Forever love of AsYa (chap 2)


Zoya reaches Bhopal and says:

Bari awesome comedy Thi javed Ki dhamal Mein….
Zoya shayri ka jalwa dikhate GI ab Bhopal Mein….

She takes a cab and tells him address.on the road taxi stops and driver tells there is a problem.she waits in car while driver goes for mechanic.Meanwhile some goons come and move zoya out of car.they tease her snd calk her baby doll,cutie pie.she tries to shoo them but finds her pepper spray empty.she prays to God to help her.she slaps and pushes a man.the man smiles and says at least u touched me.zoya tries to run but falls.the man says my turn is pending.a guy from behind says me first.he is ASAD.zoya sees him and goes and hugs him(MITWA MOMENT)
Asad feels strange.zoya says plz help me.asad frees himself and eyes zoya from up to down and says no doubt why they were teasing you.she is boggled.asad turns to man and says that wts wrong with ur could u like a girl this wearing improper clothes.her clothes tell how much ill mannered and shameless she is.zoya is shocked at his words and is furious.asad says that such type of girls are apologizes to zoya and leaves.asad goes to zoya and says welcome.zoya is furious and says how dare u??how could u insult me like that?asad says wt us true is true.
Zoya:wt can u be so judgemental??u think that the girls who wear jeans are shameless??Han??
Asad:yes.its my point of view.any problem?
Zoya:how rude!!!
Asad:listen miss I ve no time to listen to u.i have to go.he leaves and zoya is angry.driver comes and takes her.
Humaira is sleeping.ayan comes to her and smiles seeing her.he thinks that u r so beautiful,u always attract me.he says that ayna Ahmed khan behind whom are thousands of girls loves you only.he smiles and leaves.
Zoya arrives at dil’s home.she greets them by saying Salam.they are surprised to see her in jeans.najma thinks that how will bhaijan react?zoya introduces herselp and praise dilshad’s beauty.zoya says that my mum was also beautiful.can I call u Phuphi.dil agrees and najma smiles.the tri hug and smile….

Next epi:asya’s 2nd meeting…

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Nice episode, keep it up buddyyy…liked asya first meeting and fight ..eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. Wow !!! it’s awesome. I love asya’s first meet. Keep it up angel….

  3. Awesome yaaR angel… u freshened up d old memories .. Waiting 4 nxt episode

  4. same hea starlight
    awesome angel
    loved d epi vy much
    tnx of writing
    love ASYA
    once again tnxs dr

    1. Its k anjum….i just need support…keep reading…?

  5. same hea starlight
    awesome angel
    loved d epi vy much
    tnx for writing
    love ASYA
    once again tnxs dr

  6. Great yaar now asya will again fight love their fights

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