Forever love of AsYa (chap 10)


Zoya cries vigorously and leaves the house.
Dil:I m ashamed of you asad.u slapped could you??she is just a poor girl.where will she go at this time of night??
Asad:she will go to the man whom she gave money to spend a night with disgusting she is..
Dil:how can u be so sure??she is not that kind of girl.I know her.
Asad:ammi plz its just been few weeks that she is here how can u be so sure??
Dil:smtimes only a single moment is enough to know how a person is and I know her well.she cant be like this.
Asad:she is like this.a cheap characterless girl.

Najma no longer is able to control I and shouts Enough bhaijan.not even a single word against her plz.she is not at fault.she saved me.
Asad and dil are shocked.
Dil:najma!!!wt happened??
Najma bursts out crying and collapses on floor.
Asad:tamatar??wt happened
Dil hugs her and she tells everything.
They are super shocked.

Najma:she saved me.she helped me bhaijan.she is not characterless.she is the best.
She cries badly while dil is also in tears.
Asad reminisces wt he did to her and tries calling her but her whole luggage and phone is at home.he gets concerned.

Zoya is walking on road and reminisces wt happened and esp asad’s slap
zoya:it shouldn’t have happened.but thanks to Allah who saved najma’s respect.
The same goon is following her.zoya is oblivious and reaches a railway station.

Asad searches for her at the railway stations.the man comes from behind and holds zoya.she screams for help.
Man:respect respect much u care for it.i will tell u wt happens when it is maligned.
Zoya is shocked to see his fellows with him who forcefully take her to the quarter at railway station.

Asad:only andheri station is left.i hope she is there.
They take zoya to the room and try to rape her.she screams for help and pushes the men.they are three and she is man tears her shirt form arm and she shouts no.two men pin her against the wall and the third man is moving near to her to kiss her.she screams.

Just then Asad makes a heroic entry and pushes the man.he hits two men holding zoya and fights heroically.zoya collapses on floor and weeps badly.she keeps her hands on her face.asad finishes the fight and comes to her.

He has tears in his eyes.he calls out to her but she cries badly,he sees her clothes torn and covers her with his coat.she sees him remembers the slap.she instantly moves away as she gets afraid of him.

Asad:miss farooqui.leyts go home.
She look at him
SAD MITWA plays.
She stands up and he takes her home.
Dil and najma are sitting tensed,
Najma:Ya Allah plz don’t give punishment to zoya for my mistake.
Dil:no najam its no ones mistake.sje saved u.we are indebted to her.

They hear the knoch and instantly open the door and are relieved to see zoya.
Zoya hugs dilshad and bursts into tears.she gets concerned.
Dil:wt happened beta??
Najma hugs her.
Dil:asad’s coat.
A fearsome thought clicks fil’s mind.
Dil stealthily removes coat and sees zoya’s clothes torn.she is shocked and so is najma.
Najma:zoya..did sm1
Asad:its nothing like that.sm1 tried but I came.
Both are relieved.
Zoya:Phuphi.i am not characterless.plz trust me.
Dil:shh.we know.najma told us.
Zoya look at najma and hugs her.they take her to room.

Asad reprimands himself and says why asad??couldn’t u see truth in her eyes?couldn’t u see the innocent face of hers??

Zoya is asleep.asad goes to her room and sits by her side.
Asad caresses her hair.then her face.he holds her hand.
Asad:I m couldn’t I trust you.i m so naive.i even slapped u.
He reminisces the slap and feels guilty.
He then gently plants a KISS on zoya’s cheek where he slapped her.

Next epi:asad apologizes to zoya.Rashid and dil moments….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wow just feeling like asad and zoya are back(surbhi-karan)

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    Btw, your fan fiction is fabulous.

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      I miss AsYa a loooooot

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  9. Too good angel. I love this episode. I am also miss asya…….

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