Forever love of AsYa (chap 18)

Recap: asya beautiful love confession aftr zoyas accident.imran and najma collision

Today epi:

Najma is shocked to see imran.
Najma:what r u doing here?
Imran:i came to take my moms medicines
Najma:oh…i m here as my bhabhi met with an accident
Imran:is asad bhaijan married??
Najma:would be bhabhi
Imran:it means now he can agree to our marriage??

Najma is surprised
Najma:wich marriage??the marriage whose dreams saw?the marriage whose dreams shattered when u left all of a suden??i tries to messagwu call u but u didnt reply.u know i told everything about us to bhaijan and he agreed as he wanted my happiness but he was scattered to see me shattered when u left without informing.he took care of me,now u r back suddenly and are asking me to come back into ur life??i m not a toy…forget me…
Najma sees doc and takes him with her,

Dil:i have told u thousand times to take care of urself
Asad:u know she doesnt listen to anybody
Tanu:i should be sorry zoya….i shouldnt have asked u to call jammy went to road and then all this…i m sorry forgive me plz….

Zoya:tanu u helped us as a friend…dont say sorry…
Najma comes with doc
Doc examines zoya and says its a miracle.u r fine now…
U can go home tomorrow
Asad:i will stay tonight

Zoya smiles
Tanu:if u wont allow then zoyas dimples will vanish
Dil smiles:ok
Zoya notices najma sad

Imran goes home:how do i tell u that i love u a lot and cant live without you…plz forgive me najma plz forgive me…

Humaira and ayan go on a date.he sings song for her


She smiles and kisses his cheeks.

Mamu in the house is thinking about his lost daughter.
Mamu:i wish u come back in my life soon

Zoya is holding asad’s hand:mr kha i miss abbu.i wish he was with me.
Asad:i promise we willfind them soon.
He kisses her hand,
Zoya:mr khan why didnt u express ur feeling before
Asad:what if i ask u the same question
Zoya:i would say that…i didnt realise
Asad:me too,…but now its all set and i promise i wont leave u ever
Zoya:by the way ur poetry was good
Asad:what?? But u were unconscious how did u know??
Zoya:i can hear every voice of urs…even if i die i will always reside in ur heart
Asad:dnt talk like that.i wont let anything happen to u ever.i promise.i love u,,…
Zoya: i love u too…


Next epi: zoya and asad on date….

Credit to: Angel


  1. Roma

    So sweeeeeet epi, asya moments so cute. ..precap very interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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