Forever love of AsYa (chap 14)


zoya and asad take humaira an ayan to asad’s home.dil is appy to see him and both hug each other.but she sees humaira crying and nderstands that sth has happened.he arranges a room for humaira.ayan is still in anger.
ayan:she is not a man times do I have to tell her to take of herself.she is so stupid
zoya:relax ayan.she need support and care right now.she was wrong but now Allah has showed her right path.
asad:ayan..a man learns to walk on right path when he gets a kick while walking on wrong path.
ayan’s anger vanishes
zoya:u love her??
ayan:more than my life
zoya:then go to her.she needs u the most
he thanks them and leaves

zoya:mr khan
asad give her an angry look and is about to go when tanveer calls im
asad:yes tanu
tanu:i brought tea for uu must be tired
asad:thanks a lot
zoya gets angry
zoya:Allah miya wts wrong with u mr.khan.i called u but u didn’t listen and tanu called u and u instantly eplied
asad puts mug and the table

asad:u r so stupid
asad:i asked u not to go out but u went.fine.u were walking carelessly on road.fair enough.u didn’t hear car’s sound and u were about to get hurt.u maight have unbearable.have u thought wt would have happened??how the hell can u be so careless??
zoya:i m sorry mr khan but I was alittle upset so…

asad:upset and u??u just know to laugh as if u have no worries and sadness in ur life and u think all others are like that too but miss farooqui other people have a heart.u r such a foolish girl.anything could have happened.wt would have replied to ur api and jeeju??dnt u have sense??
tanu asks him to stop but he continues

its not ur fault.its ur parent’s fault who didn’t teach u anything.and u know what people say that a daughter is a reflection of mother and u show how was ur mother.she must be like u…nd u r so stupid and………
zoya shouts:enough asad!!
she is outraged and cries
najma and dil hear the sound and excuse huamira and ayan

zoya:enough is enough!!wt do u think of urself?r u a king?r u a ruler?u think u can rule my life?no mr khan.u talk about me,scold me,hit me.i will bear it but u have no right to talk about my parents ,my api and ammi!!!I m who I m.i even don’t know if I m my ammi’s reflection or not.u know why??bcz I was only 8 when I was orpaned.
one day some people came to our home and took us in a abbu was standing quietly when a woman came and stabbed my mom in front of abbu was watching silently.i was being taken away and shouting for my mom who in front of my eyes was thrown into river.and I was beaten badly and thrown from the body reached a village and I was treated.i was sent to an api and jeeju adopted me and I was in shock for years and didn’t speak anything.i have a heart mr.khn and t hurts deeply.its the dream I see and scream.

asad reminiseces zoya screaming whle dreaming.

and u know mr khan why was I so tensed today bcz tomorrow is my ammi’s death anniversary.every year I miss her badly.tht incident comes in my mind and I just try to be normal.this is the biggest truth of my life and I try to be happy forgetting my pains and sadness.

all cry listening to her story and she heself breaks into miserable tears and rushes to her room and asad is damn guilty.zoya’s api keeps calling her and she doesnt pick it up
dil gets a call.its zooa’s ap.dil opens zoya’s room’s door and asaks her to take the call.she keeps hand on zoya’s head who is in tears and leaves.

zoya’s api asks zoya to say sth but zoya bursts out crying and screaming …..

dil is concerned and reminisces zoya treating her as mother and says ASAD….

next epi:asad’s apology and QURRAB KHWANI…..asya moments…..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Fabulous episode. …. Asya scenes was very emotional. …

  2. mind blowing epi super fantastic angel
    love u dr
    epi WS damakedar
    vy painful Zoya Asad feelg guilty
    eagerly waiting for next epi
    plzzzzzzz update evyday yr plz
    epi WS vy emotional who is tat who stab Zoya mom???
    love u keep updating

  3. Its awesome angel loved it a lot .

    Asad and zoya are always awesome loved it dear keep smiling dear.

  4. Heart touching episode angel dr. Waiting 4 ur nxt epi. Plz update soon.

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