We…Forever Together? (Part 7)


It is morning and raman wakes up.He is gets ready and comes down to have breakfast.
Toshiji:aajao puttar…
Romi whispers:bhai?
Romi:what happen yesterday night?
Raman steps romi’s foot
Param:kya hua romi
Romi:kuch nahi jiju!cockroach
Simmi laughs and raman feels shy
The door bell rings
Simmi:neelu open the door na
Neelu opens the door and comes back in short while
Neelu:raman bhaiya?There is a letter for u
Raman goes and takes the letter. He reads it and gets shocked.
Romi:kya hua bhai?

Raman:divorce letter for me and ishita
Toshiji angrily:i knew it!That ishita would have sent it
Raman:ishita is nit that kind of girl!U get it!?
Mr bhalla:U cant be so sure
Raman:she is my Wife!I know abt her
Param:y dont u just go and check with her?
Raman agrees and goes to iyer house.He rings the bell and waits with the bhallas
Ishu opens the door and gets shocked to see raman
Toshiji:tnq u so much!
Ishu:for what mummyji?
Toshiji:ur and raman’s relationship is over so y r u still calling me mummyji?
Girish comes there:ur mum is right raman!
Ishu:whats going on here?
Raman gives the paper to her and she reads it.She gets shocked as how raman was as well.
Ishu:i didnt send it!
Girish:i know u didnt…It was me who sent it in ur place!

Girish:i dont want my sister to live with u!
Ishu gets angry:ENOUGH!Enough!
Girish:ishu u go to ur room
Ishu:shut up!
Girish grabs the paper:this piece of paper is going to change ur life into a beautiful one ishu…
Ishu:it cant!
She grabs the paper and tears it
Girish:im a lawyer and i can do many papers like this!
Ishu:no matter how many!I will tear everything like this…
Ishu:enough anna!A piece of paper cannot decide my life!Nor raman’s!
She turns to mrs bhalla:mummyji…

Ishu:pls mummyji…!I can call u like this until im alife
Toshiji gets shocked:but…
Girish:ishita shut up and go!
Ishu gets angry:ok then…
She grabs raman’s hand:lets go raman!These people will not let us live peacefully!Lets go!
Ishu:how can i be relaxed?Tell me!My family!Ur family!Everyone is against us!V respect them raman but they…
Raman:calm down ishu…
She cries and goes to her home…Girish follows her in slamming the door on the bhallas face
Raman:bas!Leave me alone pls!
He sits in the sofa there and teh rest go
Romi sits beside him:ur a fool bhai!
Romi:arrey u could have just gone with bhabi yaar!
Raman laughs:seriously?
Romi:come on man!U r the one who asked me to run away when u realised that i was in love with mihika!
Raman:same…Just go and at least settle ur life
Raman points to mihika standing at the entrance

Raman:go away man!
Mihika comes and sits beside romi:jiju!Ur smart!Akka is lucky…whereas me?Im stuck with this idiot
Romi:mihiku…yaar kya yaar?
Raman:do ur romance somewhere else!
He gets up to go but romi pulls him down:bhai!Im serious…pls go away with bhabhi
Mihika:jiju pls!Its for ur good…these people
Will not let u live peacefully
Raman:no mihika…i cant do this and neither cant Ishita!
He goes from there and the both stare at him.

Ishita is as usual crying.Vandu comes there
Ishu:what do u want?
Vandu:Ishita look…Its better u and raman go somewhere far away!
Heera comes there:vandu…give her some time
Ishu looks up at her
Heera:ishita go to clinic…get relaxed…everything will be alright
Ishu:i guess that is right!I will go clinic
She takes her things and go
Vandu:ur the best at this heeru!
Heera:i know
They smile looking at ishita’s photo

Ishita goes to the carpark and bumps into a girl
Girl:cant u see where u r going?!
Ishu:i said sorry!
They argue.Param comes there and sees them arguing…He tries stopping them…

Precap:Raman slaps param for insulting ishita.Param and raman have a fight.Param tells simmi that he is going to leave the house cos raman slapped him.Toshiji scolds raman for spoiling simmi’s life.

Credit to: Aashika

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