Forever love of AsYa (chap 19)


Recap: najma and imran meet after long time.asya cute convo


Next day zoya asks for pizza
Asad:r u out of ur mind??
Asad:u should take care of urself.u wong eat pizza
Zoya:but mr can never spoil my health.infact it freshens me
Asad:plz miss farooqui.i dnt know how will i handle u after marriage
Zoya:hmm…so u r making plans
Asad:why should i tell u??

Zoya:ok fjne dont tell bug i wanna tell u sth that i womt marry u till u prove urself romantic
Asad smiles
Zoya:why r u laughing??
Asad:i jnew u will de,and sth foolish so i have already done arrangements
Zoya:what kind of arrangements
Asad:wait nd watch
Asad:again but??

Asad:oh God….stop….just rest ok..i will come after bringing discharging papers.
He leaves while zoya makes a pouty face

Nikhat gets farhan’s call
Nikhat:salam farhan ji
Farhan:farhan ji??no no just farhan
Farhan:wont u say sth?
Nikhat:u have called me it means u want to say sth
Farhan:nikhat…r u happy?
Nikhat:yes very much….but…r u really sure about this relation??
Farhan:why r u asking this??
Nikhat:bcz i have dark complexion.
Farhan:i judge a person by their hearts not by colour and ur heart is very pure
Nikhat:thnk j farhan…i m very lucky to get u
Farhan:is there anything u wang to tell me??
Nikhat thinks about asad.

Farhan:what is it?
Nikhat:i will tell u when we meet.ok Khuda Hafiz…
She cuts call:i hope the truth doesnt create any problem…

Zoya is taken back home where najma and dil are eagerly waiting for her.
Najma hugs her
Dil:i m happy u came back
Tanu:wont u hug me??
She hugs tanu too.
Tanu:u go and rest
Zoya goss to her room amd sees a gift.she opens to find a beautiful white gown with a letter

“I know whem u will wear it i will feel that my angel has come from Heaven….”

Yours and only urs Asad

Zoya smiles broadly.sje gets a msg to get ready by evening

Zoya gets ready.tanu does her make up.dil is super happy.
Najma comes running:the car has come
Zoya takes a leave
The car drops zoya in a garden

Zoya is stunned to see a beautiful set up in the middle which includes a table with two chairs decorated beautifully with flowers and balloons.a route with flowers is made to reach there.she walks and with every step of hers the lights brighten.
As she walks some people play violin calmly.zoya reaches the table and sees pizza with a smily face on it.she finds a letter again

“My zoya.i wanted to place a ckae but u r my pizza girl aapnd tonight i want everything special for wtever u like and want will happen only.”


Zoya smiles.asad comes from behind and hugs her,
Zoya:mr khan thnk u
Asad:ssshh.dont say anuthing.plz let me feel the moment.let me know u r wih me in my afms.let me know u r safe with me
Let me know u r fine
Zoya turns around and finds tears in his eyes
Asad:i was shit scared when ur accidnet happened.i thought i will lose u but fate wanted us to be together
Zoya:we will always be together.i promise mr khan.

Zoya kisses his cheeks in order to wioe his tears.asad caresses her fave and kisses her forehead.


Asad forwards his hand for a dance

Zoya smiles and they dance on JANAM JANAM from DILWALE 2015

Asad lifts her in his arms and spins.while spinning rose petals are showered on them.asad places her on chair and presents champaign.they talk romantically and dine together.zoya eats pizza like kids amd asad smiles

A waiter comes and presents cake too on which asad and zoya name are written

Zoya:mr khan
Asad:sshh…just cut it silently
Zoya:asad and zoya can never be separated.not eben their names so i wont cut this cake
Asad smiles and zoya hugs her
Asad bends on his jnees amd presents a ring
Zoya is stunned and smiles broadly
He makes her wear ring

Asad:i love you
Zoya:i live u too

They hug


Credit to: Angel

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