We…Forever Together? (Part 8)


Param sees ishu and the girl fighting.
Param:ishitaji what happened?
Ishu tells what happened
Ishu:i said sorry and this girl is arguing with me
Raman comes there.Param notices this and scolds ishita
Param:u r always the on the wrong!1st u messed with my brother in law life and now u r creating trouble?!U should not be here!
Raman gets angry:param!
Param:look raman!U dont know anything that happened here!So go!
Raman slaps param.ishu gets shocked
Ishu:raman!what did u do?
Raman:how dare u say like this abt ishu?
Param goes home angrily.
Ishu:raman…u made it worse!
Raman:i dont care!I cant stand anyone saying like this about u!
He goes home and she stands there looking at him and goes to clinic.
Raman enters the house and toshiji scolds him
Toshiji:r u crazy to slap our damad?U should have slapped that ishita!
Raman:maa!Its too much!Y cant uall just leave me and ishita alone?!
Mr bhalla:well param says he want to leave simmi and ananya here forever and go to dubai!
Raman:well just ask him to go
Toshiji:well what about simmi life?
Raman:she should not be here by right!She should be in her in laws house!
Toshiji and raman argue
Param:the fault was on ishita raman!
Toshiji agrees:see!He says that ishita caused the problem!
Param turns to toshiji:so u believed me?
Param:do u believe me mummyji?
Toshiji:of course i do!
Mr bhalla:u r the in law of the house!
Param:then y cant u both believe what ishitaji says?!
They get shocked by param’s words

Ishita is in the clinic and is disturbed by the happenings in the morning
She sees her and raman’s engagement pic on her table and smiles sadly
Ishu:yeh raavan kumar…Two people who hated each other are together now…It is like some ekta kapoor serial on star plus…
She reminisces their days before wedding…
Fb starts
Ishita is seen moving into the new apartment when she bumps into mrs bhalla.Mrs bhalla looks up to scold her but sees her folding hands and apologising.She says that nobody actually says sorry to me but u…Ishita replies that she respects elders no matter who they r.Toshiji is stunned by hee reply and sees her until ishita goes into her home.Somedays later she sees raman and ishita arguing in the carpark and smiles.Perfect jodi…Calm in front of parents and harsh between each other.I should meet the girl’s parents.She and mr bhalla actually go to the iyers and talk about ishita and raman’s marriage in the first shot.Madhavi gets happy but vishwa hesitates.Mr bhalla assures him that ishita is like his daughter as well.Their marriage also goes on like in yhm with small nok jhok’s.Ishita and raman get settled in their home and argue over small things.
Fb ends.
Ishita laughs:our love story is unique raman!
Ishu:our parents forced us to get married to a person v dont like but now v love each other…and they are separating us!
Ishu:i dont know where its going to lead…
Sarika comes in:Mam…Mr joshi’s is here to see u…He needs an appointment
Ishu:ask him to com…
She feels nausea…
Sarika:r u ok mam?
Ishu:yeah…I did not eat well…
She remembers herself crying the whole night and while coming to the clinic
Sarika:do u want medicine mam?
Ishu:no…just some rest…Ask him to meet avantika next door!
Sarika says ok and leaves
Ishu:these two families made me ill!Omg…My families!
She laughs thinking about their crazy fights in the past
She recalls the moment when mrs bhalla and madhu argued on food when they first went out after ishita and raman’s marriage and how raman said that his head is rolling looking at the mummies fight(they did not like each other that time)
Raman:dont ever be like this in front of ur children or bahu or damad
Ishu:what did i say mr raman bhalla…?
Raman realises that je said something that was not meant to be:yaar…Ive got a headache pls forgive me mata!
Ishu:yeah…dont ever think like that
Ishu comes to reality:murugan!Pls….Make things fine!
She rests on the table

Param:u did not believe ishita but me!
Toshiji:what r u saying?
Param:mummyji!The fault was not of ishita…I just wanted to make u realise ur mistake!
Me bhalla:but…
Param:pappaji!Ishita did not do anything that day!It was a ashok and shagun’s plan!
He tells them how he heard them talk over the phone when he went to meet ashok regarding a past issue
Raman:so u insulted ishita…
Param:drama raman!Even the girl is workong under me at office…
Raman hugs param and apologises to him.But toshiji is not ready to believe param and leaves form there harshly…
Simmi shout:where r u going?
Toshiji:dont worry!I will comeback!
They all look on…

Toshiji comes and meet ishita in the clinic
Ishu gets happy:mummyji
Toshiji:param told me how ashok and all conspired against u and raman
Ishu:yes!At least u inderstood now
Toshiji:look…I admit that i still love u ishita…
Ishu cries:mummyji
Toshiji tries to control her emotions:if u want to comeback and call me as ur mummyji like before…Prove that u r not at wrong…
Ishu:im telling the truth
Toshiji:look ishita dont make me emotional like u…I cant bear u breaking down in front of me…U know how much i cried after kicking u out?
Ishu:no mummyji…Anyone else would have done this!
Toshiji:ishita i want to back into the house as my bahu!As raman’s wife!But that wont happen easily!U know about me…
Ishu:u proved that u love me…I will be back as ur bahu…
Toshiji says ok and leaves.
Ishita gets happy!

Precap:Ishita leaves home without having food, for clinic…Later raman gets a call about ishita and gets shocked.He later confronts her about not having her breakfast.

Credit to: Aashika

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