Forever love of AsYa (chap 9)

Ayan leaves.dil prays for the reunion of family.

Zoya is in market and showing the pics to people.a woman tells her that she has seen this man somewhere but doesn’t remember clearly.zoya asks her to remember as its very important for her.the woman after thinking says that This man had contributed money for the construction of a Masjid.zoya gets a hope and thanks her.

She goes home happily and sees najma eating,
Zoya:hey tamatar.
Najma:zoya I m very upset.
Zoya looks at her her and says so u r eating if u r upset??
Zoya:alright…i can understand.any other calls???
Just then phone rings and najma gets afraid.she picks the call and zoya asks her to out it on speaker.she does.

Guy:where is my money??
Zoya signals najma to aks him sth.
Najma:how much do u want??
Guy:bring 1 crore.
Both are shocked.
Najma:wt location??
He tells her and she disconnects the call.najma cries vigorously and zoya assures her that she will set everything straight.

Zoya instead of najma reaches to the place.she is in burqa.the guy comes and teases her.zoya gives money(fb shows she went to asad and asked for a loan as she has to spend on an orphanage,asad gives her the loan and she promises to return soon) and then she takes the mobile in which there are najma’s pics but he holds her hand.zoya takes off her veil and the guy is shocked to see that its not najma.

Zoya sprinkles her pepper spray and runs.the guy is enraged.zoya reacehs home late and gets reprimanded by asad but she without listening,anything goes to najma.najma is happily relieved and hugs her.they hear a knock on the door.asad and dil wonder who is it at this time.they find the guy.

Zoya and najma are tensed.the guy steps in.
Guy:so u r Mr.asad Ahmad khan.the family is small and pose to be innocent and respectable but how cheapu guys are.
Asad:excuse me who the hell r u and how dare u talk about my family??
Guy:u should ask all this from the girl standing there.
He points out zoya.

Asad is confused and he says that she gave me money to spend some time with her but then she back off.asad refuses to believe and dil najma zoya are shocked.he shows the money and asad reminisces zoya asking for money and is outraged.

The man goes to najma and says I can spend time with this beauty without money too.asad is furious and pushes that man and asks how dare u talk about my sis like that.
Guy:u did a mistake.the girls will have to pay.
He takes out an acid bottle and throws towards scared najma but zoya comes forward to protect her.To the man’s surprise asad is standing in front of zoya and the bottle breaks on asad’s face and dil screams his name.

Najma dil and zoya are relieved to find that it was water.asad gets super angry and beats the man to a pop and throws him out of the house.he turns towards scared zoya and gives her a tight SLAP on her face shocking alm of them and making zoya fall on ground.

Dil:asad how dare u??
Asad:dnt interfere ammi.u saw wt this girl did.u thought her to be a bechari but the reality is that she is a characterless girl.she lied to me that she wanted money for orphanage but she wanted it to spend a night with shameful and bcz if this girl that cheapster came to our house and misbehaved with my sis.i cant tolerate it as my life resides in u and najma and if anybody dared to do anything wrong with them I will not spare them and u miss farooqi get out,I dnt even wanna take ur name.get lot.

He holds her arm and she winces in pain.dil and najma make desperate efforts to stop him.najma tries to speak but zoya signs her No.asad throws zoya out and shuts the door on her face.

Next epi:asad searches for zoya.same man tries to molest zoya but asad saves her.a passionate AsYa embrace…..

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