Forever love of AsYa (chap 4)


Next day najma comes at breakfast table and starts cleaning asad’s side of table.zoya comes and greets her.she is surprised to see najma doing it.dil comes.najma hugs and wishes her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.zoya gets excited and says I did not know its your birthday.she hugs and wishes her.they smile.
Zoya sits and starts eating.she creates mess and dil and najma are amused to watch her childlike behaviour.asad comes and both get serious.he wishes dil and sits.he is extremely irritated to see mess at zoya’s side.
Asad:miss farooqui.
Zoya:yes Chilli.
Najma and dil broaden their eyes.
Zoya:I mean yes Mr khan.
Asad:plz clean your side.
Asad:clean your table.
Zoya:ok Mr khan.1st let me eat and then u can clean it.
Zoya:yes.cuz u r getting irritated with the mess.not me.
Asad is irritated and starts eating food.zoya finishes her food and stands up.
Asad notices her in jeans.
Asad:miss farooqui.
Zoya:yes chilli.
Zoya smiles at irritating him.
Asad:what kind of dress r u wearing?
Asad:I can see that but why r u wearing jeans?
Dil:asad beta plz
Zoya:wt happened?why r u getting angry chilli ji.drink some water.
Asad in anger stands up from chair:miss farooqui.u r a girl and girl should know her limits.wearing jeans doesn’t suit an islamic girl.u should wear salwar suit and be hygienic and not messy.clothes show a person’s personality and ch…(he stops at his words)
Zoya is in rage:whao Mr asad Ahmad khan.well done.i did not know u r judgemental to such an can u judge me by my clothes??yeah I m a girl.Islam orders a girl to cover her body and my body is covered.Islam doesn’t give a right to man to judge a girl.Islam is the religion which kept women safe and gave them their rights but people like u try to snatch it with their baseless words thinking that women are weak but make it very clear Mr khan that I m not like other people who keep bearing taunts and tantrums.i know how to answer back bcz I know that I m right.u cant letforce anybody to become like u u get it??u r a chauvinist and I m surprised that being so educational and professional ur thoughts are worse than illiterates.
Dil and najma are shocked that sb answered back asad.
Asad is set to thinking.zoya leaves.
Dil:asad zoya is right,u shouldn’t have judged her like this.she had been wearing such kind of clothes always but it doesn’t make her bad.try to understand beta.
Asad is set to thinking.
Najma goes to zoya.
Najma:u ok??
Najma:I don’t believe it.u r the 1st person who talked to bhaijan so boldly.
Zoya:have u played angry bird??
Najma:yeah but why
Zoya:I think it was made after ur bro.
Najma:wt do u mean
Zoya:means to say that I got another name for ur bhaijan i.e. ANGRY BIRD.
Najm laughs.
Zoya:hey najma lets give a party to Phuphi.
Najma:no no.bhaijan doesn’t like parties.
Zoya:Allah miya.wts wrong with ur bhaijan.why r u so afraid of him.let it be.
Najma:I think u should take permission from him.
Zoya:oh God.u know why I wanna give a party?just to cheer up Phupho cuz I came only yesterday but felt that phuphi is sad.
Najma gets tensed.
Najma:no nothing.u take permission and then tell me.i no he wont
Zoya:ok.i will see who stops me.
Asad is about to leave for office when zoya stops him.
Asad:miss farooqui.i wanted to come to you,
Asad:I think I said a lot.i shouldn’t have talked about ur clothes.ur personality and character…
Zoya in serious mood and stern look:hmm so u realized ur mistake.good.
She moves closer to him.he steps continues.
Zoya:u think that girls like me who wear jeans,live out of country are bad.their personality and character is loose.
Asad is stopped by a wall and zoya stands in front of him.
Asad:miss farooqui.wt r u doing.plz move back.
Zoya:why?r u getting afraid mr khan.
(she keeps hands on his shoulders.)
Zoya:dnt wry.i m not gonna rape you.i am not that kind of girl Mr khan.just listen to me that I m gonna throw a party for phuphi in the evening.I hope u don’t mind.
She smiles and says right Mr khan?
Asad is at loss if answer and stumbles at his own words.
Asad:no….no miss farooqui actually parties??
Zoya shouts thank u Mr khan and runs to najma.
Asad stands in shock as to what just happened.he then leaves after few minutes by saying crazy girl.
Zoya:najma najma.i convinced mr khan.
Najma:but how???
Zoya:its zoya’s u prepare list of guests and invite them.i will do party preparations and don’t tell phuphi.
Najma gets excited and hugs zoya.
Zoya leaves to get some gifts and decoration stuff.
Zoya:now it is gonna be fun.

Next epi:Rashid comes at the party.asad and zoya’s ROMANTIC dance performance….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. nyc epi …keep on doin dis ….it makes many of dem happy

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  5. Hey..angel..such a nice job yaar i wish i could watch this episode……..

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  6. Awwww angel dear, it’s superb, awesome episode. ..going really well, I can see asya in front of my eyes with their nok jhok…loved it very much, plz continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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