Forgive me, Please – Episode 11


FMP 11

Randhir PoV:

I didn’t understand y she asked me to not to inform her parents. Watever I did as she said. But wats more shocking to me is though she didn’t contact them for a week, they didn’t call her nor worried abt her. Except Ajay no one called her. Initially I felt jealous but later on I understood the sweetness of their frndshp. Really they are very good frnds. Ajay cares for her. He used to call her from time to time to remind her abt her medicines.

To b frank I didn’t like Ajay caring as same as me. But I know she had choice to choose her frnds n i shouldn’t ask her to cut her frndshps just for me. Aft all I love her. So I must give freedom to her.

Sakshi PoV:

I was discharged n Randhir took me to his home. He kept all his works aside n cared for me. As my leg injured badly, I am unable to walk. He used to make me eat food n gave medicines. He applied herbal oil to my feet everyday to make me walk soon. One day we both are chitchatting. Then I asked him.

“Randhir, Do u think I can walk?”

” Don’t worry surely you will walk”

” What if I can’t walk forever?”

“So wat I am with u forever. So I will take u wherever u want to go in my arms.”

His reply really made me to get tears. He wiped my tears.

” Until I am with u, u should nvr cry.”

“I love you” I shocked aft saying that bcoz I nvr thought I would b the one who proposes first.

Randhir smiled and kissed me on forehead.

“I love you too”

” Will u marry me?”

“Sure dear. I loved u to marry u. As soon as u recover we will get married”

“But will u marry me even if I can’t walk forever”

“I need only ur heart n love. Even if u can’t walk, I will surely marry u bcoz I love u.”

Randhir PoV:

I am really surprised when she proposed suddenly. Her question that will u marry me even if I can’t walk made me smile. Because I love her. I love her a lot. How can I leave her in the middle if something happens to her? Watever happens I will b with her throughout my life. She is my angel. She is my life.

For one month she is on bed then she slowly started walking. Within 2 months she recovered completely. In this 2 months I am totally fallen for her. Her innocense, cute smile, childish behaviour, fighting (she looks damn cute when she is angry) everything I love in her. I always feel she is really a child from heart.

Sakshi was recovered n I went to drop her at home. Her parents are at home wen I went.

Sakshi PoV:

I went to my home with Randhir. My parents fumed at me as I am not in touch with them in these 2 months.

“Where r u these 2 months. You have degraded our prestige in society. Have u eloped with anyone?” My dad words shocked Randhir but not me.

“Stop it uncle. Do u know wat all she gone through in these 2 months. She met with an accident. If u really love her, u will worry for her n not for ur prestige. These 2 months she is on bed completely. Ur prestige won’t b degraded bcoz I am going to marry her. From now. she is my wife. So nvr talk anything against her.” Randhir reply made me smile.

He is the first person who fought for me. I felt lucky to have him. Marriage arrangements started. Engaugement was completed. My frnds asked me for party. I gave a big party to them. Ajay too attended the party. We all drunk n in that state, shocking me, Ajay revealed his feelings for me. He said he is loving me. I didn’t reply to him n we all started from there. In my way I am thinking abt Ajay’s words. Suddenly I felt as I hitted a person. I am in hell shock. I didn’t understand wat to do. I called Randhir.

Randhir came there immediately n took him to hospital. But he was expired. I got shocked. Just my njoyment killed one person. How can I do this? I decided then n there itself to quit drinking. I cursed myself for taking away life of a person. I am so disturbed. I am really frightened too thinking abt police n case. But Randhir told me to go to home. I went to my home. There was no police case on me. I went to Randhir.

“Randhir, hw did u manage the case? Police didn’t file case on me. How??”

“Shut up Sakshi. You are always careless. Your carelessness cost is a person’s life. You can nvr understand this. Do u know how his family feel? Do u know wat happens to his family now? Can ur money n status bring him back? If u r my wife, I would have locked u in the room not allowing to go out. Bcoz if u go out, either u will do accident for urself or will kill other person”.

“I am sorry. Please I am sorry. I will b careful from now”

He didn’t talk to me.

” I promise I nvr drink again. Please talk to me Randhir, please”

” Ok but u should nvr drink n must b careful. Ok?”

“Ok. Thank u”

He told me he had some work and I went to my home. Next day I heard Randhir had a huge loss in his business n he lost everything. I got shocked. There are many thoughts revolving in my mind. If I marry him, I should depend again on my parents. I want to brk all ties with them as soon as I get married. I didn’t want to trouble myselves. So I ignored Randhir’s calls. I met Ajay n asked him is he ready to marry to me. He accepted happily But my parents didn’t agree. I don’t care for them. Its my Engaugement day with Ajay. Randhir came there. Ajay and I went to talk to him.

” Wat is dis this Sakshi? How can u do this? Don’t u love me?”

” No. I love Ajay. I will b happy with him throughout my life. ”

” Do u think I can’t keep u happy?”

” How can u keep me happy without money? Wat do u have now? I can’t trouble myself. So I decided to marry Ajay. Love won’t give us food. Its not movie to leave everything I had and come with u. I can’t stay in poor hut n I can’t live in such circumstances. Just go away Randhir”

Randhir slapped me. Ajay became furious n both fought. Ajay called security n they threw him out of the functional hall.

Randhir Pov:

Sakshi done an accident n killed a person. I talked with his family. Then I found his mother got heart attack aft knowing that her son is dead. His sister’s marriage fixed next month. I didn’t understand how to save her. So I took the blame n told I was the one who did that accident. Their relatives beated me. I met his sister and asked her not to file the case. She told either I hav to marry her or transfer my whole property to them n only then they won’t file case. I can’t marry anyone except Sakshi.So on spot I called my lawyer n transferred whole property to them. One night changed my life.

But I felt happy bcoz I saved my Sakshi. I called her next day but she didn’t receive my call. She ignored my calls. I went to her home n her parents told she is going to marry Ajay. I got shocked. I went to meet her. She confirmed it. She gave more preference to money than love. She left me. Aft that I didn’t meet her again for 2 yrs. I worked hard day n nite. I started a small bakery n then hotel. Now I am the head of 25 hotels all over India. I expanded my business in various sectors too. I succeeded n became the wealthiest man again.

Then I searched for Sakshi. I came to know she didn’t marry Ajay. So I asked her parents that I want to marry her. They agreed n Sakshi too. Obviously she will agree bcoz I had money now. But I married her not with love to kill her every minute n make life a hell.

fb ends.

How can I forgive her. No I can’t. My anger is justified n she didn’t deserve forgiveness. With anger I went to her room. I opened the door m she looked at me.


I caught her hair n pulled it making her to stand on the floor.

“Randhir,wat happen to u. Did I do anything wrong again?”

“I can nvr forgive u. You can nvr become my wife. You are just a property which I brought with my wealth. So nvr ask me to forgive u again”

I threw her on bed n went away. Later on we both had dinner n she slept. I didn’t sleep coz tomorrow is her bday. Clock struck 12 am. I went to my room n took a gift from the wardrobe which i brought for her. I thought to wake her up n came to my room n found her speaking on mobile.

“Thank u Ajay. Thank u for remembering my bday. Ok, bye. Good nite”.

I understood its Ajay who called n wished her. I went to my room n threw the gift on floor n slept there itself. I didn’t want to talk to her anymore

Precap:Ajay celebrates Sakshi’s bday making Randhir furious.

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  1. Omg..sakshi’s behavior in fb was very bad..n how randhir gave all his property for saving sakshi..felt really bad for him..but the way u portrayed was really nice.. Pls update soon dear… 🙂

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u dear..

  2. Vyshnavi (Vyshu)

    Sakshi behaviour towards Randhir so bad in past. She broked his heart after doing so much for,she didn’t even pick his calls when she came to know he lost his all property.
    Poor Randhir, but he still went back for her.
    Loved your ff.
    Hope his love dominates his angry/hatred.
    Waiting for next part

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u…But he needs time as she hurted him so badly…

  3. Oh god…. Randhir don’t forgive

    1. Sindhuksv

      He won’t forgive her that easily…

  4. sakshi don’t know the meaning of love…randhir should never forgive her but at the same time he shouldn’t torture her physically…

    1. Sindhuksv

      he is venting his anger like that…lets see wat happens..

  5. nice chapter how arrogant sakshi i can’t believe this

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u swara..

  6. superb epi as usual…really luvd it..plzzz update nxt epi asap

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u…

  7. Randhir anger is justified but it’s good, he is not that cruel now-a-days,,coz it was excess..n what’s wrong with Sakshi ,,why she didn’t marry Ajay after ditching Randhir but still in touch with him// really track is very interesting..thnx 4 regular upd,yaar…take care

    1. Sindhuksv

      You will know y she didn’t marry Ajay soon….

  8. Di..your Pov method is really directly conveys their emotions..Randhir’s anger is justified..and ajay again?pls update asap di..

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u ammu…

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u dear…

  9. Awesome post soon

    1. Sindhuksv

      Thank u dear…

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