Forever In My Heart (Episode 5)

At park :

without thinking that whose following me , I directly went to him…
I though that as soon as I will reach there . I will come straight to the topic and will ask him that what is it.. that is making you so worried but…… but what we think doesn’t really happen … on seeing him…it felt like I was ceased from living and my mind wasn’t in the condition to think over anything !

And you know what… why all this happened? because today he looked exactly like he looked the very first day of the college. exactly like that! same attitude , same manner , kind of same clothes and that same smile which can make anyone’s heart a happy one.

But suddenly I realized that its not the correct time to think about all this . As soon as possible , I want to know everything and fix everything at right places.

Hey dear!! since you have come , whom u r dreaming of?? firstly , u called me so early, on top of that u urself are late nd now that u HV come , u r not speaking a word.
wt has happened to u??

Me: oh..sorry ..actually ..vo..I ..I was…. Ahh!! …leave this let’s just come to the topic for which I HV called u here. Ok?? nd yes , ime more thing whatever I’ll ask u. u will be giving all replys in truth only, I kn u will…I trust u..just don’t break that ever.. but still I need a promise . Ok??

okay…but y are u saying like this ?? something happened or what ?? has any1 said something to u or HV I dn something wrong ?? why are u so serious ? all Ok ??

ya. .I am serious nd I also want u to be serious …first listen to me nd then answer Ok…..( long pause).
why did u broke up with her ? nd this tym for god’s sake ,I want to kn the truth …

arey!! it was just this little… .I told u kn right that she is not my type…a total b*t*h u kn….nd for me that’s the only reason of our break up ( with a fake smile).

R u kidding?? Do u think it’s a joke or something?? look I kn its not the truth… nd dude what do u think of urself?? ‘Dear’, I kn u very well …u are not of that kind who can break a relation so easily, that to even without a strong reason.
And when we are talking abt her, it really sounds like a joke to me. bcoz let me remind u….you are the same person who was behind her since day 1, a guy who struggled so much to make that girl his partner ….nd finally after a lot drama when she agreed to be in relationship …. then…then out of sudden shoch within 2 weeks u broke up with her!! …so …do u want me to believe this crap???
so plzzzz just stop this f**king j of yours nd tell me what has happened?? if u trust me even a bit nd consider me ur frnd. ..then plzzzz tell me na!!!

“Raaz dil ka kholo toh Jane,
baatein ab nazro se bolo toh
Jane ,
hunar hai samajh lenge
zubaan apki,
pal Kevin gira ke utho lo
toh Jane”

so…guyzz kya lagta …kya hua hoga… think think nd let me kn….till then bye bye….
love u all….nd ppl do comment…

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Aana

      Thank u so much Di….for ur continuous support… Love u loads

  2. Aana

    Guyzz…vo last lines k shayari mei Kevin nahi hai its…”pal ke gira ke utha lo toh jane”
    Sorry for the error

  3. arti viswanathan

    Aana darling superb,nice, awesome,excellent,outstanding,marvelous,fantastic, nice episode…. I loved it to the core…..i liked all the scenes….. Tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u……

    1. Aana

      Are…baap re….so much of love ….with such amazing words….I am gonna die soon….thanks a lot lot nd Lottttt….Di…
      Teddy hugs to u too. ….love u bye

  4. hmm!!..Well .. let make a wild guess.. I think he lost his piece of mind… Oh .. sorry sorry mein toh bhul hi gayi ki uska Brain hi nhi ha…… And highlight is that uss rascal ko jo madly pyaar Karti ha uske paas bhi brain nhi ha .. and unfortunately she is my bestie… But actually beast ..!! .

    1. Aana

      U beast….don’t u utter anything bad abt him…..dude u kn him ….he is not lyk that… + he don’t kn anything abt this….uski kya galti yr..
      Aur ab toh jaa bhi raha hai….?aisa mat bol….
      BT thanks a lot for commenting ….my jaan…??u kn na….Hw much my I lv u…

  5. Shoryu

    hmm!!..Well .. a wild guess.. usne break isliye kar Diya kyoki.. uss rascal ke paas piece of mind hi nhi ha .. oh sorry sorry mein bhul gayi .. uska Brain hi nhi ha… and moreover uss rascal ko madly pyaar Karne wali ke paas bhi brain nhi ha .. but unfortunately she is my bestie… or say a beast … Ok ok … Coming to the plot .. it’s going more interesting and marvellous….
    Love uh… Your Shona

    1. Aana

      Kya baat hai….2 baar comment…. Bada pyaar aa raha hai….not bad haa sadu….

  6. JanviSingh

    Well hello sissy…
    Thanks for updating dear…???
    N abt guessing…. I’m very bad at that…. So I should do what I’m good at…
    N that’s waiting….
    Waiting for the next part dear….
    N one more thing… I luv the poetry in the last…???????

    1. Aana

      Helllllooooo…..thank u for commenting dear….Ok fyn…u wait….I will post next soon….nd again thank u so much

  7. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Aana

      Thanks Di…??

  8. Jnana

    Awesome dear….. Waiting for the next

    1. Aana

      Thanks Di….will post in next week…..
      Bye bye

  9. Liked it

    1. Aana

      Thank u so much…??

  10. awesome

    1. Aana

      Thank u so much….Di…

  11. Roma

    Wowwww awesome episode. ..keep it up honeyyy. . . . Love you loads 😉

    1. Aana

      Thanks a lottt…Di
      Glad u liked it??

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