Forever love of AsYa (chap 7)


Ayan sees Humaira dancing sensually with the boys.he gts angry and goes to her,he takes her aside and reprimands her.
Humaira:plz ayan wts wrong??its common.
Ayan:Humaira its wrong.
Humaira:oh plz don’t tell me wts wrong and right.
Ayan:Humaira i have come with u not for this.u wont stay here.have u ever thought that if mamu comes to know about this how will he react??
Humaira:i don’t care.
Ayan:then i will tell her.
Humaira:ok go.

She goes back and starts dancing again.ayan is red in anger.he sees a guy trying to lure Humaira.he gets furious and beats him to pop.humaira tries to stop him but he pushes her.humaira takes him from there.

Zoya is still out searching for her parents but in vain.she gets her jiju’s call.
Jiju:did u get any info,
Zoya:no but i won’t lose hope.
Jiju:that’s my girl
Zoya smiles.
Jiju:ok listen reach home now its late and i will den u some pics of the orphanage.may be u get some clue.
Zoya:yes of crse.ok by

Zoya goes home,its late and asad is already badmouthing about her.zoya opens door and faces asad giving her an angry look.she greets evryone.

Zoya:hey..phuphi why is angry bird looking at me like this??
Asad:have u seen time miss farooqui.
Zoya:yeah its 8 ur maths weak??
Asad:shut up miss of my home’s rule is that no one is allowed to come after gets late but u r half an hour late,
Zoya:i had an important work.
Asad:i don’t care.its just that ur bad habits might spoil my sis.
Zoya:wow.if u dny trust me at least trust ur sis,
Asad is silent and looks at najma.
Asad:dnt brainwash her like this,
Zoya:wt did i do??u always scold me and fight.wts is your problem
Asad:whole Thing is that i care for my family
Zoya:Allah miya wts wrong with you??i m,not gonna eat ur family.they r like my family too.
AsYa quarrel tune plays

Dil interferes and asks them to stop now.
Zoya:Phupho u know what ur son leaves no stone unturned in removing my dimple.
Asad is surprised.
Zoya poses that when i smile i get a dimple.she smiles and shows it,
Asad smiles too at her do najma and dil.
Asad hides her smile and dil notices.he goes without saying anything leaving the ladies surprised.

Auan huamira reach home.humaira goes to her room and breaks things.ayan comes and she asks him to get lost as to who told u to fight.u have spoiled my reputation.i thought u were my friend but u insulted me.i won’t take u anywhere again.i hate u.leave me alone.
Ayan is teary eyed and says i hope on day u will realize that u r wrong.

Zoya is sleeping,she dreams that she is shouting and asking her Abbu for help.she shouts for ammi and her ammi is calling out her name who is being taken away.she is taken to a river and is thrown.

She screams and gets up and cries badly.asad rushes to her room.
Asad:zoya wt happened.
Zoya:plz let me go.plzz leave me.
Asad shakes her and asks wt happened?
Zoya comes to senses and hugs him and cries.asad feels his heartbeat very fast and hugs her back.he is tensed.

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Credit to: Angel

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