Forever love of AsYa (intro)


Hello guys u can call me angel.its my 3rd ff of a serial but 1st of qubool hai…i love asya will be the characters intro.i hope u will enjoy.plz comment….

*Asad:a very stern,hygienic,rich,serious,handsome, judgmental,kind, business tycoon.
*zoya:a very bubbly,beautiful,cute,messy, caring girl like a free bird…
*Rashid:asad’s dad.
*Dilshad:asad’s mom and rashid’s first wife.very kind and calm.
*Najma:a beautiful shy cute sis of asad.
*Shirin:rashid’s second wife.very doubtful.
Ayan:very cool and handsome guy.he and asad are best love with humaira.
*Nikhat:daughter of rashsid and shirin.though has a dark complexion but is strong and fights the world against it.
*Nuzrat:youngest daughter of Rashid shirin.
*Mamujan:shirin’s bro
*Mamy:mamu’s wife.(razia)
*Humaira:daughter of mamu mami.beautiful but egoistic(just a little)
*Dadi:rashid’s mom(badi bi)
*Zeenat and Anwar:zoya’s api and jeeju who adopted zoya.
*Tanvir:asad’s childhood friend.(a villain of crse?)

Guys hope u like it…there will be fun insha Allah…hope u will enjoy and comment for sure…i m waiting…thnx

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Ya angel, i like it. Mamujan name is guffat siddiq. But u didn’t mention here

    1. Yeah I forgot thnx

  2. Pls dnt brng bak dat bilu rani here, i jst hate hr. . .devil she is ;->

    1. I wont let her live this time dear….thnk u

  3. hi angel.. waiting fr ur writing.. thnks fr supporting me too.. 🙂

    1. Hey kalai…thnk u and welcm…love ur writings…

  4. Hi angel, nice, I love asya too…but in ayan’s intro, is he not rash I’d and shirin’s son? Just curious to know maybe in your story he is just asad’s friend…sorry if I said anything wrong. to see how this story shows asya love story. ..plzzzz continue

    1. Typo…rashid’s

    2. Yes he is shirin and rashid’s son…i forgot to mention…no need to say sorry infact thnx for pointing it out…

  5. Jhaan baat angel ki go then she without any doubt totally rocks. As u always do. Well angel i know ur two ff which is third one

    1. Oh thnk u maha…
      2-piya rangrezz
      3-qubool hai….?

  6. Jhaan baat angel ki go then she without any doubt totally rocks. As u always do. Well angel i know ur two ff which is third one?

  7. hi angel
    ur ff sounds gud
    best of luck fr ur writing vit lots of love
    plzzzzzzzzz I kindly request u to update ASYA ff evyday
    bcox I really miss dem a lot
    I imagine those fiction & feel gud so plz so much can u do this fr us
    plz love ASYA a lot miss u ksg

    1. Thnk u anjum…sure I will…by the way my mum’s name is also anjum?

  8. Well , mamujaan’s name is gaffoor siddique

  9. Ive red all ur stories of piya rangrezzz and I’m so glad that u r starting with qubool hai . I’m just waiting for this .

    1. Thnk u…yes I remember you

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