Forever love of AsYa (chap 13)



zoya opens door nd a girl TANVEER steps in
tanu:hi zoya ji
zoya is surprised and says how do u knw me??
tanu:jammy told me about u
zoya:jammy??who is he
asad comes form behind and says me
tanu sees him and runs to hug him
asad hugs her back and zoya is shocked

zoay:excuse me??who is she
tanu:zoya ji my nam esi tanveer and I m jamm’s best childhood friend
tanu:actually he used to love jam so I used to call him jammy
zoya gives a fake smile

asad:u must be tired tanu come
zoay:tanu??such a weet name she has TANVEER.cant u call her by that name??
asad coughs and says:i also have a sweet name but some people call me ANGRY BIRD,CHILLI etc
zoya fumes and says ok as u wish
tanu:zoya ji we will be great friends
zoya smiles:but plz stop calling me me zoya

she leaves to room and at night meets dil and najma.
asad:i ve brought samosas for u tanu
zoya is surpised and says to herself:wah!when I came first day mr.khan wantedto give me poison and here he has brought samosas!!!!
zoya:puphi I m going out for a walk
asad:no way
asad:its late
zoay:if phuphi has no objection then why you?
asad:u r a girl
zoya stands on sofa:wts thre problrm with u mr.khan?why do u keep underestimating me???

asad is irriated and pulls her down from sof andshe falls in his arms>they have an eyelock.all see this and smile

MITWA plays

both compose themselves
asad:plz go but dnt stand on sofa.zoy leaves angrily

humaira is a little drunk and asks a friend to drop her to home.ayan who had been following her is unable to find her anywhere.he then sees her ging in a car and runs behind it.zoya is walking on road and is fuming to think about asad and tanu.
zoya:angry bird never smiles with me but wt is in tanu??am I not hot and beautiful??I m sooo intelligent but mr khan….
the guy tries to misbehave with huamira in car and she stops him.but he tries to force her.he is not driving carefully.
zoya is talking to herself and hears car sound.she turns around and is shocked to see car coming.she gets afraid and is stuck to her palce when asad jumps on her and bth roll down to the other end of gthe road.

zoya is on asad and both are lost into each other.


car stops.ayan also reaches.he drags man out of car and beats him.humaira watches this and cries.
ayan:how dare u touch u know who she is???she is my u get it??
humaira is shocked and collapses on floor
asad zoya get up and asad stops ayan.the man runs.ayan sees humaira and is angry
ayan shouts:i told u.i warned u its not safe but u>u have become shameless u have any idea wt could that man do??how can u be so careless?why the hell u dnt care about urself or ur family or me???

asad gives his coat to crying humaiara and turns to ayan>
asad:its not the right time ayan
zoya picks her up and says mr khan I think we should take her to ur home as it wnt be good if she goes to her home like this.and plz ask ur bro to calm down.
asad is surprised that zoya knows the truth…..they comply and take her to asad’s home……

next epi:zoya’s past revealed………

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wow wonderful episode

    1. thnk u so much

  2. Superb im waiting 4 ur ff.if u cn plz update fast

    1. thnx.i will try

  3. superb…
    is tanveer positive or negative here…

    1. thnx……positive nd negative a bit…….I wont let her suucceed

  4. wow very nice episode. Zoya is too bubbly. But i like it. Nice work angel.

    1. thnx lachu

  5. hey angel dear , hello ji how r u dear. So the spice came in life of asad and zoya loved it dear. Love u always keep going dear. .

    Keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. hey nish..fine……thnx….love u

  6. Very nice epi ..angel did u know the serial dill mill gayye

    1. hey…….yeah I know

      1. If u know then plz plz write fan fiction on that also plz plz dear

  7. Very very nice epi waiting for the nxt epi

  8. Wowwww lovely episode, tanveer seems positive character in this ff…loved asya fight..zoya is jealous. …keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. hey thnx a lot

  9. I don’t think… Tanveer Is positive in the show also she was positive in the beginning… But later only truths revealed…. And let’s see what angel has in store for us…. Angel.. U r reaallllyyy.. Superbbbb…. I was keenly waiting for ur ff… Thank u yaar u are giving us a wonderful treat… Good job… All the best…

    1. thnk u so much….wait nd watch…..welcm

  10. superb yr angel
    how long vil u make us HV patience’s to read ur ff of qubul hai seriously yr plz update it evyday plz plz did is my humble request to u
    2days epi WS superb i WS not expecting tanu entry so soon in ur ff ASYA rocksss
    Zoya jealous my god fantastic
    hope u get free soon & update it evyday love u

    1. hey ANJUM…..really soooooooooooooooooooooorry but I m damn bzy till Tuesday as I m preparing for hosting of a concert at my college along with other function at the same day so its gonna take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of time……….I will update as soon as I can…………………thnk u

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