Forever the lv of Twinj and Yuvi….episode 2….part 2


Hi guyz sory fr short upd8 bt I’m burng & sufrng frm Fvr. Really sory.
Scene 1
At marriage hall
The voice is nn other than neha
Neha(walking 2wrdz TWINJ in mndp):u guyz didn’t even told abut ur marriage invitation is the latr wrk & stretches TWINJ ears.FB starts while being ready dolly gets a call of neha
Dolly:oh neha and attended a call
Dolly: don’t be scare as u r elder & I’m not dat bad dat evry1 considrs I’m gd now
Neha:(in scary voice)haha.u r jokng na well nice joke.
Dolly:I’m not jokng and I’m getting pls don’t insult or else my makeup vil not be gd tomorrow as I’m checking dat
Neha:preparing fr at
Dolly:expainz everything
Neha: at I vil not.leave them they don’t even told me I’m cmng frm 1 flight
Fb endz
Neha:that’s how I get to know.yuki r stpng back so dat neha couldn’t see dem
Neha: looks like sm1 is trying to hide bt of no use yuki.
Yuki in union: actually…dat..
Neha:STUPIDS(shouting) don’t u wnt to get married.
TWINJYUKI: no..I mean yes….and then widens the eyes and look at eachothr
Neha:STOP IT (shouting) perform the rituals
TWINJ performs & then YUKI 2 &were keep staring at each other. All congrats dem

Scene 2 At vidai
Everything happens just the moment when every 1 was going to step out a voice cmz wait very 1 turns its neha and dolly
Neha:I know these r not rituals
Dolly: bt u hv to do it
Neha:or else the brisdes vil not step out
Dolly:by emotional blackmailing
Neha: and u know naa dat girlz easily bcm trapped in it
Kunj: yeah so
Dolly: u HV to give gift to us wtevr we ask
Uvi:ohky…I can’t think dat u bill ask a simple thing
Neha:v.much intelligence
Uvi: thnk u thnk u thnk u
Dolly:wlcm ur thnku done
Uvi:yeah n don’t talk wth me so much as chinki vil fume in anger.
Neha:let’s cm on point……so u hv 2 gv a dance
Dolly:performance on which we vil select song
TWINJ: did u galz said smthng
Doha(dolly and neha): at….no
Dolly:so song is DANCE KE LEGEND

Dolly:any problem
Dolly:AAA twinkle won’t u sta
Kunj: no problem
Dolly: gd boy girl
Kunj: girl
Dolly:yeah twinkle vil dance also naa so..and pls no excuses
Both couples dance passionatly.evry1 claps.
TWINJYUKI: so over….let’s go guyz
Kunj:again who now
Neha:my performance left
Uvi:wt do u mean?
Neha:mean from my side performance Left
Uvi:u took n gets an idea & tried to black mail neha bt in vain
Neha: it vil not work on me. So song is KB
Uvi: which song is dis?
Neha:uffo..u don’t even know dis…Kudiyan Baimaan
Uvi:oh..dat girlz r. Chinki eyes him angrily
Uvi:i mean r not
Again they danced and rocked the dance floor
Neha:look de lv in their eyes

Dolly: yeah
Neha:which u vil get and turns her face to hide her
Neha:haan…did I said anythng wrong
Dolly: No..I mean
Neha: whom u r foolng haan…sunny is outside
Dolly:jumps REALLY I vil GI.then composes her self I mean I m going out fr sm fresh air

Credit to: KEIRA

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  1. Hey kiera great ff. Forgot to confirm. We Are FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!???☺ love your innovative ideas for ff.
    By the way my real name is Nia.

    1. Hi dr.Nia….of course we r frndz….thnk

      1. My real name is Maha.

  2. dear kiera ur ff is really awesome nd i m just loving it… bt the point is that there are some spelling errors nd sometimes it becomes difficult for me to understand the scene.. so i request if u cn explain it way more clearly.. nd yes ur ff is fantastic nd i wld like to see the next part of it really soon nd also more of twinj scnens rather than dolly’s love story

    1. Thnk…&I will now write full spell…so that u can read it ant OK fr TWINJ

  3. Hi hello to friends sorry I can’t update till February 2nd week cuz my mother told me that I can’t use mobile anymore till my examz


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