Forever love of AsYa (chap 6)


Asad breaks the eyelock when he sees Rashid standing at the door.all are surprised,rashid cones and wishes dilshad,she is glad to see him.both hug.
(rashid dil tune plays)

he blesses najma and she goes to asad.both come face to face and Rashid asks for forgiveness for wtever happened 17 years ago.asad is unfazed and says u r a guest.enjoy eat and leave.
Rashid is sad and zoya wonders wts happening.dil introduces zoya to Rashid and both remember meeting at a shop.
Dil tells that he is asad’s father.she thinks angry bird never told about it.she thinks to ask him but then remembers the proximity during dance and jerks away the idea.
All enjoy an dil and Rashid have a nice time.asad sees dil happy and is relieved but still angry on Rashid.

Ayan and Rashid greet them and leave.zoya and ayan have become friends morning while zoya goes to breakfast table she avoids eye contact with asad.he is amused and says ammi arz kiya hai:

Saza multi hai mujrim Ko jab Wo paya jaye doshi
Dekho kitni a6i lgti hai miss farooqui Ki khamoshi

The ladies are shocked at this behaviour of asad.
Dil:asad!!!! U spoke a poetry.
Najma:r u my bhai???
Zoya:Allah miya,wts wrong with you Mr khan.u think that I am quiet on my own.its bcz of u.yesterday during dance u were so close to….(she stops)
Mitwa moment.
Dil is amused and najma smiles.
Asad coughs and excuses himself.

Humaira asks ayan to go to a party with her.he agrees hurriedly.she gets dressed in a blue gown with half sleeves and a black belt at the waist.she leaves her hair open.ayan gets mesmerized and compliments her.she smiles and says lets leave.

Mamu Jan sees them and says Humaira looks so good with him.he pats ayan’s shoulder and he smiles back.

Zoya says Allah miya wts wrong with me?why is that JALLAD coming in my mind again and,this cant be.i have to focus on my mission.she goes out and reaches a market.she keeps showing a pic to everyone and asks about the person’s whereabouts.

She keeps searching and collides into a woman who is none other than razia.
Razia:hey cant u see,
Zoya:I m sorry
Razia pushes and says huh.and leaves.
Zoya:how egoistic.

Humaira and ayan reach a party and all compliment her.some girls compliment ayan and flirt with him.he sees Humaira who smiles at him and she says grow up ayan.

She starts flirying with some boys and starts dancing sensuallywhile she enjoys ayan is enraged.the screen freezes on ayan’s red angry face.

Next epi:ayan fights in the party.zoya rezhed late and AsYa fight.zoua’s dream and asad’s concern…..

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Credit to: Angel

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