Forever love of AsYa (chap 11)


zoya wakes up and gets ready.she goes to breakfast table and eats food silently.there was a dead silence.zoya ate and went out.asad fet guilty and dil najma gave an angry look to him.zoya comes to dargah and tries to take info.she takes the list of the name sof people who contributed money.last name is of Siddiqui.she searches whole day by going to the houses but to no avail.

humaira sees ayan working and goes to him.
humaira:still angry
humaira:then bring me ice cream
ayan gets happy and goes to bring it
humaira:ayan is so nice
razia comes and tells her that a guy iscoming to see that preparations.humaiara gets happy and goes to nikhat.nikhat makes faces and says that if this time anybody commented on my colour I will kick themall smile to see her boldness.

zoya comes home before 7 and goes to her room which is fully decorated with flowers and sorry cards.she is surprised.she smiles nd turns aroung to look at asad on his knees.
asad;i m sorry zoya
zoya looks at him and bursts into laugh.asad is surprised.


zoya makes himstand:its ok mr.khan.i forgave u at that time when u saved my respect.thnx a lot.
asad:u wasted my money on these flowers and cards
zoya:Allah miya wts wrong with you??u r bsiness tycoon and crying for some money.KANJUS.

asad:actually u were quiet at the dining table so…
zoya breaks into her poetry


zoya:mr khan u get tensed at both when I m speaking continuously and second when I dnt speak.wt is your prblm
zasad:nthng miss farooqui.just sleep
he leaves while zoya smiles and looks at the room

dil in the morning goes to bakery and sees rashid.both share ahug and get emotional.
rashid:dilshad.i was missing u so much
dil:there is not even a single moment when I dnt miss u rashid
rashid:when will everything get back to normal?
dil:i m also waiting for that day
rashid:i m waiting for that day too when we become a happy family.


they are holding hands when shirin sees them from far.they are shocked….

zoya sees some shadow and goes to kitchen.she screams seeing AYAAN.she holds a rod and is about to hit him when asad shouts he name.
zoya:mr khan thief.dnt wry I will protect you
asad:miss farooqui put the rod down plz
zoya:no no its my duty to protect u
ayan tries to speak but zoya tries to hit him.he dodges and ziya breaks a glass.asad is extremely irritated and holds her hand and pins her against the wall.

MITWA play

both have an eyelock and ayan coughs to break it.asad reminds her that ayan met u in dil’s party.zoya reminisces and apologizes.asad takes ayan to room after tight hug.zoya reminisces asad’s cold behaviour towards rashid and thinks wts the mytery???

next epi:asad’s childhood history……..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. vy nic angel
    especially ASYA part
    keep it dr
    waitg fr next epi

  2. After very long time..hmm nice 🙂

  3. Ur fan fiction is nice angel

  4. Very funny and intresting. Asad apologising on sitting in his knees was awesome. Keep it up dear. But why u updated so late.

    1. thnx…bzy in exams

  5. asya rocked today

  6. Miss those times in qubool hai.

  7. nice episode angel. Asya part was realy awasome

  8. It’s awesome epi, loved zoya’s poetry. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thnx roma…glad to see u as constant reader

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