Forever love of AsYa (chap 20)

Recap:Asya cute date


Asad then sits on his knees and takes out a ring
Asad:miss farooqui.will u marry me??
Zpya is surprised amd in tears:yes mr khan
He makes her wear ring and both hug.
They drive back home

Shirin is upset with rashids behaviour towards her and goes to her brther and bhabhi.
Mamu:wt happened??
Mami:why r u upset??
Shirin:what the hell should i do then??rashid….

Mamu:wt happened now??
Shirin:he slapped me for that blo*dy dilshad cuz i insulted her and since that day he is rude towards me and i m not liking it.
Mami:since these years u could not make rashid fall for u.

Shirin:dnt taunt me.i dnt believe it that i did so much to get rashid and he dosent care.
Shirin blurts put the truth in amger that she hored goons to kidnap her and tricked rashid in the pics and forced him to marry me in saving my respect.i love him madly and he still loves dilshad.

Rashid who was stamding outsode is shocked to hear this and bangs inside
Rashid shouts:shirin
Others are shocked
Rashid:how could u??i trusted u and u separated me from my love,my family my life.
Shirin:i did it for u
Rashid:no … dont….u all are betrayers…i hate u people….i will go back to dilshad….my asad and najma…
Shirin:oh really??nd wt will u say to ayan nikhat and nuzrat??
Rashid:they will go with me
Mami:no…they will break down…
Rashid is angry still and storms out

Shirin:stop him.
Mami:no shirin.let him go…
Shirin:no i wont…its bcz of dilshad…kill her…
Mamu:shirin….r u out of ur mind??
Mami:after that one incident….we asked for forgiveness from Allah and refrained from all bad we wont take any wrong step.
Shirin:i will not leave anybody…
She storms out….

Rashod is driving madly.he thinks about his moments with dil.the night when shirin trapped him.when he left dil.the hatred of asad.

He them meets with an accident.asad and zpya who were on their way back home see crowd and get down the car.they are shicked to see rashid.
Asad:what happened to him??
Zoya:we should take him to hospital
Asad:let him die
Zoya is shocked out of her wits:mr khan
Asad:he is suffering for betraying my ammi
Zoya:li dnt believe u….how can u??…at least save him for humanityif ur ammi will know that sth has happened to ur abbu she will die and reason will be u….
Asad thinks and picks him up.he places him in back seat and zoya sits at back too with rashids head in her lap.
Asad drives and says:why r u caring for him so much??
Zoya gives him an angry look and doesnt answer.she calls dil and asks her to come to hospital.

Asad senses zoyas anger.they reach hospital and rashod is taken to OT.
Doc;:fill the form to proceed.r u his son??
Zoya is super shocked at his callousity…
Zoya:i m his daughter.let me sign…
Dil and najma who had reached there see this and dil gets emotional seeing zoyas concern and asads hatred.
Doc leaves

Zoya turns around and gives him a tight SLAP across his face.
Asad shockingly looks at zoya who is in tears….

Next epi: truth revealed….

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  1. OMG ! Zoya slapped Asad? ?? What will happen. .. waiting for the next episode

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  2. Oh god Zoya slaped??? Pls update regulary yaar..angel..

  3. Plz try and do the next epi this week its my request and i did like this one make the next more interesting and show more romantic scenes between asad and zoya as that will make it better its my request

  4. Awesome episode, wowwww asya date n proposal, rashid knows shirin’s true face …shocking, zoya slapped asad…precap is very interesting. . Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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