Forgive me, Please – Episode 10

Episode 10

Randhir woke upn saw Sakshi sleeping. He saw the time. It’s 7pm at evng. He went n ordered maids to prepare dinner then went to his room.

Randhir’s PoV:

I went to my room. I started remembering past again.

Sakshi woke up and didn’t find Randhir. Her thoughts went into past. (frnds, as both are remembering the past, I will b writing both their PoV).

fb shows:

Sakshi is in a concert awaiting programme to start. Suddenly someone came in car n everyone stood up n police accompanied him. She wondered seeing it. To her surprise, the person who is receiving all this honour and respect is Randhir. He came and sat in the seat next to her. She saw him but he didn’t even look at her. Concert started. Aft the concert, the musicians were facilitated by Randhir. She understood later he is the one who arranged the concert n head of Randhir industries. She heard a lot about Randhir but didn’t see him anytime.

Aft the concert she went out n triedto start the car but its punctured.

“Shut. Wat should I do now? Even if I call dad to send me the car, it will b too late to come here.”

She asked lift. Car was stopped n Randhir got down from it.

“Yes, How can I help you?”

“I..I..want lift. Car was punctured. If u didn’t hav objection can u pls drop me at home. Its late at nite. So pls”

” Haan Ms. Sakshi Arora. You can get in if u don’t feel disgusting to travel with me.”

She got in. Both sat in back seat.

” Why are u mocking me by remembering my words which I said at mrng?”

” Bcoz ppl are not disgusting anywhere. Only their attitude will b disgusting and leads to aversion. Hope u understand it soon”

“I….” Sakshi tried to say something

” Your home. You can get down now.”

” Shall I ask u one thing?”

“Sure Ms. Sakshi Arora”

” Morning when I saw u, u looked very simple but now your dressing resembles ur status. Y don’t u maintain that branded dressing everytime?”

” Because I love to b simple. Now its an event. So I must wear according to it. I have nothing to do with brands. I wear shirt ranges from 100 to 1 lakh. I am least concerned abt the cost or brand. If I like it, I will wear it whether its cost is low or high. Thats my way of living”

Sakshi got down

” So…” sakshi looked at him.

“Bye. Good nite” he smiled

” Good nite”

Sakshi replied without moving.

” Do u wanna say something?”


Sakshi is going n Randhir got down from the car.


Sakshi turned n saw him

“Can u be a frnd to me?”


“Actually ur parents sent ur photo for me while I am searching for a match for me. So if u like me we can know more abt each other. If everything is ok we can go further orelse can be frnds forever. Wat do u say?”

” Ok lets b frnds”

They exchanged their phone numbers. Next day he called her. Their frndshp slowly grew day by day. Its has been a month now. Randhir totally fallen for her. He called her.

” Are you free today Ms. Sakshi Arora?”

“Yup. Hey pls call me just Sakshi. Not with my surname.”

” Ok. I wanna take u somewhere. Be ready by 11am. I will come n pick u from ur home”

“Its ok. Tell me the address, I will come alone”

” I will come n will pick u. Because its a surprise for u”

“Ok. Fine”

Randhir PoV:

I went to pick her. She wore red velvet top and black jeans pant with heavy make up and wore black gagools. She had a watch to her hand n wore red hand bag with chain strap. I smiled seeing her. She sat in my car. I took her to an orphanage. She looked the board and me. I smiled n sighed her to come.

We both went inside the orphanage. As I said children made a poster for her and wrote ” Happy Birthday to Sakshi”

Yes its her birthday. She saw it n looked me.

” Happy Birthday Sakshi”

She hugged me. She cut the cake n feeded me. I told her to give cake to children. I found her expressions changing. She told administrator to distribute the cake and went from there. I went to her.

“Wat happen to u? Y did u come like that?”

“Wats the hell is this Randhir? When u said its a surprise, I thought u will take me to pub or restaurant or arranged party in some resort. But u took me here. Its very irritating. Do u think I am a servant to distribute cake to them? I hate all this.”

” Sakshi, this is the place from where I came. Y r u so irritated. I thought u will feel happy seeing children here. But u r annoyed. Just once look their innocent smiles. How pure they are. Children are the only one who doesn’t know to act n are pure from heart. Whenever I am down or stressed I come here. I will play with them. It makes me happy.”

” Randhir, I need to go. I am throwing party at evng for my bday. Please come if u r free. Thank u. Bye”

Her car came and she went off. I think she called her driver to come. I didn’t like her attitude but I love her at first sight, I mean the moment I saw her photos sent by her parents. She is surely not my type but I know she is not bad too. I hope she will understand the essence of life n will stop loving money n starts loving ppl around soon.

Evng I attended the party. There first time I saw Ajay. She introduced him as her best frnd. When party started I understood this party was arranged by him. Everyone are drinking there. At that time I didn’t have habit of drinking. Shocking me Sakshi ordered wine n she drank 3 pegs by that time. I asked her to stop but she didn’t listen. Ajay came there.

“Hey Sakshi, b stable. It’s enough now. I will take u to pub tomorrow. For now stop drinking n come lets dance” Ajay stopped her drinking n took her onto stage.

They both danced. Ajay caught her by waist. I felt irritated as he touched her bare waist and then her cheeks. I really couldn’t stand there at least for a minute. I went from there. I expected a call from her but she didn’t call me. Actually she didn’t care. Aft one week, I called her by myself.

“Hey hello Randhir how are you?”

“Sakshi, I am good. Hw r u?”

” I am doing grt.”

” Didn’t u remember me atleast once in this week?”

“Arey no baba. Actually I am busy with Ajay. He is going back to US tomorrow. So whole week we roamed together. So I didn’t contact. Do u like the party given by Ajay?? Its really fantastic na. I njoyed fully. Did u find the difference between ur boring party at orphanage and this awesome party? its the life. You need to learn all this”.

I expected sorry from her for ignoring me in the party. But then I realised she didn’t even noticed that I left party in the middle.

” Ha Sakshi. I am busy with some work. Bye”

“Haan bye. I too have to get ready. Going out with Ajay to pub tonight. Bye”.

At midnight I got a call from Sakshi number. I felt very happy n received it at once.

“Hello, We are calling from Ozone hospital”

“What? This is Sakshi’s number. Who are you?”

“Sir actually she met with an accident n is in serious condition. We have to do surgery immediately.”

“I am coming”

I went there n shocked seeing Sakshi in pool of blood.

“Doctor, I will bare the whole amount for her treatment. Start it immediately.”

“But we need signature of either her parents or husband, because surgery involved risk. Without sign we can’t go for surgery”

” I will sign. I am her husband”

I lied to them to save my Sakshi. They started surgery. It took 2 hrs. Those 2 hrs showed me the hell. I was praying to every God to save my Sakshi. Then I realised how much I love her. Surgery was successful. Aft 3 hrs she came into conscious.

Sakshi PoV:

I went to pub with Ajay n met with an accident as I was drunk. Aft that I didn’t know wat opened. I opened my eyes n found I am in hospital.

” Oh madam, u came into conscious. I will call doctor and ur husband” nurse ran out to call them.

I was shocked. Who is my husband?? I didn’t understand anything.

Doctor tested me n said I am out of danger.

” You are really lucky. Your husband loves u a lot. He is praying continuously for u till now. His love can b seen in his eyes. ” nurse said

Then Randhir entered. He sighed nurse to go.

” Sakshi, hw r u now?”

I nodded saying fine

“I am sorry. They said signature of husband or parents required for surgery. As there is no time to call ur parents, I lied to them saying I am ur husband.”

I sighed with my eyes saying its ok. However even if he call my parents won’t come that soon. Because wat matters to them is their business not me. Just then I felt if I marry Randhir may b then I can get free from relationship with my parents. He is well settled and in good position. So I thought I can say yes to this marriage proposal.

“I will call ur parents to inform abt u”

I sighed him saying no. He didn’t understand the reason but agreed not to inform them.

Precap: Randhir taking care of Sakshi and Sakshi saying “I love you” to Randhir (in flashback)

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