Forever love of AsYa (chap 16)

tanveer hears asya talking.
zoya:tell mr khan plz
asad is speechless
asad:Actually u r anwar bhaijan’s sali sahiba so…
zoya:oh that’s it??
asad:yes miss farooqui

zoya leaves and asad says:


I guess I love u zoya!!!

MITWA plays….

zoya goes to her room.tanu comes.
zoya:oh tanu come plz
tanu:so wts going on between u and jammy??
zoya:wt happened?
tanu:dndt act I know sth fishy
zoya:nothing fishy…say clearly
tanu:u love him?
zoya:what???me love??mr khan???what a joke tanu
tanu:u r lying
zoya:no tanu
tanu:u love him

zoya is surprised at her words.
tanu:its true.u fight but then patch up lovingly.u fume when u see me with jammy.he always cares for u and protects u.isnt it love???
zoya:tanu I dnt know wt to say….I never thought about it….
tanu:think now as what I m seeing will be seen by others too but u both will never accept
she pats zoya’s face and leaves.

on the road haseena’s car stops.imran goes to take some fruits.farhan sees some crowd and gets off to see wts happening.a girl is reprimanding a guy fro driving carelessly and hitting the child.she gives a moral lecture and farhan is impressed.the girl is NIKHAT.after all leave nikhat sits down and bandages the child’s leg.
nikhat:u ok?
child:yes didi
she gives him a chocolate and plants a kiss on his cheek
she turn around and collides with farhan and is about to fall but he holds her.both have an eyelock
farhan:its ok
she leaves while farhan smiles

all are prepared for arrival of guests.
haseena enters with farhan and Imran.all greet her.
razia:plz come in.
all have a chit chat.nuzhat by mistake drops tea on farhan’s shirt and he goes to washroom.he enters nikhat’s room and she turns around as she is changing
farhan instantly apologizes and is about to go out when nikhat says :you??
he turnsyeah….and you??
nikhat:what r u doing here?
farhan:i came with my mom
nikhat:oh so u r the guy who has come to see me?
farhan:yeah so u r the girl
nikhat:just liste to me.if u have a problem with my dark complexion then tell me now.plz dnt insult my family downstairs
farhan is taken aback.:i m not that kind of person.i ve seen goodness in u.i have no objection.he smiles and leaves.nikhat smiles too unbelievingly.
nikhat comes down and haseena objects at her complexion.
farhan:i ve no problem.i have met her before and she is nice and kind hearted.i will marry her only
haseena smiles and relation is are reieved and happy.nikhat and farhan cast a loving look to each other.

humaira is in her room thinking about the last incident.then she remembers al her moments with ayan from her childhood till now
humair:u always cared for me and protected me.i could never understand ur was love aan.plz forgive me.i m so sorry.i love u too ayan.
she cries.ayan who was standing at the door smiles to hear this.

next epi:tanu unites asad and zoya……najma and Imran relation

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  1. Wonderful episode. …. Asad in love with zoya… good job

  2. nice episode ya. Asad fall in love, farhan fall in love, humaira fall in love in the single epi. Now i’m (maybe some readers) also fall in love ur updates angel. Keep it up.

    I like farhan-nikhat scene

  3. Priya Dhandapani

    So nice angel and a request dnt use negative character

  4. Amazing

  5. Why are you updating the nxt epi if u dont get the time to update just finish this story only people cant wait such a long time ……

  6. Why are you not updating the nxt epi if u dont get the time to update just finish this story only people cant wait such a long time ……

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