Forgive me, Please


“You are dead today” said Mr. Randhir

“I am sorry please” came the reply from Mrs. Sakshi Randhir.

“I never forgive you, You are the one who ruined my life. I married u to show how painful it is to b cheated by the one whom we trust. ”

“I realised my mistake, please trust me once”

“You are deserved to b hated n punished but not to b trusted n loved, my beloved” came the immediate reply from Randhir

He started moving towards her. She moved back.

“Stop there, Don’t dare even to move one more step without my permission”.

Sakshi stood where is she with fear. Her body is sweating. She can’t even guess wats going to come next. Randhir approached her n kissed her on lips hard making her to shed tears. Suddenly she felt pain on her hand n then realised that he caught her wrist tightly n grazed it with his sharp nails. Blood started coming out. Before she could push him away, he left her hand n caught her waist tightly. He bited her lower lip n blood started coming out. She can’t even scream as he closed her lips with his. Slowly he left her n took her to bed in his arms. He kept his hand under her hairs n then pulled it making her shout.

“You are going to face more to nite. If u shout, I would like more to make u shout”

He left her hairs n then kissed her neck. He slowly kissed on her shoulders n then bited it. She cluctched the bed sheet n bited her lips not to shout. He switched off lights n consummated their marriage. Her moaning and shouting mixed with the darkness making him more cruel and angry. Her tears flowed n made pillow wet but his eyes had no sign of guilt or a tear seeing her like dat.

“I never imagined our first nite going to be this happy n enjoyable. Now get up from the bed dear beloved”.

Sakshi didn’t understand wat he said immediately but slowly she got it n got up from the bed.

“Wear ur clothes and sleep in balcony. Thats the place where u have to be n u deserve”

Listening his words made her to shiver remembering the chilled weather outside. He immediately got up n caught her shoulders n pushed her to balcony n closed the door.

He lied on bed n now his eyes started flowing tears which no one can see. Sakshi sat in balcony hugged her knees n closed her eyes. Tears started coming out making her remember how lovingly he treated her before n how everything changed now because of her one mistake.

Precap: Wedding Party and torture continues.

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