Forever the lv of Twinj and Yuvi….episode 2….part 1


hi guys tell me whether you want twinj or twiraj.From which couple side I will get more comments I will choose that couples
scene 1
Guy:its ok I think that you are twinkle and chinki’s frnd friend
Dolly:yeah how do u know?
Guy:actually UV and kunj showed me your photo your friends 1 time in their mobile
Dolly:so you r their friend
Guy: yes by the way if you don’t mind can I ask you your name
Dolly:yes and my name is dolly
Guy:mine is sunny
Dolly:nice name oh I forgot engagement
Sunny: let’s go

Scene 2
At engagement
Twinkle and chinki have founded the rings bt didnt took up from the milk. evry1 is tensed and worried. There is a pin drop silence
Chinki and twinkle in their mind: oh god pls save us.they took the rings out and says thnk god u saved us.engagement ceremony ends evry1 is gone while leaving sunny shakes his hand to dolly as bye and leaves dolly shakes her hand too.twinkle sees it and signs to yuki and kunj 4 of them teases dolly.dolly shies then collects courage and words
Dolly:nothing happened between us and tells every thing
Twinkle: seems like we hv to get ready for an other engagement after sm days.
Dolly runs away.

Scene 3
Marriage day
Twinkle and chinki r on stairs.twinkle is wearing the same dress which she wore on her wedding.chinki is wearing all the bridal jewellery same as twinkle bt in pink colour.and a pink colour heavy silver bridry gown till toes like from with the duppata on her head.rose smell is everywhere lv season is everywhere. Twinj wink at eachother while yuki smile at each other.evry1 is mesmerized seeing brides bt in sm1s mind smthng else is revolving.

Scene 4
At mandap
Both couples reaches suddenly a voice cmz. That I don’t want to marry chinki as I lv sm1 else pls frgv me chinki BT no I can’t

Hi guyz hope u like as sm wnt a lv?so I thought like this tell if u like it or not. Keep cmmntng.

Credit to: KEIRA

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  1. I am Twinj fan but u should chose the one u like more 🙂

  2. It’s good. I want twinj love story… N keep updating

  3. Wow nice but I want twiraj…. they are awesome ….plzz twiraj …… u have a good track ..make longer update …twiraj because already there are more twinj. plzzz twiraj ?????

  4. ur choice girl …just do it wat u like n wat u hav thought …n nyc epi…

  5. Nice… I want twinj love story… N keep updating and one more thing where is the precap

  6. Always twinj ..not twiraj

  7. i want twinj

  8. It’s your choice but if you are taking suggestions I will favour twinj love

  9. Yuvle i want

  10. As your wish I like both u Can make twiraj as there r many twinj but u can make twinj also as in real serial they r couple I agree with both but I don’t want to see kunj nd chinki

  11. sravana bhargavi

    Twiraj seriously they r awesome

  12. Twinj please

  13. Please twinj because they are awesome and I hate twiraj.

  14. Twinj plz plz not twin raj

  15. Twinj will be suprb .

  16. Oh god oh god on god i can’t believe 16 cmnts on my ff gyyz sorry for twinj fans bt i will show twiraj bt i will end this track soon and i vill start an ff on twinj. Lv u guyz hope u dont mind.

  17. twinj twinj twinj twinj twinj twinj nd nthng else.. we all want twinj

  18. As per or vish

  19. Ranaji(narendran)


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