Forever love of AsYa (chap 12)


zoya goes to ask najma about it.she gets surprised seeing najma walking on tredmil.she bursts out into laugh.
najam:dnt laugh zoya.appreciate my effort.i will become slim now.
zoya breaks into poetry:

angrezon ki English nyari weak hai unki hindi
dekho tamatar banne chali hai green green bhindi….

najam:very funny.oh God I m so tired.i dnt know how to stop it
zoya;when zoya is here not to fera.let me help
najma:come fats
zoya goes to help her but instead she speeds it up by mistake and both fall down
zoya:Allah miya!!my back
najma:i m dead today….both get up and sit on bed

najma:by the way did u have some work
zooya:who is ayan and rashid??
najam is shocked
zoya:actually ayan had come last night and mr.khan was getting emotional seeing him and he talked rudely to ayan’s father on dil’s bday….
najma:sit zoya…
najma goes onto narrate the whole story.

najma;ammi and abbu did love marriage.they were very happy together.abbu was very glad when ammi got pregnant with their first child.shirin was abbu’s college mate who loved him and wanted to get him even after abbu’s marriage.she warned ammi many times to leave him but ammi and abbu were unfazed as they loved each other dearly.abbu’s and ammi’s love grew more when bhaijan stepped in their lives.
shirin made desparate efforts to separate them but to no avail.shirin’s bro mr Siddiqui also tried to convince him but abbu sent him back after insulting him.

ammi was pregnant again after 4 years.shirin got kidnapped by some people.ammu saw this and recued her but she was in a compromising state.ammu gave her his jacket and she cries and hugged him.abbu tried to console her.sm1 took their pics and tried to create a wrong impression.siddiqui got heart attack and razia requested abbu to marry shirin to save her respect and mamu’s life.abbu had to give in.
when ammi came to know about his marriage she didn’t believe it.she cried vigorously.she didn’t want to meet abbu.bhaijan used to see ammi in that state and got furious.ammi after few days fainted due to weakness.she was admitted to hospital and was unconscious for 2 days.when abbu came to meet her Bhai fought him and showed his rage.when ammi got conscious abbu met her and told everything.she wss shocked and forgave him and got concerned about shirin but bahi was still angry and was not able to forgive him.

after a year ayan was born.he is shirin’s and abbu’s son.meanwhile ammi abbu used to meet each other.who could stop them after all they were true lovers.but when ayan was two years old shirin met with an aacident and stayed in coma for almost 2 and a half year.ayan used to stay with us.ammi loved him like his son.asad bahiajn and I used to take care of him.he loved us a lot.abbu lived those with us too but couldn’t lessen bhaijan.s anger.whenshirin woke up she took ayan with her who cried badly.ayan made desperate efforts so did I and bahijan.ammi requested shirirn to live together like a happy family but she is so egoistic.she posed to be thnkful for taking care of ayan.

despite all the problems and clshes no one was able to break ayan’s relation with us.he used to meet us.come on all functions nd did abbu with ahope that Bhai will forgive him but…ayan is my younger bro and we love him.we have two sisters too.nikhat and nuzhat.thats it

zoya who is shocked and teay eyed hugs najma and says everything will be fine soon.

shrin comes to rashid and dil and isults dil
shirin:i knew ur character was bad.dnt u have any shame??rashid is married and here u r meeting and hugging and romancing with him.
ragsid:just shut up
dil:plz shirin dnt misunderstand I m his wife too
shirin:u were his wife.he is mine.if he had loved u so much he would have never left u
dil:it was a game played by destiny.u know he was helpless.he had to save ur respect and ur bro’s life and I m proud of him for that
rashid looks emotionally at her.
shrin gets angry
shirin:i dnt cre just stay away from my family.u and ur kids are an omen for people.i wish to kill them

dil:shirin!!just sut kids are my proud.i dnt know if u cosider them as your kids but ayan is my son too ansd so do nikhat and nuzhat.i wont tolerate even a single word against asad and najma.u r telling me to shame?u r urself shameless.u knew that rashid and I are livi ng a hppy life but u made desparate efforts to separate us.and then u got kidnapped.wt a coincidence that the guy whom u wanted to marry came to help u and a situation was created where he was bound to marry you.i wonder sometimes if it were u only who kidnapped herself and created a situation to entrap my husband

shirin gets furious and SLAPS dil.dil falls and gets hurt.rashid in a rage seeing dil hurt gives a tight SLAP to shirin who is shocked.he goes to dil and holds her….(RASHID DIL TUNE)

zoya is thinking to help asad somehow.then she thinks to visit the last person whose name is mentioned in the list.she heads to leave and hears doorbell.she opens door and sm1 steps in…..

new entry;asad zoya moment……

Credit to: Angel

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