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  2. Precap 🙂 Zoya pats on adii s shoulder smiles and leaves
  3. Akansha’am today we have bundles of work
  4. Zoya . Yes today is the engagement of saarika ( new client)
  5. Zoya gets busy in the hectic schedule
  6. Adii : ahem ahem
    Zoya . Kya hua sir ( what happened sir ) said Zoya teasingly
    Adii surprised : sir ?
    Zoya : ha sir Aditya sir ( yes sir ) said Zoya teasingly
  7. She shakes her head and disappears
  8. Adii .. Ajeeb ladki hai ( she is a weird girl
  9. During lunch break all the staff and Zoya comes
    And sit around the table in canteen
  10. Suddenly Aditya appears in the canteen
  11. Everyone together .. sir
  12. ji
    Akaansha : :sir why r u coming here
    Adii :arey ye mera bhi office hai to aaj ♥se me tumare saath lunch karoga ( it’s my office also from now onwards I will have lunch with all of us )
  13. Everyone . What
    Everyone was shocked especially zoya
  14. Guys here Zoya hand is hurt so she is finding difficult in eating
  15. Aditya .. Aram sae ( be careful )
    Akansha. Aap Zoya Ma’am Ko khila do …. Her hand is hurt (Akansha plz feed Zoya as her hand is hurt )
  16. Akansha .. sir mae khila to deti par mae aaj non veg layi ho aur ma’am pure veg hai ( sir I would fed her but today I have bought non veg food and ma’am is pure veg )
  17. Zoya .. it’s okay I will manage
    Aditya with concern .. aaise kaise ( how )
    Aditya . Wait I will feed u
  18. Zoya .. hamare kaan shayad kharab ho gaye hai aaj hame har kuch sunai de raha hai ( i suppose my ears are at fault today as im listening anything )
  19. Aditya : eat he said angrily
    Zoya like a small child obeys .
  20. Sanu ek pal chain na aave
Sanu ek pal chain na aave
Sajna tere bina
Sajna tere bina
    Dil jaane kyun ghabraave
Dil jaane kyun ghabraave
Sajna tere bina
Sajna tere bina
    Sanu ik pal chain na aave
Sanu ik pal chain na aave
Sajna tere bina
Sajna tere bina- movie raid
  21. When adii was feeding Zoya . Zoya was looking at him.staring in his eyes
  22. When Aditya completes feeding her .
    He notices that zoya is staring at him
  23. Adii.. kya hua (what happened)
    Zoya ..kuch nahi bas aaise hii ( nothing like that only said zoya smilingly
  24. Screen freezes
    Precap .. game of truth dare .. more romance more love and more confessions
  25. Stay tuned
  26. So guys how was it good better or worst . Do tell me ur opinion in comment box.keep liking and commenting (positive , negative)
    Take care

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