2 years later

She faced him standing at the edge of the cliff. His head was frantically searching for words that can make her come down to him.

“I have to do it “she said.

“No! Please don’t! Look! I can ……..” he tried to talk.

“Don’t try to persuade me “she interrupted.

” I’m doing what I think is right for me and the best for you all. It all began with me , so it’ll be good if it ends with me “.

“Don’t…” he started again but she raised her hand to stop him.

“I’ll miss you all. “She smiled like an angel.

“Good bye, Sanskar . Move on and live your dreams” she leaped from the cliff.


“Raginiiiiiiiii……..” he woke up from the dream screaming her name.


Sanskar Maheshwari sat on his bed with his face in his hands sweating profusely.

“Excellent way to begin the day” he murmured kicking the blanket off him. It has been 2 years. He sighed running hands through his hair and made a silent prayer for Ragini to be safe.

He got up from the bed and looked at the sweaty anguished face staring at him from the mirror. He looked a mess.

‘Live your dreams ‘ she said, when she was his only dream since that ominous night back 2 years, to find her somehow and get her back home to her parents. He took a towel and dashed to take a cold shower to cool off the anguish.

Sanskar ran down the stairs two at a time and hurried to the door.

“Sanskar” someone called him and he turned.

“Swara” he said and walked towards her to the dining table.

“Won’t you have your breakfast before leaving” she asked pulling a chair for him.

“Hmm, Swara I must………” he started but she interrupted.

“Eating won’t do you any harm Sanskar. Sit” she told him sternly.

He observed her sadly. She looked tired and older than her age. She changed a lot after that night. That mischievous twinkle in her eyes and the fascination to the life has vanished. Of course she pretends to be happy in front of others, but he knew she was hurting inside.

He sighed and slid into the chair and started eating not wanting to argue with her.

“Where’s Lucky” he asked.

“Gone early to the office” she replied staring somewhere.

“If you don’t mind me asking, is everything going alright with you two.” He asked suspiciously.

“Why?” she asked worried.

“Actually I heard you arguing yesterday night as I was passing by your room”, said Sanskar feeling a little embarrassed for prying into their life.

She looked at him hesitantly ,then lowered her eyes and stared at her hands on the table knotted together.

She didn’t want to talk about it ,he thought when he heard her words.

“It was nothing”, she said. “We were talking casually and my tongue accidentally slipped into the forbidden areas” she said giving him a ‘you know what’ look.

“Ragini” he said sighing heavily.

Swara nodded her head and said.

“I don’t know what to do? His hatred towards her is getting higher each day.And i cant blame him too.He is angry at her because of his concern for me. Her voice started shaking. ‘You tell me Sanskar.What should i do? I’m crushed between my sister and my husband.Both are important for me.I cant make a choice and forget the other completely.

Swara struggled hard to prevent herself breaking down completely in front of him.But the tears refused to stop and flowed down her eyes merciless.

Sanskar patted her shoulder and placed a glass of water in-front of her .

“Calm down Swara” he said. “You’re not at fault here nor Lucky. But yeah, he should’ve been supporting you in your predicament.Already you’re under so much pressure and instead of helping you cope up with situation he’s putting more pressure on you.

Swara pulled up herself and said.

“He hates Ragini because of what she did to me. He’s neither trying to view the situation from my side nor from Ragini’s.”

“Of-course, Lucky will be Lucky”, murmured Sanskar.

Swara heard it but remained quiet.

They both sat silently for sometime and then Sanskar rose and turned to leave when he heard Swara talking again.

“You know Sanskar, even now I cant believe Ragini did all those things she confessed of in that letter.She was too innocent and pure hearted to plan and pull off such a stunt”.

“When people are too naive and innocent for the world around them a small push is enough to get them into the wrong side” said Sanskar.

He seemed to be talking more to himself than to her.Swara looked at him suspiciously. Doubts started rising in her mind again.

Sanskar came to his senses and turned to her.

“I’m leaving ” he told her.” Don’t worry Swara. I’ll find her out and bring her back.That’s my promise”.

Swara nodded and watched him walking to the door.She had many questions for him in her mind.

This is not the right time, she thought.Now he’s determined in finding Ragini and she trusts him in that.Unnecessary doubts from her side may weaken him.

She walked to the temple inside the house and folded her hands in-front of the idol of God.

“God, give my Ragini enough courage and strength to fight the demons inside her ,she prayed. “and please keep her safe and happy till Sanskar reaches her”.

She reached her room, opened the wardrobe and took the letter outside which was by heart to her now.She opened the folds and read it again.


I’m leaving.I know this will be a big shock to you and i hate myself for being the reason of it especially on your wedding night.I had written everything in the letter to Ma.May be after knowing everything you’ll hate me and will be happy that I left. Not only you ,every one will hate me and it is well deserved. Hence I decided to leave .It’ll be a punishment for me living away from everyone I love. Also I don’t want to be an evil eye between you and Lakshya and your married life. I loved him Swara and you know that love is not something which can be switched on and off in a moment.It’ll take time.It’ll be easy for me to forget him if I’m away from him. I wish you both have a happy life together. And I hope everyone will be happy away from my evil mind. I know I don’t have to say this but still take care of everyone Swara. I know i don’t deserve your forgiveness, still I need to say, I am sorry for everything I’ve done against you and Thank You for being a wonderful sister. I’ll miss you all.


Sanskar parked his car at the underground parking lot and entered the huge nine -storeyed building .He entered the elevator and pushed the button to the eighth floor ,when his mobile rang.He took the call after checking the number.

“Mr.Maheshwari ?” asked a voice from the other side.

“Speaking.” said Sanskar leaning on the wall of elevator.

“We need to meet” said the caller.

“Why?” asked Sanskar. “Any progress?”

“May be” said the caller in a mischievous voice.

Sanskar noticed the excitement in his voice. A smile crept into his lips.

“You wont tell me until we meet , will you?” he asked stepping out of the elevator, walking to his cabin.He heard a chuckle from the other side.

“No. I like keeping suspense. So when ?” asked the caller.

“Tomorrow , 10 AM ? asked Sanskar opening his cabin door.

“Fine .See you tomorrow then.” said the caller.

“One more thing” said Sanskar stopping with one hand on the door knob.”Your payment for the month will reach ‘THE EYE’ today from my office.

“OK Mr.Maheshwari. You have a good day.” said the caller before disconnecting the call.

Sanskar disconnected the call and opened the door.

“Whom are you searching for Bhai ?” asked a voice inside the cabin.

Sanskar stiffened , his grip on the door tightened.He turned to face the owner of the voice and said.


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