Forever love of AsYa (chap 5)


Zoya goes to shop and buys gifts.rashid is also present there.she collides with him and he apologizes.she asks him not to as he is of her father’s looks emotionally at her and remembers najma.he keeps a hand on her head and blessed her and leaves.she wonders who was he??

Asad is in his office thinking about what zoya did.
He thinks:for the 1st time sm1 made me agree fo a party and miss farooqui made me so is party I will tell her what nervousness means.get ready miss newyork.

Zoya reaches home and shows gifts to najma.najma prises her choice.she breaks into poetry:

Jaise nahin hai koi match of singers voice
Waise hi lakhaun Mein aik hai zoya’s choice

Ayan thinks that today is dil Ammi’s bday.i should get a gift for her.he hears shirin calling out to him and she says I know u r planning to go to dil.she tries to instigate him by saying she is bad and wants to scatter our family but he denies it saying that she is the one who took care of me in childhood and treated me as if I was her own son and does still the same but you wont understand.shirin is speechless and leaves.

At night whole house is in dark when dil arrives and calls out to asad zoya andnajma but she gets a surprise when she sees her friends and relatives at home and house fully decorated.all are wearing fancy dresses and she smiles and laughs.asad najma wish and hug her.

Asad is wearing a suit as usual while najma is dressed as Dracula.

all see zoya descending down the stairs and talk about her beauty.asad turns to see her and is mesmerized to see her in a white gown,open hair curled from down and puff at top wearing a tiara.

Dil notices asad staring zoya and smiles.
Zoya wishes dil and all enjoy.
Dil gets a message that come in your room.she is confused and goes.she finds ayan there and is emotionally overwhelmed.they hug and ayan kisses her hands,they sit to talk and tell each other that how they miss one another.

They are surprised to see asad and najma ate the doorstep.the trio hug and asad ayan remember their child hood.meanwhile zoya wonders where they went but sees them coming down with ayan.

She asks everyone to dance.all dance on DING DONG DING BOLE….

Asad says get ready miss farooqui.lights turn off and zoya is standing in the middle spotted by spot light.she is noggled and looks her and there.just them asad comes and holds her from belly.she is shit nervous and shuts her eyes

They start the dance on KHAMOSHIYAN.
Ayan says to najma when did bhaijan start dancing?najma says since zoya has entered our lives everything has changed and seems beautiful.ayan smiles.

While dancing the sound of air blows and AsYa shut their eyes and asad touches zoya’s cheek with his cheek and caresses it.she breaths heavily and turns around.a romantic yet strange hug follows.di is super hspy and all clap and compliment them.they have and eyelock.

Asad breaks eyelock when he sees at the door and all look there and are surprised to find Rashid there….

Next epi:Humaira flirts with boys and ayan gets jealous.zoya tries to find out about her family and collides into razia….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. What a romantic dance! Angel you did make such a wonderful story. I want more romance between asya…

    1. Thnx I will try

  2. Wow…superb angel…I wish I could watch this episode..

    1. Thnk u so much

  3. Really nice..n sry angel..I WS wrong really ur update is awesome…:-)

    1. Thnk u…glad u liked it…plz continue reading

  4. Awesome episode angel, its was really very sweet, loved the dance of asya…plzzzz continue dear and update the next episode soon. Love you loads

    1. Thnx Roma…i m happy that u r a constant reader of my ff…

  5. super duper hit & awesome epi angel
    I can imagine e dance of ASYA
    loved it a lot dr
    keep going lk dis ly ummmmmmahhh
    tnxs bby fr such a lovely ff

    1. Thnk u so much?

  6. wr is yesterdays epi ?post it ya eagerly waitin…

    1. Search for “forever love of AsYa chap 4” which is the previous ff epi and u can read

  7. dat I already read fo 3 times …its amazin bt plz do put d episodes daily ..ur fans r waitin fo it eagerly .. like me …

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