We…Forever Together? Part 2

Romi comes to Raman’s cabin
Raman wipes his tears and looks up
Romi:y u don’t want to meet mr Robert?
Raman:Nothing…ask him to go!
Romi:He is a big businessman Bhai..
Romi:many people are queuing up to meet him and he is here to meet u!
Raman:so must I pity him and let him in?
Romi:Bhai…!U saw him last week in US and both of u agreed to get a deal signed!He came all the way to Delhi to meet up!And u are not meeting him!
Raman:Romi!His foreign drinks have chemicals which are harmful!If v do business with him then v will get into trouble!
Romi:It cannot be!U have been away to US just to meet this one guy for the whole of last year…or maybe two years…!U don’t stay with us much!Now that guy came down to see u but…
Raman:look Romi!I know u r concerned about the company’s development but it’s not like u think!Ask him to go
He leaves
Raman again looks up at his laptop and cries.A lady’s picture is in it and its gives a blurred visual in the glass behind him.

Two girls are at a park
Heera:Still how Long are u going to be like this Ishu?
Ishita sadly looks up…She is still beautiful even when she is sad:As Long as I was like exactly 1 year before
Heera:Ishu it’s not going to change
Ishu:It’s going to Heera…I have faith..No maybe ur right?
Ishu:it’s was like exactly last Tuesday when v both made plans to go for dinner but now…
Girish(Vandu and ishu’ elder Brother and heera’s Husband) comes there:Ishita
Heera:what r u doing here?
Girish:Y did u bring her here?
Heera:Vandu asked me to make Ishu relaxed!
Girish:relaxed?Nothing is going to change!Ishi come home Amma and Appa r waiting for u!
Ishu gets up and walks away:Heera lets go out and have lunch!
Girish:Ishu I’m talking to u!
Heera:can’t u leave her alone
Girish:I’m her Brother….
Ishu turns around and starts looking for someone
Heera:who r u looking for?
Ishu:Someone said that he is my Brother!Im looks for that person
Girish hold Ishu:y r u taking like this?
Ishu:y?I want to meet my Brother!
Grisham:OMG!Im ur Brother!Y r u saying like this ishita?
Ishu gets angry:u!my Brother?!U are not my Brother and those two people at home are not my parents!
Ishita gets away form girish:I’m like this because of them!
Girish:past cannot be changed Ishita!
Ishu looks at girish:Wah!Its was just like 4-5 days ago that that happened and here u r saying that it’s past?Wah!Wah!Main Aur Meri zindagi!Wah Ishu…Ur parents and Brother is enough to destroy ur life!
Heera:Ishu what’s wrong with u?
Ishu:heera…My family does not want to see me happy!See I’m very ‘happy’!Very!
She cries and leaves from there:they destroyed my Life!
Heera follows behind calling her. Girish looks at his Sister and cries

Romi comes out and meets Robert
Romi:Hi…I’m Romesh Bhalla…Raman bhalla’s Brother!
Robert:Pak I want to meet me Raman!He was trying to get a deal done between both our companies for the past 3 years and I came with it!
Romi:I’m sorry but v don’t want ur contract!
Robert gets angry:what?!
Raman comes out angrily:I don’t want it!Now get out of my office!
Robert:but y?!
Raman:because ur drinks have harmful chemicals!I don’t need to explain now get out!
Robert angrily leaves…
Raman:Mihir I’m going home…Romi come home as well…Simmi said there is a Pooja at home.I will wait in car!
He leaves
Mihir:what a chemical in Robert’s drink?
Romi:Bhai dos not want to sing deal with that company cos all those incidents happened when he was out of town!When he went to meet Robert in US
Mihir:I didn’t expect this Romi!
Mihir:it’s ok Mihir…U manage here i will go…
Raman messages Romi *Ask Mihir to bring Rinki to pooja*
Romi:oh!And Mihir bring Rinki to home this evening…Mumma wants to see her I Guess…
Mihir:ok u take care of Raman

A young boy of romi’s age come to aakash Ganga society. He sees Bala and goes there to ask a address
Anil:sir I’m Anil I want to know this address
Her shows an address to Bala.Bala reads it and slaps him
Anil:what sir?
Bala:how dare u ask this address to me?
Anil:but sir I’m romi’s Friend!I want to meet him
Bala:oh!Tu Romi Ka Friend hai?
He slaps him once more
Param comes there and see this and runs towards Bala and shout at him
Param:Oi professor why did u do this?
Param:tu yehan Kya kar rahe Hu?
Anil:I came to meet Romi and i didn’t know his address!I asked him and he slapped me
Param:u asked him the address?
Param:which cheek did he slap?
Anil point to his right cheek
Param slaps his left:how dare u ask him our address?
Mr bhalla comes there
Me bhalla:Oi damadji Kya Hua
Param tells him what happened
Mr bhalla:arrey garh jao puttar…Simmi need help with Ananya
He leaves
Me bhalla to Bala:tu bhi bala…Jao…
He leaves as well
Mr bhalla asks Anil to leave
He turns and sees Ishita and Heera coming there
Mr bhalla goes to Ishu
Mr bhalla:kaise hu Ishita
Ishu smiles:I’m fine Uncle!How is everyone at home
Mr bhalla:fine
Raman and Romi come there
Heera:what happen just now
Mr bhalla:Param and Bala were arguing
Ishu:sorry for what my Jeju did
Mr bhalla:it’s ok puttar…
Anil sees Romi and goes there
Heera:Ishu look there
Ishita looks at Raman and Raman looks at her
She gets angry and leaves
Mr bhalla and Heera looks on and Heera goes

Anil:Oi Romi!Ur Jeju slapped me yaar
Anil:u know that girl who was talking to uncle just now.I asked her Jeju ur address and he slapped me
Romi:I thought so!
Anil:is that girl ok?
Anil:she seemed as if she lost something precious
Raman looks at him:lost what?
Anil:font know
Romi looks at Raman:Ishita is married Bhai…But her Husband’s family did not trust her…They chase her out
Anil:what happen?
Romi:they thought that she had an affair with someone!That family doe snot deserve her!Her Mother in law is a devil!She forced her Son to get married but she was the 1st one to accuse her!
Anil:what abt her Husband?
Romi laughs:ha!He does not even care for his Wife!All day he is out for work!
Anil:whatever!Ok I’m leaving!
He leaves and Raman looks at Romi
Romi:true Bhai…Ur Friend Ishu na…So sad of her!Her Husband does not love her!But she loves her very much!Mihika told me!And today is her 1st wedding anniversary!
He goes and Raman gets thinking

Precap:It’s Pooja at bhalla house.Toshiji prays for Raman’s happiness and gives him aarti plate to seek mata rani’s blessing.Raman throws the plate and shouts at his Mother that he is not happy at all!Everyone gets shocked.Ishita hears this…

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