 am. I washed my face n sat on sofa. At 6 I went n woke him up. He saw the clock.

“Good morning dear. Prepare coffee n brk fst.”

I kept everything ready by the time he got ready. He had his brkfst.

” Sakshi, from today u r coming to my office to work as my Personal Assistant. So get ready fast”

I got ready n went with him to office.

” I will dictate the letter. Type it n send it to this mail ids”

He started dictating. I really feel sleepy. Unknowingly I took a nap.

“SAKSHI” I immediately woke up with his shouting.

” Don’t sleep. Complete the work I gave to u. First give me a copy before mailing.”.

I gave the copy to him. He threw it on my face.

“Wats the hell is this? Where is ur mind? Are u thinking abt ur Ajay? Do it again.”

I took the paper n read it. Its full of spelling mistakes caused of drowsiness. I did everything again n gave him. He approved it to send.

He made me to work like hell for one week just allowing me to sleep for 5 hrs. On 7th day when I came home I saw maids. I felt relaxed thinking his anger went off. He didn’t trouble me for few days but he made me to work at office.

After few days my parents came to visit us. Randhir took their blessings. I didn’t want bcoz I know they didn’t love me. I thought to go from there. But Randhir looks made me scared.

“How are u Sakshi?”

My mom tried to hug me but I didn’t give chance to her n moved away.


I know Randhir didn’t like my behaviour.

” Sakshi Bring them coffee” Randhir told me seriously.

I nodded and told maid to give them coffee n went to my room. I thought he didn’t notice as he is busy in talking with dad. But within few minutes he came to my room. He locked the door n came to me.

” Wat did I say to u?”

“I told maid to give them coffee” I told composing myself aft seeing his anger. He is really so angry. I am sweating with fear.

“I asked wat did I say? Didn’t I tell u to bring coffee?”

“I didn’t like them”


“They nvr cared for me. They don’t love me. They love only their business. They didn’t deserve to b called as parents. I just hate them”

He raised his hand on me hearing my last words. I closed my eyes scaring but thank God he controlled himself n downed his hand.

“Don’t dare to say one more word wrongly abt them. You are their daughter. If they are not there, u wouldn’t b there. If they really hate u, they would have left u. Only orphans can understand the importance of parents.”

“Though I have parents, I lived like an orphan. I am always lonely.”

“Stop arguing with me. Go n give them tea. Treat them with love n respect. Now go”

“I won’t. Even if u kill me I can’t love them.”

“Last time as u said u won’t refuse my words, I agreed to allow u to stay here. Now if u refuse I will send u out.”

“Randhir, please understand. Even if I go n treat them lovingly it will b just action. I can’t do it from my heart.”

” Your refusal will surely make u regret. I will show u the result for it. This time punishment will b that severe that u would nvr forget in life n refuse to obey me.”

He went from there. Aft sometime my parents went n he came back to me.

“Pack ur 2 simple dresses n come with me. Take off all ur jewels n leave ur wallet here. ”

“Your clothes?”

“Do wat I say”

I packed my clothes n accompanied him. I didn’t understand where he is taking me. I looked him but he looked me very seriously.

“Now u will know the result of ur refusal to respect ur parents”

“Where are we going?”

He didn’t answer me n gave a look to me which made me to stay calm.

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    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u…you will know y she didn’t marry Ajay soon….I submited next wp…

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      Yes he is…

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      He didn’t become cruel…Actually he was made cruel by her…next ep is submitted

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      You will know y she didn’t

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      Thank u dear…

  8.’s as usual superb epi

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