Forever love of AsYa (chap 21)

asad proposes zoya.shirins truth is out.rashids accident.asads callous and inhumane behaviour towards rashid hurts zoya and asad faces zoyas anger by a SLAP.


zoya:who r u?
asad is shocked
asad:wt r u saying?
zoya:phuphi….who is he?
najma:wt r u saying?wt happened??
zoya:he is not asad…he is not ur son.he is not ur bro.he is not m love.he is a devil.he is not even a human.he is the person who has no heart.he was about to leave his father in that bl**dy state on the road and wished him to die.he didnt sign the formality papers to proceed his asad is not like this.he has a good heart which cares for everybody.but u…..u r not him….u snatched him….i hate u i just hate u….

asad:zoya….stop this … he is not my father…he betrayed my ammi…
zoya:shut up….just shut up…dosent matter what he did….there must be a reason….did u ever try to find out what it was??did u eer ask him why he did it??did u ever ask ur mom if she has forguven ur father?they loved each other and still do….did u ever ask ur mom if she is happy without him??answer me mr khan
asad is speechless but zoya is still in full rage
dil in calm and crying state:zoya leave it
zoya:no no way….i wont….u know how does it feel to have no shade of father on ur head??how does it feel to be orphan??u r so lucky to havbe ur parents..ur father but sadly u dnt know the importance of father.u r one of the richest persons in bhpal but today mr khan…u r the most poor person i have ever seen.u r worst than a beggar….
zoya starts clapping and laughs loudly…:a beggar mr khan a beggar….

asad is super shocked….
tanu tries to control zoya and she breaks down in her arms.
dil hugs najma and cries.asad has tears in his eyes too and thinks…
doc comes.:he needs blood urgently.
dil:so what r u waiting for??
shirin mamu mami arrive
doc;blood group is rare.its O negative
shirin:call ayan

mamu:he is not picking up
shrin:save him bhai save him
mami:shutt up shirin.we are not magicians e cant do anythign that u say.have patience
dil looks at asad
asad looks at zoya sitting on a bench with najma and thinks about her word.
asad:my blood group is O negative.u may take my blood
dil smiles
shirin:no way….its better for rashid to die rather then taking ur blood
dil mamu and mami are shocked
mamu:what r u saying?
shirin:i m saying right.asad hates him and rashid is only mine.i wont let dil and her childen spoil my stay away.
dil shouts enough…

dil:what kind of woman r u??here ur husbands life is in danger and u wanna let him die??how the hell can u be so selfish??now i thank to my ALLAH who didnt let ayan go into ur hands or else he would have got worst upbringing from u.even a snake cant have such poison which u have…
dil shows her had to her to sign no…
dil:dont…domt are speak a word….asad go and give blood to rashid
asad leavves.operation starts
shirin is in full rage and tension that if rashid will wake up he will expose them.

mai sees zoya crying and puts a reassuring hand on her head:don worry he will be fine.
just pray to Allah.
zoya looks at her and goes to offer prayer and so does najma tanu and dil.
shirin is standing like a statue thinking what will happen if he wakes up??no no….he will tell my turth…i will be in i cant let this happen.i have to save my life but how……



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  1. Very emotional episode dear…. shoring plan for saving her….. she could kidnap someone frm Asad’s family

  2. Good episode

  3. Liked it make the next one even more interesting and show more love between asad and zoya and it was an emotional story liked it alot and do the next episode this week some how as i love readind this one

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