Forgive me, Please – Episode 5


Randhir took her to room. Sakshi stood almost shivering. Randhir stood leaning to wall keeping one leg on wall n looking her.

“Come on. Tell me darling. Where did u go? Whom did u meet?”

Sakshi didn’t respond.

“Sakshi, don’t make me angry. Its on good for u. You know well that as u r my property, I can do anything to u. There is no one here to save even if I kill u”.

He approached her and caught her hands turning them back. He clutched her wrist.

“Please leave me. Its hurting”

Yes exactly. Your behaviour is hurting me too. Just tell me the truth baby

His nails grazed into her skin making blood come out. He further tightened his grip on her wrist. She shouted out loud.

“Forgive me,please”

I will only when u change ur behaviour n when I feel I can trust u. Tell me where did u go whole day? I am waiting for u from aftnoon.

She bited her lip to bare the pain. He caught her hair n pulled it hard..

Answer me

Ok, so u r not going to answer me. I thought I am being so harsh to u. So I controlled my anger till now. But u reached the limit.

He took knife on the table n took her hand.He kept knife near to her wrist.

Final chance to u sakshi. Tell me the truth or I hope u understand wat I will do.

She closed her eyes n stayed dumb. He threw the knife away. He threw her on the bed n he lied besides her n hugged her. He started kissing her on face. He kissed her lips. Sakshi didn’t understand wat he is doing. He hugged her in the way that she is on top of him. He saw her hand still bleeding as he grazed it. He cluctched it again. She shouted. He caught both her hands n pinned them to her back.

Now if u didn’t answer me, I will make u unable to walk for a week. You won’t b able to get up from bed too.

Ok, so u r not going to tell me. Then I will do wat I told

“I met my frnd Pinky n then I met Ajay. I went to meet my family. So I am late to home.”

He left her n made her to sleep on the bed.

“I saw u talking with Ajay in ice cream parlour.”

“But my beloved, I remember u taking permission from me only to meet ur frnd but not Ajay n ur family.So with whose permission u met them”?

“I didn’t meet Ajay intentionally. He came to same place where I met my frnd. So I just talked with him. I am sorry. I won’t do it again”.

“Don’t worry darling. I won’t allow u to do it again. Now I am going to punish u for ur mistakes”.

Sakshi scared.

“Please just forgive me once”.

“Punishment for meeting Ajay- From now u r not allowed to go out alone. U should nvr open ur mouth to ask me saying that u should go out. If I think its necessary, I will take u out either to ur family or frnds. But u should nvr ask me to take u anywhere.”.

Ok, I won’t

“Good.Next punishment for meeting ur family. Go and take cold shower now for one hour. Only Aft one hour u have to come out. U must stand under shower without moving for one hour. Go now”

“Pls its too cold outside.”

He grabbed her hand n took her to shower and opened it.

“Stand there for one hour. Don’t dare to come out watever happens to u in this one hour.”

Sakshi felt chilled water falling on her body. She is unable to stand as het hands and legs started freezing. She leaned back to take the support of the wall.

“Stand straight Sakshi. Otherwise whole nite u will stay under the shower”.

She saw him observing her sitting on bed. She stood straight again. She closed her lips tightly baring the chilledness of water. She fell on her knees and sat on her knees.

“Stand up Sakshi. You are not allowed to sit even on knees”

She stood up hardly n pinned her toe to the ground shivering. She started biting her lips hard because of cold water n blood came out. She saw him pleading.

“U deserve it baby. I am not going to allow u to come out before one hour”.

Tears are coming from her eyes. She clutched her fist. By now she is totally wet from head to toe. Her sari sticked to her body. She is shivering badly. Randhir closed his eyes which flowed tears.

Randhir PoV:

I am not punishing u for meeting ur parents. I don’t have any prblm if u meet ur family. But I hate u meeting n talking with Ajay. I won’t spare u for lying to me. As long as u r truthful to me, I won’t hurt u. But still u didn’t change n behaving as before.If u didn’t obey me, I will make u to obey me.

Randhir saw her. She is in very bad state. It completed one hour. She is coming out

“Wait. Sit on ur knees under shower for more half an hour for lying to me.”

Sakshi went back n sat on her knees. Her body was aching badly by that time. She remembered his love in the past. How he used to fight even with her family for just scolding her. She remembered how he left everything for her and how she betrayed him. She cried a lot.

Randhir heard her crying n went off from the room. Aft half an hour he permitted her to come out. Sakshi is coming out.


She saw him with weak eyes. He threw clothes on her face.

“Change ur clothes and come out. Wipe ur hairs”.

She changed her clothes n came out.

“Drink this hot water. U will feel better. I don’t like to punish u. I didn’t have any intention to hurt u but u urself made me to punish u. Let me clear u Sakshi. I won’t punish or hurt u unless u cross ur limits n make me feel that u disobeyed me. If u obey me n quit doing which I didn’t like, I won’t hurt u even little bit. Keep this in ur mind”.

He gave tablet to her.

“Have it n take rest. U won’t get fever.However even if u get fever, I won’t allow u to take rest without doing household works.”

Sakshi slept. In mid night she started shivering.

“Sakshi, are you ok?”

She tried to reply but she can’t. Randhir covered her with blanket. Still she is shivering. He hugged her tightly n kept her face near his neck. Feeling his warmth, She slowly went into sleep. He kissed her on forehead.

He woke up and heard her groaning.

He took her into his lap n slowly woke her up.

“Sakshi, wat happened?”

She opened her eyes but didn’t reply him.

He touched her forehead and found she got fever. He remembered making her to stay under shower for a long time. His eyes filled with tears. Sakshi saw tears in his eyes.

“I am sorry Randhir”

He unknowingly kissed her on forehead. She hold his hands tightly. He tried to get up.

“Pls don’t go”

“I won’t go anywhere. Wait let me call doctor”

Doctor saw her n gave medicines and went. Randhir brought food for her. He took her into his lap n then made her to sit by taking his support n bending back towards him.

“Have it. U hav to take tablets”

“No. Just give me milk. I am in fast for one month”.

Enough Sakshi. Don’t argue. Have it calmly.


Ok. I will stay on fast instead of u. or continue it aft recovering.

Sakshi nodded and had food. He feeded her slowly and gave medicine to her.

“Sleep, I will b here”

She slept and he covered her with blanket and placed a kiss on her forehead. Sakshi opened eyes n saw him

“I am sorry for making u to stand in shower for long time. I think u fell sick because of that”.

“Its ok. It is so small if I compare with wat I have done to you”

“Just tell me that u love me n nvr leave me. I will stop all this. Lets start a new life. Just tell me u forgot Ajay.”

I can’t forget him.

“Dammit. Y r u lying? You said u r loving me. Then how can u love him??”

I don’t love you. I love Ajay

Randhir clenched his fist.

“Take rest. If u want anything call me.”.

He closed the door with a loud sound. Sakshi eyes filled with tears

Sakshi PoV:

I am sorry Randhir. I love you. But I can’t share my life with u. I didn’t deserve u.

Sakshi slept and Randhir came to her n sat besides her. He caressed her hairs n kissed her.

Randhir PoV:

I don’t know y u r behaving like this. Still my heart says u loves only me n no one else. But y r lying that u love Ajay? Just once promise me that u will stay with me forever. From then u will b my queen. I didn’t want to suffer u Sakshi. When r u going to understand this?

As tear drop from his eyes fallen on her, she woke up.

“You have to take medicine, wake up”

Medicine again???

Yes. I will bring lunch for u.

He made her to eat and gave medicines to her. Within 3 days she recovered. Randhir woke up and didn’t find her. He searched for her n saw her in kitchen.

“What r u doing?”

Sakshi saw him standing near the door of kitchen.

“I am ok now. So preparing brk fst for u.”

Did I ask u to do? Don’t do anything which I didn’t say. Just go to room n take rest. U no need to do all this till I feel u r fine. Now go

I am really fine.

Shup up. I said go. Just do what I say.

She left calmly from there. He brought brk fst for her. She had it calmly.

“Are u not going to office”?

“Why? Do u want to call anyone here if I go?

Sakshi PoV:

Again started. I don’t know y he always talks like this. I think he won’t say anything if either he is sick or I fell sick. I need to go from him soon. I shouldn’t react to his words. I must pretend as if I love Ajay. I shouldn’t tell him the truth.

Precap: Randhir winning best entrepreneur award. He dedicates it to Sakshi praising her in the function leaving her in tears.

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