Hi guys. I’m a silent reader of ragsan fictions.Im not a good writer but I scribbled down something which was in my mind. And I thought to post it to know the reactions, so here is it. Also I’m not good in English. Sorry for grammatical errors.

She was burning inside and outside. Her vision was blurring. Tears were brimming in her eyes threatening to flow out. Her limbs were shaking. She clutched the flowers to be showered on the bridegroom, but her hands lay dead at her sides.
“I can’t take it anymore”, her heart screamed out at her.
“You have to face this or just forget about your plan, it can’t be done if someone sense the turmoil you are in”, her brain countered.
She shut her eyes tightly trying to muster every ounce of strength and courage she could gather. She clenched her fists tightly and her long nails wounded her palm but inside her resolve strengthened. I can’t back off now she thought. Everything has to end today and she must go according to the plan for that.
I must do it! I must do it! She chanted the words like a mantra to strengthen her weak heart.
She stiffened and opened her eyes to face the worst nightmare of her life with all her strength. The marriage is almost over. The bride and groom are taking rounds around the sacred fire and flowers are being showered on them. She looked at the flowers in her hands and threw it at the direction of the mandap mechanically.
She knew that she looked like hell. She stood behind the curtain at an empty corner hiding her pale tear stained face from everyone. But little did she know that her hiding place was not good enough for the pair of sharp chocolate brown eyes which were following her every movement since the beginning of the ceremony.
He looked at the mandap and then again at the familiar piteous figure standing behind the curtain hiding from everyone, but not him. His eyes were focused only on her since morning. He gazed intensely at the damsel in distress. She, in her luscious red lehanga remembered him of the statue of Aphrodite he once saw in France except for the face, portraying a cloud of misery here.
Her features were clearly visible to him. Her tear stained, pale, bloodless face which has agony written all over it. Nobody in this world should be tormented like this. Her distress, helplessness, pain, torment, everything reached to him through the thin air between them. His heart ached for her.
No! No! He alerted his heart. He should not fall for her painful innocent face, he thought. Whatever it seems to be outside God alone knows what is being brewing in that head of hers. He should be careful. Seeing her face he knew that she’s up to something. But what is she doing standing there like a statue, he thought. She’s not even blinking.
In between all the irritating thoughts and doubts eating his head the pundit’s voice rang in his ears “now I pronounce them man and wife. The marriage is complete”.


The glass shattered in his hand wounding his hand. He stared at his wounded hand after shaking off the pieces tainted with his blood. He was furious at himself that he wanted to push the hand into a heap of salt to make the pain unbearable.
“Urgghh”, he stiffened clutching his palms and closing his eyes in fury.
How he could be so careless, he thought. Whole day he was watching her instead of enjoying the wedding and at this point when everything was going to end peacefully he cannot find her. Now the wedding was over, he was worried for her than his family.
What if she has planned something stupid? No! No! He has to find her. Last time he saw her she was pretending a happy face in front of the bride and groom and then the pair came to him for blessing. And he had to divert his attention from her for some time that was when he lost her from his sight

A voice alerted him from his thoughts. He concentrated looking around him. This time he heard it clearly. Someone has opened and closed a door and the voice came from the backside of the house. He ran to the backdoor.
The wind blowing on her face through the window soothed her face but not her wretched heart. Her heart felt suffocating inside her body. She wanted to cry aloud but bit her lip to avoid it. She can’t risk people noticing her. She pulled the shawl covering her head to her face hiding her face from others.
The bus jerked into a stop and her eyes flickered out of the window and widened. She stood from her seat and swiftly stepped down from the bus. She looked at the stairs in front of her deciding in her mind whether to climb or go back. After few seconds of hesitation she started climbing the stairs.
He reached her home at early hours of morning. He was praying and hoping on his way back home for her to reach home before him. He was exhausted after his hours of futile search for her. But as he stepped out of the car he smelled something wrong. The door is open and he saw his family inside. He stepped inside and saw her mother sitting on the floor sobbing. Everybody had a worried look. Her father is talking on phone. He moved towards his brother who came to him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.
His brother placed an envelope in his hands and said,
“She’s gone.”

He stared at his name written in the familiar beautiful writing.

“Who?” he asked before he could stop. He dreaded the answer although he knew it. His brother answered him with a tightened face,



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