Forever love of AsYa (chap 3)

Zoya goes to her room and starts unpacking.she takes out a box and opens it.she sees some old pics and toys.she cries.she gets her api’s call.
Zoya:Asslam o alaikum r u?
Api:zoya r u crying.
Zoya:no api
Zoya:u no me so well.i was just thinking about my mission.
API:dnt wry u will surely succeed.Allah will help u.
Zoya:Ameen.ok API Khuda hafiz.
API:Khuda hafiz.
Zoya takes out her pizza box and smiles.she says hey pizza I m so sorry that I m greeting u after 1 day.oh God.u missed me?ok now go and relax in my tummy.
Arz kiya hai

New York se mil gya bhopal ka visa
Now i m gonna eat my darling pizza

she eats like kids and creates mess.she drinks coke and throws it on floor.she wears night dress and sleeps.

Asad comes back home at night.he goes to his room and changes.he finds a soulhette in the kitchen and goes stealthily.he thinks that its a thief.he holds the hand and pins the person against the wall.the person is actually zoya who gives a short scream and puts her arm on her face.(heartbeat tune plays).he take out a lighter and switches it on.zoya stealthily removes her arm and opens her eyes.he is mesmerized to see her in that state.both have n eyelock.(mitwa plays).both stare at each other with lighter in the middle glowing their faces.
Dil comes and switches on the lights.asya compose themselves and say you.
Dil is confused.
Zoya:so u r here to steal.just leave from my house.
Asad:ur house.
Zoya:yes its my house.
Asad looks at dil and says really Ammi I did not know its her house.
Dil:Ammi!!yes zoya he is my son.
Asad:excuse me??
Zoya:I mean how can a chilli be the son of sweet puff??
Dil is amused while asad gives an angry look.
Asad:who the hell is she?
Dil:she is anwars relative.
Zoya:excuse me.

Asad:how can an jhalli be the relative of a decent man.
Zoya is shocked at the counter attack.she angrily goes to her room.asad also goes while dilshad stands in surprise.

*ayan’s residence:-
Rashid is thinking about dilshad.tomorrow is ur birthday.i stll have a hope that all will be fine.
Shirin wakes up and says so u r thinking about dil again.
Rashid:plz shirin.
Shirin:I no tomorrow is her birthday.u go to that house specially on this day with a hope that asad will forgive you but he wont.
Rashid shouts shirin.
Shirin:don’t shout.u only care about her.
Rashid:she is my wife.
Shirin:in Islam if a man is allowed to marry twice or more then he is also ordered to keep both wives happy but u care about only one.i won’t forgive you.she sleeps while Rashid is silent.

*asad’s residence:-
Najma had seen the fight of asya and says don’t know what will happen when she will come in jeans in the morning?Allah plz help zoya…

Next epi:Fight of AsYa at breakfast table….

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