Forever love of AsYa (chap 22)

RECAP: zoya reprimands asad and he realises his mistake and gives blood to rashid.dil scolds shirin and shirin thhnks to save herself.


shirin:how is rashid doc??
doc:he is fine and will stay in coma till one day.we hope he will gain consciousness soon.
shirin:thank u so much
mami:i know u r concerned for him but he has come to know the reality so dnt think that he wil com to u again
mamu:we r sorry as we cant help u in any wrong deed again.we have already done so much bad..but not anymore

tanu humaira najma and zoya are sitting.humaira goes to bring water.a guy come sand holds her hand.he tries to misbehave
mami:ya Allah…
mami is about to go when she sees zoya slapping the guy
zoya:how dare u touch my sister.get lost from here or else i will call the guard to throw u out u bastard
he leaves angrily.zoya hugs humaira
mami:how nice this girl is.
she goes to zoya and blesses her and thanks her for taking care of humaira.
zoya smiles

mamu mami humaira tanu leave.
ayan comes to hospital
shirin is happy to see him and extends her hands to hug him.ayan doesnt notice shirin and hugs dilshad shocking shirin.dil cries and tells him to pray for abbu.he wipes her tears.he turns to shirin.
ayan:ammi i m sorry i didnt see u
shirin:its ok….its not for the first time taht u ignored ur ammi,
ayan:dnt taunt dil ammi as its all ur mistake,u were busy in ur luxurious life after getting out of coma and didnt care about ur children.u snatched me from dil ammi jsut bcz u hated her.she is the true mother not u.
ayan leaves angrily and goes to asad while shirin is outraged.
shirin:i guess i m not needed here.
she leaves

at night zoya sees asad caring for dil and consoling her and then rests her to sleep.
zoya goes to asad ang hugs him from behind:i m sorry for slapping u mr khan.i m really bad
asad turns around and sees her weping.he wipes her tears and kisses her forehead.
asad:thnk u for making me realise.i love u alot.thnx for coming in my life.
they hug

najma sees imran in hospital and ignores him.he sadly goes to medicine area and buys haseenas medicines.he sees najma crying and inquires receptionist about the family and she tells him about rashids accident.
just then imran sees a reflection in rahsids room.he stealthily goes there.he sees a person dressed in black dress and is holding a knife to attack rashid.he quickly comes to save him and his hand gets stabbed.imran screams.all hear the cream and rush towards rashids room.imran tries to cath the person but the person jumps through window.

all come in and see imran bleeding and are shocked and see person leaving.najma screams imrans name and runs to hug him.all are taken aback at this act of najma.

the person keeps running and stops in the middle of the road and takes off the mask.its none other than SHIRIN…..

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  1. OMG. … what will happen next? Interesting. .. good episode

  2. I rally liked it do another one as quick as possible and plz do more of asad and zoya romantic scenes as they make it more interesting and make the next one even longer as i love reading your ff even if its not real its still good

  3. nice one

  4. waw interesting thank u so much

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