Forever love of AsYa (chap 1)


A girl is shown in salwar suit and sounding sweet.she is najma.she is calling out her ammi dilshad who is working in the kitchen.najma says that let me clean the table otherwise asad bhaijan will get angry.

A muscular guy is playing with the punching bag.after he finishes it he picks up the water bottles and pours on himself.water moves from his heat till torso.(ufff!!).that handsome guy is Asad Ahmad khan.he freshens up and gets dressed in a suit.he comes for breakfast.he greets everyone and sits on his chair.he eyes najma and she is confused.he signals her and she says oops!she sets the spoon straight.he then starts reading newspaper. dilshad serves him and says that a guest is coming to stay for some days.

Dilshad:do u remember Anwar who lives in new York.his wife’s sis is coming for some work and will stay here with us.
Azad:yes ammi I remember Anwar is really nice,I m sure the guest will also be well mannered and polite.she can come when ever she wants.
Dilshad:ok asad.i will just tell him.
A girl is shown dancing on her bed.whole room us on on floor.coke can on bed.she turns out to be beautiful zoya.she smiles and says a shayri:
Jb se dekha hai mjhe tbse boys ka hosh hai khoya….
I m the one and only dashing zoya…

Zeenat(zoya’s sis) comes in and says a person should adopt dog,cat or even snake but not misunderstandings.thus poetry doesn’t suit you.
Zoya:Allah miya wts wrong with you can u insult my poetry?
Zeenat starts arranging her room and tells her that u r going to anwar’s friends house.behave well and avoid ur mischiefs.
Zoya:u r giving me lecture as I I m going to my susral.
Zeenat:I hope to see that day soon.
Zoya:plz api.dbt talk about marriage again.
Zeenat:ok ok I m sorry.but u know wt?I m gonna miss u a lot.
Zoya gets emotional and says me too.

Anwar comes in and says emotional secenes plz.just wish luck to our zoya that she may get what she wants.just complete ur mission.zoya smiles and hugs them.
Some goons are teasing 2 girls on the girl is nikhat.she slaps the boy who in return is about to slap her but sm1 holds the hand and says dnt dare touch my sisters.he is ayan.he fights the goons and comes to girls.he talks to the second girl asking if she is ok?she replies u shouldn’t have come we could handle them alone too.he says Tha t how could I see u in trouble.she looks at hima nd he composes himself.she asks nikhta to come.
Nikhat:bhaijan.u will never leave her.

Ayan:how can I leave humaira??(second girl was humaira.
A man is holdind dilshad’s pic.he is rashid.his other wife shirin comes calling him and says that still she is in ur mind?why can not u frget her.but she always snatches you from me.Rashid asks her to shut up and leave.she curses dilshad and says she spoiled my life.
Some women are playing cards.all lose except one.all say how is this possible.u always win.
Mamu says that gaffut Ahmad siddiqui’s wife razia never loses no matter what(evil tune plays)….

Precap: asya’s first meet…
Hope u guys loved it….throw comments freely…I m waiting…?

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Nice one

    1. Nice to c u again hayathi

  2. Nice episode

  3. Are year its looking like qubool hai!!!!!!!!!!☺☺☺☺

  4. Good start….keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, take care

    1. Thnk u roma

  5. vy nic start Angel
    keep it up dr
    let me know e timing wen u vil update ??
    plz reply
    loved it from e core of my heart
    it lks lk v r seeg qubul hai
    & 1 mr thing plz update a little longer convo fightg romance of ASYA

    1. Hey anjum…i will update when I get time…i will try to make it lnger…but I m bzy now a days

  6. Nice story

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