We…Forever Together? Part 1


It’s a beautiful morning in Delhi…
Madhavi Iyer is does Pooja at her home.Vishwa is reading a newspaper.
Vishwa:Where is Ishu and Heera, Madhu?
Madhu:Where will they have gone?Heera should have brought her to the park!
Vishwa:Y so angry?
Madhu:I told Heera not bring her there but…
Vishwa:Madhu!Heera is ishu’ close Friend!She know about her feelings ok?!
Madhu:V r ishu’ parents!Dont v know about our Daughter?
Vandu comes there:Amma…I asked Heera to bring her there…
Madhu:Y did u?
Bala also comes there:Amma did u forget what day is it today?
Madhu:What Tuesday?!
Vandu:Not that Amma…
Vishwa:Madhu…Today is 15th April…
Madhu:What about 15th Apr…
Vandu:Ishu needs time Amma…
Bala and Vandu leave for collage
Madhu cries and sits down…
Madhu:I cannot see my Daughter in pain Vishwa…
Vishwa gets angry:It’s ur fault Madhu!
Vishwa:u r the only reason Ishita is like this!
Madhu:what did i do?
Vishwa:U r the only reason…!
He leaves and mihika is watch all this.She comes and sits beside the crying Madhu.

In the bhalla house.Toshiji is exercising
Romi comes there:Ohho!!!Mummy!Kya yaar??Itna loud?
Toshi:Exercise is bood for health!
Romi:Mummy woh bood nahi hai good!
Rishi:haan!Good good…
Romi:If the right person is here than u would have learnt English well
Toshi gets angry:Don’t talk about it Romi!
Romi:Stop hiding mummy!There is still love in u!
Simmi:What did he say wrong?He told the correct thing!
Toshi:Don’t try to make me angry!Oi Neelu!Bring nimbu pani!
She goes to her room.
Simmi looks at Romi:Are u mad Romi?!Y did u start up again?
Romi:I just wanted her to realise her mistake!Is it wrong?
Simmi:It’s not wrong but the time u asked is wrong!
Romi:Whatever!This house will never change unless everything changes back to normal like exactly 1 year before!This day!Nothing will change simmi di!
Romi leaves angrily and simmi cries…

Madhu:Mihika?What did I do wrong?I wanted ishu to be happy…but her life was about to be destroyed…
Mihika:Look…No one was wrong…Its our fault that…
Madhu:No Mihika!Its not us!Its them!Those people around us!
Mihika:If u are getting angry than y r v staying here…?V can go back to chennai?
Madhu:Y must v?Ask the others to leave!They did mistake…
Madhu cries and leave storm there.Mihika takes her things and gets ready to go to office.She bumps in Romi outside and they stare at each other.
Romi:Hi…!How r u?
Mihika:fine…what about u?
Romi:u r seeing me now!
Mihika laughs:U r handsome as usual…And what about the rest at home
Romi looks back at his house:All r fine…Except that I started up with the past with mummy again…
Mihika:Periyamma is worrying about ishu Akka…
Romi:oh!How is ur Akka?
Mihika looks at Romi:She is just the same…Especially today…
Romi:yeah…Y don’t u guys go back to chennai?
Mihika:Periyamma won’t listen Romi!She says that the mistake is…
Romi:I get it Mihika…Its ok I’m getting late…Bye!

A big office is shown…
Mihir:Sir is busy right now…Pls…Wait a minute
His phone rings…
Mihir:Haan bhai!Teek hai bhai!
He ends call.
Mihir:Listen everyone…Mr Raman is busy pls listen
Man:V want to see him…Its urgent…Pls!
Romi comes there:Mihir Kya Hua?
Mihir:Romi they want to see Raman…U know today is meeting with foreign businessmen and Raman does not want to meet them…
Romi:oh yah!I get it!
He goes in…
Raman is looking at something and his eyes are filled with tears
Raman looks up at him

Precap:Heera and Ishu meet Mr bhalla at the carpark at their apartment.Mr bhalla asks Ishita how is she.Ishita replys that she is fine and asks about the rest at home.Raman comes there and looks at Ishita.Heera tells Ishita that Raman is here.Ishita looks at Raman and gets angry.She goes form there.Mr bhalla and Heera look on.

Credit to: Aashika

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