Forever love of AsYa (chap 15)



dil goes to asad and reprimands him for misbehaving with zoya.she is crying bitterly.
asad:i m sorry ammi
dil:say sorry to zoya
asad:i know what to do

tanu goes to zoya’s room and knocks it
zoya:plz leave me alone
tanu;if u consider me ur friend then plz open the door
zoya is still crying bt lets her in
tanu sits with her on bed
tanu:i know its very painful for u but jammy was concerned so he said it in anger
zoya:he always does that I never mind but he talked about my parents.i m so hurt
tanu:i know zoya.i m sorry for ur parents.dnt wry u will find them and I will help u for sure but plz dnt cry.everything will be fine
tanu cracks a joke and zoya smiles.she hugs her.

ayan is preparing medicines for humaaira.she tries to talk but he doesn’t respond.she feels guilty and apologizes.he ignores,doesnt say anuthing draps blanket over her and is tensed to see this.humaira cries and dil comes to her
humaira:he is miffed and angry
dil:he cares for u
humaira:i said that I m sorry
dil:wt u did was wrong beta
humaira:why was he so angry??
dil:bcz he loves u
humaira is stunned
dil:its true.he loes u from the core,he cars for u.he always talks abut you when he comes here.he loves you beta

humaira reminisces ayan always talking sweetly to her and taking her care and protecting her.she smiles.

shirin is walking tensedly waiting for ayan.razia is also trying humair’s num but she doesn’t pick it up.
mamu and rashis are also there
shrin:rashid wt should we do?
rashid doesn’t respond as he is miffed with shirin due to th incident of dil.
razia:mr.siddiqui why dnt u go and search for them
mamu:its all your fault razia.u never asked humaira to be in her limits.she parties all night.she has so many boys around her.we dnt know what she does.if my other daughter had been …..

razia is shocked to hear it and signs him to stop as rashid and shirin are there.
shirin:tomorrow a guy is also coming to see nikhat and ayan is lost tonight.
dil calls at home.badi bi picks it up
dil:salam ammi
badi bi:beta how r u?
diil;i m ok.thnk God u picked it up.i wanna tel that ayan and hmaira are at my house.humaira was not well so hey came here she is rsting and ayan cant leave her alone.dnt tell anyone.
badi bi:ok beta

rashid:who was it?
badi bi:it was ayan.he said that he and humaira are at friends home and will come tomorrow as humaira is unwell.
rashid to himself;why did I feel that it was my dil??

RASHID DIL tune plays

next morning zoya wakes up a little late and gets fresh.she comes oyt and is surprised to see some ladies reciting Quran.dil is also reading with devotiona nd in guest room all men are gathered reciting Quran and asad is deeply devoted and concentrated.najma is serving to all guests and zoya asks her wts happening.
najma:today is ur ammi’s death anniversary so asad bhaijan has arranged QURAN KHWANI for her soul’s peace.zoya is taken aback and tear escapes her eyes.

she joins them and it ends.zoya goes to her room and asad comes.ahe turns her face away.asad asks her to look for once at least.she turns and sees asad holding a teddy bear and a sorry card.she smiles and he apologizes
asad:actually I was worried fro u yesterday.i got afraid that if sth had happened to u wt would have I done?
zoya:why mr.khan?
he holds her by shoulders.:i dnt know zoya but I care for u and cant think of losing u.i sth would have happened to u I would have died….

tanu hears and sees them and thinks sth…

next epi: Farhan and Imran’s entry….humaira realises her love for ayan

Credit to: Angel

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