Forever love of AsYa (chap 8)


Zoya cries and hugs asad.he is tensed and hugs her back trying to compose her.both have a strange feeling(mitwa plays).
Wind blows zoya stealthily breaks the hug and both look at each other.asad wipes her tears and makes her lie.she keeps looking at him.he keeps his hand on her eyes and closes them.zoya sleeps.
Asad looks amotionally at her.he stands up to go but stops as zoya is holding his hand in sleep.he frees his hand,puts zoya’s hand politely over blanket and leaves (mitwaaaaaaaa)

In the middle of the night najma wakes up by a call.she receives it and gets super tensed.she asks the caller to leave her alone.she cuts the call and cries.

Next morning shirin rushes to tell everyone that groom side is coming to see nikhat.
Razia:oho shirin.we all know that this time also groom will reject nikhat bcz of her dark complexion.
Shirin is disappointed.
Nikhat comes and replies:so what??people like these do not have a pure heart who judge person by their colour not their hearts.they can never value relations.they are not humans even.and marriage is not my last option.Alhamdulillah I m well educated and modern girl.i wanna do job and all….

Razia:being modern can not make u fairer just like me.
Nikhat:being fairer doesn’t make u beautiful mami ji.
All laugh and razia fumes.
Mamu comes:wtever nikhat Said is correct.we want a guy for nikhat who will truly love her as that day will come.sm1 is here in this world for nikhat as couple are made in heaven…
Nikhat smiles.

Zoya wakes up and remembers last night proximity and wonders wts happening to her??she passes by najma’s room and sees her crying.she gets concerned and asks her.najma tells that a boy clicked her pics during college trip when I was changing.he is now blackmailing me and asking for money.if I don’t then he will leak the pics.bhaijan,will kill respect will be gone.wt do i do.zoya hugs her and says dnt worry I will do sth.they head towards najma’s college.

Dil hears some voice and is scared.she sees sm1 coming from window and tries to hit with a stick when he shouts no ammi.
Dil is stunned to see ayan
Dil:ayan!beta wt r u doing here??
Ayan:wanted to meet you.
Dil:u should have come by door.
Ayan:bhai asked me.
Dil:uff this asad.come sit I will make u sth
Ayan:no ammi I wanna spend some time with you.
Dil gets emotional and sits on bed.ayan places his head in her lap.she caresses his hairs.
Dil:u seem tensed.all ok
Dil:wt happened??
Ayan tells her everything and she is disturbed.
Dil:u were right ayan
Ayan:wt do I do
Dil:dnt wry beta time will teach her everything.u always be with her and protect her like u did today
Ayan:I will never leave her
Dil:u love her so much??
Ayan:any doubt???
Dil?no…I just wonder when will your bhaijan understand all this.
Ayan:he is understanding
Ayan:I know about zoya
Dil:oh!!so u also think there is sth btw them
Ayan:of crse.all think the same.
Dil:dnt worry.insha Allah the day of ur bhai’s marriage will come fors sure…

Both smile.

Next epi:zoya finds some clues.zoya steals pics and goon reaches asad’s home.
He throws acid at ladies shocking them and asad…..

Credit to: Angel

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