Forever In My Heart (Episode 4)

HELLOW EVERYONE…. TODAY I AM VERY ND VERY HAPPY THAT’S Y… 3 PART ALSO….POSTING… I HOPE U ALL WILL LIKE IT….actually sorry guyzz I don’t kn Hw but instead of this post… again 2 got posted nd that’s y it tu get it 3 rd part but this is 3 so plzzz don’t get confuse…


Today all the tym I was thinking abt that incident I..mean abt him only…every time when I close my eyes I can see him..nd evry tym more clearly.. I can listen his words,see his nonsense habits, flirting with girls,nd always irritating me…I was thinking abt him only but I don’t kn when sleep took over me nd me so gayi..
Next day I went to my college auditorium nd there he was sitting …I think he was reading any book….I went to him nd settled next to him then suddenly his eyes met mine,nd I stared for a long time into those velvety brown eyes .Then he said softly to me,”if I’d only known , I’d have come to you long ago”.I turned abruptly away , overcome by emotion, and then I felt a soft ,oh-so-cool and gentle cheek against mine and it felt so good, so good….
BT then I felt something irritating…. I mean irritating sound.. may b…
Then suddenly I opened my eyes jerk as if…my head will burst at any moment coz of that sound ( I hope u all kn.. that’s my sada hua Alarm clock).After 5 minutes again when I opened my eyes an unknown smile appeared on my face but it was also having some irritation.. bcoz I realized that this was my beautiful but then also a dream…(sad)
but something new was there ….I mean I was smiling wide thinking abt him or u can say thinking abt my dream only…( BT then also it was real for me).I dreamed abt him( abt my rascal)…..u won’t believed what next came toy mind that may be this dream may come true as it was my dawn wala dream…nd as per our grandparents saying morning wala dream always comes true…(ohh god….Hw can I be shameful).
After that in half an hour I was ready to go college nd to find the hidden truth of my RASCAL.
Around 9 i reached to college nd there I found him infront of our campus temple …praying. I don’t kn he was praying or cursing or doing nothing. BT u kn what whatever he was doing I want to kn that….
that’s y today I am going to talk to him ….coz I can’t see him so dull.I just hope that he tells me everything correctly….nd don’t u think he has to that… I am his friend nd he should share everything nd anything with me…BT y he will tell me?? y he has to tell everything?? A big question arises here…. that why??? why??nd why??
bcoz I kn I am feel for him not he…I don’t HV any right on him nd neither he has…but something is there… I kn that.
but I then also I want to kn every bit of him …
After that I directly went to him nd asked him …actually… ordered him to meet me at kalali park sharp at 5:00 pm.
By that tym I don’t kn y…BT mujhe laga that someone is following me….BT that time I dint give dam to it nd just focused in my plan.

“yaad aati hai uski,
yaad jaati nahi uski,
yaad Jo man mei ghar kar baithi hai,
yaad Jo taro si timtima rahi hai,
yaad Jo phulo si muska rahi hai,
yaad Jo har pal hame tadpa rahi hai.”

Thank u so much guyzzz.. love u all…bye..

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Excellent aana darling… I loved it to the core…..

    1. Aana

      Thank u sooooo soooo much diiiiii…..???

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Aana

      Thank u ….nd I will try to post soon

  3. Awesome episode.waiting for next.

    1. Aana

      Thank u Di…will try to post next soon

  4. Sulbi

    Awsme dear…

    1. Aana

      Thanks sulbi Di…BTW Di wts ur full name?? Is it sulbi only??

  5. Rossy

    Nice update…waiting for next ?

    1. Aana

      Thank u so much Di…. Nd waiting for ur ff also

  6. Gauri

    back to back updates thanks dear 🙂 amazing one 🙂

    1. Aana

      Thanks gauri Di….nd ys back to back bcoz I was free…but now it will bcom difficult coz my prelims will start…so.. That y…love u bye

  7. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Aana

      Thanks a ton..?

  8. Jnana

    Awesome…… Sooper…..

    1. Aana

      Thanks a lot….Di love u..

  9. wow! nice epi ya and plz update soon ya and y ur not using the characters name ya..I hope its arjun and radhika…is its correct? and bless u ya.

    1. Aana

      Hey…thanks a ton sne…ya will try to post soon… Nd characters name actually u can assume any one…no one specific…. At least not from my side… Surely u can assume them as ardhika…bye…

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