Forgive me, Please – Episode 4

FMP ep 4

Sakshi remembered Randhir’s words asking her whether she loves him or not.

Sakshi PoV:

Randhir, I love u. I love u so much. But I know even if I say that u won’t trust me. I have done a big mistake of leaving u when u need me the most. Just forgive me once. Just one chance all I need.

She heard the sound of drizzling and went out to garden. Randhir stood in the balcony and seeing her from there. Rain drops fallen on her as if to comfort her from the sorrow she is facing. She closed her eyes and raised her head up to as if sge is sharing her grief. Her tears mixed with rain and started flowing. She sat on her knees and palmed her face crying. Randhir watching her but she doesn’t know. She cried heart fully as she is holding her tears from a very long time. He clutched his fist seeing her.

Suddenly she fainted. He immediately ran from there n brought her to room. He placed her on bed. He tried waking her up. she came into conscious n frightened seeing him.

“Please I am so tired. Please give me rest for today. I beg u”.

She pleaded him with tears. Randhir got angry and felt pity too at the sametime.

“You are wet. Change ur dress. Otherwise u will fall sick. I woke u up for that”

Sakshi then remembered her fainting in garden.

Sakshi PoV

Did he brought me here? Obviously. Because no one else is here. Am I dreaming or its true? Is he started caring for me again?

A small smile appeared on her lips.

“Didn’t you hear me?” His voice became rude again

Yes, I am going. I am sorry.

She went to change her dress.

Randhir PoV:

Am I really that harsh towards her? She frightened seeing me. She is fearing with my touch. I didn’t wake her up to fulfill my wish. But she thought that I am going to force myself on her. No, How can I do this to her. But no. She deserves the treatment I am giving to her. She is the one who made me like this as rude and cold hearted person. Hence she is the one who have to face the consequences too.

Silent tears dropped from his eyes. Seeing her coming to room, he turned another side.

” I will prepare dinner for you”

Sakshi is moving but Randhir clutched her wrist n pulled her to him.

“Why did u faint? I didn’t even touch u all these days as I am on bed. So it is not because of my torture. Then y did u faint? Are u not having food properly?”

She didn’t respond to him n tried to free from his hold. He tightened his hold. He moved her near to the wall n pinned her to the wall.

“Answer me baby”

She frightened with the change in his voice and calling. She remembered that he calls her as baby only when he gets angry.

He moved his finger from her forehead to lips touching her cheeks and nose.

Sakshi slowly murmured ” I am on fast”


She didn’t reply. He pressed himself towards her. There is no gap between them. She is breathing hardly as he placed his whole weight on her. She bent her head to avoid eye contact with him. He made her to see him. He grasped her lips and started kissing it. He licked her lips. Sakshi clutched her fist. Though he hurts her with his touch but seriously she likes his touch as she feels his love rather than anger. He bent towards her neck and started kissing her all over the neck.

“Y r u on fast?”

He took the pin of her sari and took it from her blouse. She unknowingly answered

“For u. I prayed that I will b on fast for one month taking only liquids if u recover fast”.

He looked her and her eyes are closed and her hands are on his shirt holding his collar tight. He pinned her sari to the blouse again and left her.

“I got my answer”

She came into this world n released what she said just before. Actually how he made her to say the truth. She is looking him.

“Did u love me?”

Sakshi nodded in no. He smiled at her. She didn’t understand y he is smiling. He again came near to her and started kissing her on forehead, eyes and cheeks.


He kept finger on her lips. He then turned her back and touched her back slowly with his fingers. She clutched her fist again. He kissed her

“Did u love me darling”?

He licked her back and placed kisses in between and caught her by placing his hand on her bare belly removing sari aside. He pinched it a bit romantically but not to hurt her.

“I love you so much. I can’t live without u. Forgive me, please.”

She is talking in a trance stage which he created by touching her romantically. He hugged her tightly from back.

“This is what I want to hear from you. Y did u lie to me saying u didn’t love me? Answer me Sakshi”

Due to his shouting she opened her eyes and pushed him away and went to washroom and locked it.

Randhir sat on sofa remembering wat she said just before and smiled. Sakshi came after some time to room and didn’t saw him. She sighed with relief and lied on bed. Randhir came there with a glass.

“Have it. Milk with turmeric powder. You won’t catch cold. Fasting for one month taking only liquids is really a bit too much of loving a person. Thank you. I love you too”.

He gave milk to her. She drank it in one shot.

“Hey it is hot. How did u drink like that. Falling in love with the one whom u loved once is yet strange but a good feeling because he is none other than ur husband. Today I understood how to make u confess truth. Don’t worry soon I will know whole truth”

He placed a kiss on her forehead and lied besides her. She is looking him with surprise and shock.

“Won’t you sleep cutie?”

Sakshi immediately lied on bed besides him and closed her eyes. She turned other side to hide her smile. Randhir smiled and placed his hand on her and went close to her. He started breathing deeply near her back. He made shapes with his finger on her back. She shivered and clutched her fist. He kissed her back.

“Good nite dear”

He left her and slept in his place. Sakshi smiled unknowingly

“Good nite”.

“Tell me the truth Sakshi. Y did u leave me? ”

She didn’t reply and Randhir found her sleeping. He slept quietly. Sakshi eyes filled with tears.

Sakshi PoV:

“I am sorry Randhir. I can’t understand still how u think that I done it on some purpose. If I say u the truth, u will hate me more. Please forgive me once”

Randhir PoV:

“I know u r not sleeping Sakshi. I even know the reason behind ur leaving without even informing me. I can’t trust u and nvr forgive you. U r not the one whom I loved. If I know ur true colours before, I would nvr waste my love and emotions on u. But watever I want u and I just made u mine. Even if u beg me I won’t forgive u. But its true I love you and now u love me too. Watever, u can nvr fix a broken heart. Though u try, u will find only heart with scratches.”

Next day, Randhir getting ready to office. Sakshi came to him.

“Did u come to call me for breakfast?”


“Don’t u dare to lie to me Sakshi. I know u didn’t come for that.”

I..I..want to…..go out…to meet a frnd. I will come soon

“Ok. U can go. But aft completing all the household chores. Don’t use car. Give me ur wallet”.

She gave her wallet to him. He took all the money and cards from that.

“Take this 100 and go.”


“U will understand the value of everything in life and the behaviour of ur circle too when u have nil money”.

She took it calmly. He left to office aft having break fast. He didn’t say anything to her and had it silently. Sakshi went out to meet her frnd. Randhir going in car saw her near a ice cream parlour with Ajay. Ajay hold her hands and both are talking and smiling. He clenched his fist and went to home. He started waiting for her to come from afrnoon. She came late at 8. She got scared seeing him.

“You came so early?”

Uhmm. Tell me dear..Did u meet ur beloved frnd? Is this reaching home soon?


Shut up. Tell me where did u go? Who is ur frnd?

She is my childhood frnd. Her name is Pinky

He smiled seeing her and kissed her on her forehead. She stood startled.

“Come, lets go to our room. I need to discuss a lot with u today”.

Her body started sweating but she silently followed him to room.

Precap: Randhir making her to confess the truth of meeting Ajay in his harsh style.

Frnds, I know he is a way too much in hurting her. But he is doing so because she hurted him equally. You will know wat she did n y he is that angry on her n y he is punishing her that much though he loves her. Aditi, I wrote this episode as per ur suggestion in last episode. Hope u llike it. Frnds, From now I won’t show him that rude though it takes few more episodes for him to change. Thank u for ur comments.pls do comment if u like the story dear silent readers.Love u all.

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